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[Download E-pub] ⚆ Of Long Memory: Mississippi and the Murder of Medgar Evers ⚈ The History Is Well Known On June Mississippi S Courageous NAACP Chief, Medgar Evers, Was Gunned Down By White Supremacist Byron De La Beckwith Tried Twice By All White Juries, Beckwith Escaped Conviction For Three Decades But Then Mississippi Began To Confront Its Tormented Past And In The S, When Beckwith Was Sent To Jail By A Crusading Young Prosecutor, The Family Of Medgar Evers Finally Got Justice Hailed As A New York Times Notable Book Of The Year And A Finalist For The Lillian Smith Award, Of Long Memory Reveals How This Remarkable Reversal Took Place Nossiter Uses The Tools Of Memory, History, And Reportage And The Clear Vantage Point Of An Outsider, A Northerner To Portray An Entire State Quite Literally Summoning Up Its Ghosts A New Epilogue Discusses Other Civil Rights Cases Now Being Reconsidered, And Skillfully Shows How The South Is Finding A Way To Create Justice Where None Had Existed Before A very thorough history of the state of Mississippi during the years of the Civil Rights movement The book is about Medgar Evers and so much This was a good one but not absolutely great I was a little thrown by all the color and life in the portrait of Byron De La Beckwith a fanatical, racist murderer contrasted against the flat, unfeeling sketch of his victim, Medgar Evers, supposedly the centerpiece of the story I also found the author s writing style a little roundabout and disinclined at times to get to the point But I do know a great deal about this case than I did before I ll say that. This was not what I had been expecting There was very little information on the trials of the murderer Significant portions of the book made little to no mention of Evers I thought it could have been much better It was a grind to get through I skimmed over the last 50 pages or so to keep from disliking it so much that I never pick up a book on this subject again I felt like it was of a biography of everyone involved in the cases and very little to do with the victim and the re prosecution of the suspect I would not recommend this if you are looking for a book about Evers.