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Hilarious premise that lived up to my expectations A genius kid chef, with an ego the size of a city, gets called on by the police to try to identify a mysterious poison, and then gets drawn and into a intriguing murder plot with historical clues.I had to look up Marco Polo after this to verify that, sadly, the secret history of Marco Polo was all invented for this book But still, it was a lot of fun And definitely fun for someone who appreciates creative cooking and descriptions of fancy recipes.This is basically a lot like Ratatouille, except starring Sherlock Holmes the wonder chef. Update 1 I m on page 27 of the book Neil Flamb and the Marco Polo Murders and I think this is a great book The beginning of the book was really exciting and that got me to continue reading this book Neil Flamb has a similar characteristic as me, cocky Update 2 I m on page 157 and this book just gets better Neither me nor Neil has figured out the pattern to the Marco Polo murders yet which makes me want to read this book quickly so I can find out The I read this book, the faster I want to read this book Summary Neil Flamb and the Marco Polo Murders by Kevin Sylvester is about a world famous,14 year old chef named Neil Flamb What makes Neil Flamb stand out from all the other chefs is his incredible sense of smell which he uses to help the police solve murder crimes In this book, someone is murdering chefs all around Vancouver with an undetectable poison and Neil can t seem to figure out who is doing it Neil soon discovers the pattern of the victims, with help from his cousin Larry the pattern was relating to the Marco Polo adventures But just as he figures this out, he was framed for being the murderer Everything was perfect for the real murderer, she killed everyone she needed to, she framed everything on Neil and now she was about to kill her enemy, Angel One thing was left out though, Neil Flamb quickly figures out that Angel is the next target and tells the police The police, and some interruptions, show up just on time to save Angel and arrest the murderer I picked up this book because I wanted to try new genres of books and my friend recommended me this book from the mystery section I finished this book because this book is so exciting The I read this book, the faster I want to read this book because of the suspense I usually don t like reading books but when I started reading this book, every free time I got I would be reading and trying to finish this book I think anyone would enjoy this book because this is such a great book Mystery is a great genre and it doesn t have a specific age group preference This book is also not very complicated. #Download Kindle ç Neil Flambé and the Marco Polo Murders (The Neil Flambé Capers #1) ⚜ Fourteen Year Old Wunderchef Neil Flambe Can Cook Anything, And Patrons Pay Top Dollar And Wait Months For Reservations At His Tiny Boutique Restaurant What Many Of Neil S Patrons Don T Know, However, Is That He S Also A Budding Detective, Code Named The Nose It All Started When He Used His Knowledge Of Cooking And His Incredible Sense Of Smell To Acquit His Mother S Client Of Murder Now, However, Some Of The Best Chefs In Town Are Turning Up Dead, The Cops Are Stumped, And The Crime Scenes Aren T Helping The Only Real Clues Are A Mysterious Smell And Some Equally Mysterious Notes In Italian That Have Something To Do With The Great Explorer Marco Polo As And Chefs Fall Prey To The Killer, And And Notes Turn Up, Neil Finds Himself Working Not Only To Solve The Murders, But To Eliminate Himself As The Prime Suspect Fourteen year old wunderchef Neil Flambe can cook anything, and patrons pay top dollar and wait months for reservations at his tiny boutique restaurant What many of Neil s patrons don t know, however, is that he s also a budding detective, code named The Nose It all started when he used his knowledge of cooking and his incredible sense of smell to acquit his mother s client of murder Now, however, some of the best chefs in town are turning up dead, the cops are stumped, and the crime scenes aren t helping The only real clues are a mysterious smell and some equally mysterious notes in Italian that have something to do with the great explorer Marco Polo As and chefs fall prey to the killer, and and notes turn up, Neil finds himself working not only to solve the murders, but to eliminate himself as the prime suspect I re read this book for the second time and I fell inlove with it all over again with Neil and his restaurant, the food, and the murdersbut I missed this world so much I will be talking about the plot,the characters, and what I think about the book.The plot I liked the plot I thought it was really interesting a kid chef that has a nose to solve murders or has a nose for anything and he can smell anything So there has been murderers going on in the city and there based on where Marko polo trails and the chefs end up dead with a blue face and a creepy smiles and they don t know how they end up dead except that they smell like masala chai and a bit of cumin and when you find out it s because the murderer wanted revenge.The characters the main characters are Neil Flambe, Larry Flambe, Isabella, Angel, Nackamara, Zo and Amber These characters I can kind of relate too and some I can t but overall these characters are really good and Neil and his cooking got me hungry a lot of times but I liked them.What I thought I liked it even thr second time around because I understood it than I was little and the food that Neil made, made me want to cook the same thing but I have zero cooking skills and would want to learn from Neil or Larry The murders and investigation were awesome and I loved going along with it and finding out who did it which I remember from when I read it the first time but overall I loved it again and can t wait to read of the series. The love of food, its preparation, tastes, odors and presentation form the main drive of this story There is an intense rivalry among chefs and that passion fuels the mystery of who is killing the great chefs in the city Neil s superior olfactory sense coupled with his inability to read human beings means that he must rely to a certain extent on other people s help in solving this deadly dilemma This fleshes out other characters around him and leads to some very agreeable surprises Neil is a wunderkind and arrogant like many such people His snobbery and superior attitude have won him enemies in and out of the kitchen Neil s main contention with others is that they insist on seeing and treating him like a child, albeit an extraordinarily talented one He thinks he s superior to the people around him in a lot of ways and resents being dismissed This attitude for better or worse creates a different kind of protagonist for a children s book, making this story of interest even to discerning adults All in all, this is a mystery series well worth pursuing If you happen to adore food, that s the icing on the cake. I chose this book because, someone recommended it to me After I read the first page I was hooked This book first caught my interest because it is based on Marco polo and I never really knew who he was until I read this book I really like the main character Neil Flambe he is a stuck up cook prodigy, with a super sensed nose most of the authors I read they are terrible but, Kevin Sylvester isn t I am only on page 100 and will give another update in about a weekI have finished the book and I loved it I love the fact that this book shows how a chef can help solve crimes For example Neil Flambe is a chef and helps crack cases open I love how he has a super sensed nose It makes me wish that I had a super sensed nose Like I said earlier I am now a fan of Kevin Sylvester and I can t wait for the sequel.I recommend this book to anyone like me who enjoys reading chef prodigy, super sensed, adventure and mystery books.I chose this book because a classmate of mine recommended it to me, and after I read the first page I was hooked.I finished the book because, it would have been harder to not finish it What I mean is that this is a great book and when I was not reading it I wanted to finish it so I did.This book is about a teenager who is a chef prodigy and helps solve case Then there are death that he has to help solve People begin to think it is him and he proves who it really is. Neil Flamb isn t your average fourteen year old guy He s a professional chef, and in his spare time, he helps Police Inspector Sean Nakamara to crack cases with his hypersensitive nose This time, some of Vancouver s most talented chefs are found dead in their kitchens, with blue lips and a twisted smile on their face The only leads that the police have are some notes that seem to be related to Marco Polo, and the smell of a mysterious spice that even Neil can t place his finger on With and chefs turning up dead, will Neil be able to find out who the murderer is I picked up this book because lots of people were telling that I should read the Neil Flamb series And also because of the colorful covers I finished it becaused I couldn t put the book down The book kept me on my toes and I wanted to find out who the murderer was Plus the little bits and parts about food were interesting.I would recommend this book to Mabel I know she loves food but also a good book I think you ll like it just as much as I did Really liked by both a 9 yr old girl and a 12 yr old boy not bad Awesome This guy is brilliant Neil Flambe and the Marco Polo Murders, by Kevin Sylvester, is about Neil, the 14 year old wunderchef who could outcook Bobby Flay and out mystery solve Hercule Poirot, Columbo, and Jesscia Fletcher Yes I m a mystery show buff Tis true, I admit The mystery in this book was a good one, though looking back on it I can t see how I could have ever guessed who the murderer was That s better than dropping crazy obvious clues, true, but it s a little frustrating when an author Spoiler alert pulls an Agatha Christie and makes the murderer someone who was only mentioned twice beforehand End Spoiler Alert Stand down Aside from that, I liked all the characters, particularly Neil Flambe himself He s a great character and protagonist, a little reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes in the sense that he is very arrogant, full of himself, and confident of his abilities I particularly liked his smelling skills they reminded me of Gus from the TV show Psych The mystery wasn t particularly gripping or terrifying, but this book was still a great read because of the characters and the writing Plus, the author did all the illustrations himself, which is very cool I m never sure that illustrators accurately represent the author s image of the characters, especially when they draw a specific scene and get certain details wrong That drives me crazy Since he drew Neil and everything else himself, you know you re getting the real deal.