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Penelope drinks 3 big glasses of grape soda Her belly starts rumbling and she lets out a huge burp that shakes the house Doctors arrive, she burps again even bigger and walls start falling down, firemen arrive She burps again and the house collapses, police arrive Penelope has to explain that it was her belly making all the noises This was a funny book and I am sure kids will appreciate it However, I question the parents letting her drink all that soda just because she was thirsty Seems like a lot of kids would be trying to duplicate her efforts and hopefully their parents are a littleresponsible with the soda intake I watched listened to this on Tumblebooks. Burp books are always a hit with kids But, I thought this one was just so so The writing was lackluster at best Kids deserve excellent writing with strong vocabulary. A funny book that helps teach about good and bad manners and shows how funny it is when soda makes you burp Our girls enjoyed watching this book read aloud on the Tumblebooks online audiobook site tumblebooks.com The sound effects were so much better than I could ever do Didn t love the illustrations, but I think kids would Kids would also love the story and it could be fun to read aloud Not sure if it s quite what I want to read in my bubbles storytime though I love the twist on that theme I ll keep it on hand in case I need a crowd pleaser. The very first book that I had published. I like the book Teach good and bad manners The illustrations could be a little better but the story overall is funny. *FREE E-PUB ⇝ Penelope and the Humongous Burp (The Penelope Series) ⇝ Let S Face It Kids Think Bodily Functions Are Hilarious Enter Our Charming Little Heroine, Penelope, Who Literally Brings Down The House With Her Boisterous Belching Summon The Doctors Phone The Fire Fighters Call The Police Too Thirsty To Heed Her Mother S Warnings, Penelope Soon Learns The Disastrous Consequences Of Gulping A Few Glass Of Grape Soda Too Quickly This First Misadventure In The Penelope Series Will Win Kids Over From The Very First Page And Teach Them A Thing Or Two About Manners By The Last