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The next guided reading book for my class at school I hope , the language and storyline are both rather simplistic from an adult point of view The characters are somewhat shallow in their development, but the bleak wonder of Mars is very nicely unfolded as part of the story There is no question that this is a book directed at young children However at the heart of the book lie some very adult questions and issues, such as the comparative value of life and the tension between a belief in science and a belief in God While the format is unusual in its simplicity, it may be worth adult readers taking the time to read this book as these issues are interesting and thought provoking enough that no input into them is a waste of time. (((FREE PDF))) ⇸ Mission 1: Oxygen Level Zero (Mars Diaries) ⇵ Set At An Experimental Community On Mars In The Year , The Mars Diaries Feature Year Old Virtual Reality Specialist Tyce Sanders Life On The Red Planet Is Not Always Easy, But It Is Definitely Exciting As Tyce Explores His Strange Surroundings, He Finds That The Mysteries Of The Planet Point To His Greatest Discovery A New Relationship With God Mission Oxygen Level ZeroThe Science Station Is In Trouble Oxygen Is Leaking Out Of The Dome, And The Scientists And Techies Are Stumped Fourteen Year Old Tyce Sanders Holds The Key To The Mystery But Will He Discover It In Time To Save Those Who Live Under The Dome FEATURES Essay From Author Integrates The Issue Of Science And Faith In Each Book Exciting For Even Reluctant Readers Teaches Kids That God Created Science I think the Mars Diaries Oxygen Level Zero is very interesting A boy named Tyce Sanders was born on Mars and lost the ability to use his legs in an experiment Now he s fourteen, and the science station, called Mars Project is in danger of losing all its oxygen Who s behind all this Is the virtual reality program he s been using real I like this book because of the wonderful adventure that is carried on through all the books in this series It s interesting that a boy in a wheelchair can save so many lives with a robot But don t trust the former dome director, he s sneaky Zac W. This book has nine in it s series so if you are interested in the first one the rest follow it to the letter I love these books because they have a great story line that keeps you reading until your done all 10 of the books I have read them all twice because they are so much fun Also for the lack of awesome books to read in our house smile They are so not real for right now but that s what keeps them so interesting And who knows maybe in a few years we could all wake up on Mars lol Spoiler Alert This is a great little series set on Mars, lots of adventure, with a Christian theme that is not obtrusive The protagonist is a boy who happens to be wheel chair bound, who writes diary entries He also gets to use some fabulous technology which helps him get out of his chair so to speak Great, quick reads very interesting. Loved reading these when I was a kid Probably geared towards boys, but I didn t care I d recommend it to any little boy or even girl, like me looking for something fun and easy to read I think adults who don t mind kids books would enjoy these too. Augie KruegerEnglish 7Ms Weilnau4th hour2 2 2018Mars Diaries 1 Oxygen level ZeroBy Sigmund Brouwer In the year 2039, Tyce Sanders documents his experiences in an experimental colony on Mars Tyce Sanders is the first human to ever be born on Mars and leads a truly interesting life He is left permanently wheelchair bound due to an experimental surgery he had when he was 1 earth year old That same surgery also gave him the ability to control a robot with his nervous system The science station dome where everyone lives on Mars is experiencing trouble Oxygen is leaking out and no one can figure out why They need to solve this problem quick however because the next supply shipment from earth will not reach the science station for a few days I really enjoyed this book The first time I had heard of this book was when my mom read it I asked her about it and if I could read it when she was done because it had Mars in the title She said sure and when she finished reading the book she gave it to me I was 7 at the time and was obsessed with Star Trek When I first started reading I stopped very quickly, because it was slow Of course, I was only 7 so it was slow because I couldn t read fast I thought it was so boring and I really couldn t wait for the story to get good When I look for a book to read for these assignments I usually try to find a book from my childhood or just one I had tried to read before and failed I give these books a second chance, and when I saw this one on my bookshelf at home I figured it would be perfect Reading this book through again I found that I was very pleasantly surprised by how good it was One aspect I didn t catch as a kid was that the main character Tyce was a Protestant That aspect put this story into a whole new perspective for me and made it way relatable Knowing that the kid was protestant allowed me to relate so much because he is very close to my age and is going through the same things I am The book didn t shove that fact that he was a Protestant in your face However, you could tell that the book had a strong Christian undertone and I enjoyed it for that reason Another enjoyable part of this book for me was the diary format The way it was written made me feel way connected than if it was written in third person or some format similar I am very glad that I decided to return to this book series I now plan to finish the series if I can get my hands on the books The big word idea that I think fits this book would have to be Overcoming adversity In this book, Tyce had to overcome much adversity One of the main adversities in this book was the lack of oxygen plaguing the crew The crew and Tyce had to find a way to overcome this adversity Another problem the crew had to struggle through was the lack of supplies They had to solve the lack of oxygen problem while dealing with the lack of supplies Tyce is also paralyzed so he must push through all of the hardships he has because of that In the end, though all the adversity is overcome The reader is left thinking of the possibilities of mars travel but also at the same time thinking of God Wondering whether or not we were meant to go to other planets because there is so much adversity to overcome here Are there aliens, would God create other species of humanoids These were all questions I was left with after reading this book I would definitely recommend this book I would recommend it to people who like science fiction, adventure, and coming of age Also, I would recommend this story to people who enjoy religious books I was a little older than the age this book was meant to appeal for but I enjoyed revisiting it nonetheless. The Reading Rush 2019 Read In Same Spot This book was one of my first forays into scifi as a young bean and it still holds up really well.Tyce Sanders is a fourteen year old boy who is handicapped he has no use of his legs He lives on a Mars dome station in the year 2039 and gets around via his wheelchair He s also a virtual reality genius he s on one of the highest levels of the program As someone who is disabled, I love seeing Tyce as a protagonist His outlook on things could be incredibly informative for kids who read the series that might not have ever encountered or wondered how people with handicaps live It can open up a good dialogue for becoming sympathetic and understanding of people who are different than you Let me say this to anyone on Earth who might read this If, like me, you have legs that don t work, Mars, with its lower gravity pull, is probably a better place to be than Earth.I think this book may have been one of the beginning ones that made me love books that tackle deep moral subjects When there s a dwindling supply of oxygen, what s the best course of action It s a moral dilemma and Tyce s rational and logical mind is the side I also tend to lean towards.It s short It s sweet It packed a punch for little me and I ll always love it for introducing me to a whole new world of fiction.The Reading Rush Reviews 20191 Vidia and the Fairy Crown Laura Driscoll 2 Oxygen Level Zero Sigmund Brouwer 3 What s Left of Me Kat Zhang 4 The Kingdom Jess Rothenberg 5 Catching Fire Suzanne Collins 6 The Paradise Snare A.C Crispin 7 The Big Adventures of Majoko, Vol 3 Tomomi Mizuna Initially, I came into this series with much skepticism A Christian science fiction series Really But the first book was a pleasant surprise There was a good bit of backstory and exposition, but I didn t mind too much Looking forward to the next book A full review of the series will be posted once I finish reading it. I didn t realize the MC was a teen boy Once I settled into his voice and POV, though, I enjoyed the story The world building was solid, and I liked the relationship between him and his mother, something that isn t common in a lot of books with teen protagonists Although I prefer YA fantasy, rather than sci fi, this was a fun book with likable characters except the general he was horrid.