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I read this book many years ago and it was when IR genre was very rare Ian is great and he is so in love with Denise, his strength and determination in the midst of their obstacles really touched my heart This is a tear jerker both sad happy ones This book inspired my hunt for this genre and will always be my favorite book.June 30, 2003Format PaperbackThe cover does not do this book justice nor does it match the character descriptions given.Ian Phillips and Denise Adams are forced to work together and become interested in one another but depart once their assignment is completed Ian is definitely interested in dating Denise but does not think she will go out with him Denise is attracted to Ian but knows that nothing can ever come of it Well, Ian can t get Denise off his mind and decides to call her at work and ask her out.I just love Ian Like any relationship, they both make mistakes There were times when I wanted to smack Ian and eventimes when I wanted to smack Denise and her sister Ian s love for Denise is what really makes this story He is not ashamed of his feelings for Denise, does not hesitate to let her and his family know that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and refused give up Denise loves seems to be weak but comes through in the end. @Book î Once in a Blue Moon (Indigo: Sensuous Love Stories) é Denise Is Sent By Her Boss To Rescue The National Library S Computer Network Security Project, And Isn T Prepared For Her Encounter With The Handsome And Brilliant Software Designer She Is Obligated To Work With Ian Isn T Pleased With The Prospect Of Sharing His Office With What He S Sure Will Be An Unwashed Geek For The Foreseeable Future But His Preconceptions Are Shattered When The Brown Bombshell Walks Through The Door The Attraction Is Instant, But So Is The Conflict A Meaningful Relationship Between These Two Could Only Happen, Once In A Blue Moon I am trying to re read my IR print books, really as an effort to see these books have stood the test of time for me I started with this book Sadly it is Ms Cole s only book and is only available in print used.I am glad I re read it because I love it as much today as I did back in 2002 It is a BWWM IR Denise has a degree in computer science and analyzes systems Ian is a security software developer Denise has brown eyes and long braids Ian has hazel eyes and wears oval shaped glasses One of my pet peeves, however, is that the stock cover photos do not match the descriptions of these two people Denise s Office Director, who had hired an independent contractor to upgrade that particular government agency s network making itsecure As her Director explained, that while the contractor had done the upgrade, he was having problems with other aspects of the system Denise was asked to step in to help this very difficult software developer, since Denise was the department s best technical writer and second in command of the firewall team This off site job was projected for 3 months in order to meet the contract deadline This is how Ian and Denise meet for the first time Unknown by the other, Ian and Denise are each dealing with anguished feelings that hurtful events in the not so distant past have engendered That is the framework for this very substantive novel What struck me as significant about this story is that although Ian found Denise physically attractive, his attraction to her was built over time and was based onintangible, non physical attributes At lunch one day, a perplexed Denise asked Ian why he was even interested in her at all, and I will not likely ever forget his response Ian told Denise that he felt and observed that she was wicked quick in math he found her to be extremely intelligent in her ability to efficiently and effectively analyze systems and to solve any concomitant problems he added that she had a beautiful voice and that even her laughter sounded lyrical Last, Ian told Denise that there were at least a half dozen other amazing things about her that attracted him.There were some race related issues throughout the book mostly from members of her family , that seemed to be carved out of real situations The type of racial discourse, thoughts, views and opinions of others found in this book resonated with me I don t often see these type of issues or conflicts explored very much at all in many contemporary IR books IMHO, a romance that has a black woman coupled with a white man, and race never, ever comes up is just another romance book where the racial make up of the couple is interchangeable the book lacks that little bit of uniqueness and edge that I associate with IR books.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book again, and I ll probably read it for a third and fourth time in a few years from now If you can get a decent used copy, I would highly recommend it BTW Denise and at least one of her sisters has locs or braids Imagine that Dorianne Cole did a good job developing Denise and Ian s relationship from co workers to friends to lovers. The Story is much ,much Bigger than the cover Love ,loved it anoldeee but what a nice delicious goodeee