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^DOWNLOAD ☠ Palm Therapy: Program Your Mind Through Your Palms-A Major Breakthrough in Palmistry ↽ Palm Therapy Program Your Mind Through Your Palms By Inventor Moshe Zwang, ND Describes A Powerful Breakthrough For Self Growth, Success, And Stress Release, Through The Simple Stimulation Of Various Lines And Areas On The Palms The Hands The Hand, Although Relatively Only A Small Section Of The Body, Has A Large Area Of Representation In The Brain There Is A Biderectional Flow Of Information Brain Mind Hand Connection Moshe Zwang S Hypothesis Was That The Hand Represents Some Brain Activities Which Relate To The Personality And Emotions And, Therefore, We Can Affect The Mind Through A Stimulation On Specific Lines And Areas In The Hands Which Are Related To Specific Personality Traits And Emotions Based On His Hypothesis, Moshe Zwang Predicted That If The Lines Of The Palms Of The Hands Truly Describe Personality Traits And Emotions, Then Because Of The Biderectional Flow Through The Nervous System And Energy, A Simple Stimulation On Lines And Areas Correlated To Selected Personality Traits And Emotions Will Create Anticipated Results His Hypothesis Was Supported By Multiple Positive Results The Effect Of Palmtherapy Included Rapid Release From Stress, Fear, Anger, And Grief Palmtherapy Has Helped To Accelerate Positive Thoughts And Behavior Patterns, Talents, Self Esteem, Motivation, Mental Clarity And Willpower This Book Pages , Which Includes Over Illustrations, Shares The Secret Of The Hand Mind Connection Palmtherapy Is A Breakthrough In Three Major Fields Psychology, Hand Analysis, And Acupuncture Palmtherapy Method Is Now Recognized As A Continuing Education By Various Healthcare Organizations