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Disclaimer I write these reviews for only one person me so please don t take anything personally or authoritatively I m just doing this so that when I have a memory issue in the future, I will be able to prompt myself to remember Also I may say something you don t want to hear, so only proceed with those two things in mind Otherwise move on to someone who wants to impress you with their review Thanks.What Not a single thing resolved in the novel I hate it But is also love it That is what life is like sometimes I chose this book for last season s Goodreads reading challenge, but didn t finish it in time It was chosen for the lock on the cover of the Scribd edition I had, nothing else That is what I love about challenges I probably wouldn t have picked this out of the plethora if it hadn t been for that I believe the author writes short stories often This novel was a little like a good short story with its lack of denouement About people with problems a husband and wife, their illegal nanny, their gardener who is the nanny s handler and one of the husband s students Refreshing writing, interesting characters I liked it. creepy Jose Ovejero s astonishing prose has won him numerous literary awards and great renown in the Spanish speaking world Nothing Ever Happens is a microcasm of what makes Ovejero one of the great writers working today In the seemingly calm existence of Nico, his wife Carmela, their au pair Olivia, daughter Berta and dog Laika, nothing ever does seem to happen But, the discovery of a brutal act at Nico and Carmela s house reveals the complexities, troubles, and fissures within the family and without With astonishing clarity, a deliberate style and a complex brutality, Ovejero renders the world in lucid prose as brutal as it is clairvoyant. Una novela diferente,entretenida, con personajes fuera de lo comun y un final sorprendente. (FREE DOWNLOAD) ⛈ Nunca pasa nada ⚦ How Many Times Have We Felt Ashamed, Not By What We Do But By Being Caught Doing It Without Ever Realizing It, Life Can Become A Collection Of Secrets That Permeate Our Daily Routine Carmela And Nico Lead A Peaceful Middle Class Life Until Olivia, The Cleaning Lady From Ecuador, Threatens To Shatter The Apparent Normality At Times Entertaining, At Others Tragic, The Novel Dismantles The Mechanisms Of Our Conscience And Exposes The Underlying Tensions Of A World Where Appearances Supersede Reality