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[Free Kindle] ♬ Pete the Bushman ⚈ Pete The Bushman Lives In An Isolated Town On The Rugged West Coast Of New Zealand You Ll Find It South Of Hokitika, Between Lake Ianthe And The Waitaha River When You Get There It Won T Be Bustling The Population Numbers Exactly TwoPete Didn T Move There To Get Away From People He Moved There To Get Away From People Telling Him How To Live His Life He S Been There Now For Years, Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, Eking Out A Living From The BushThese Are His Stories And His Lessons, Most Learned The Hard Way They Involve Weather And Women, Mountains And Helicopters, Wild Horses And Gelignite, Bureaucrats, Possum Pie And The Politics Of PoisonStrap In And Take A Ride With A True Kiwi Bushman