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As I said yesterday BOOK HANGOVER.IT CAN T BE OVER YET PLEASE.COMPLETELY NOT OVER IT AND COMPLETELY NOT READY FOR MY BADGIRL CLASSMATE or something like that, sry, still too shocked and affected Very amusing read I m glad most of the problems from the first book were resolved I m glad that they ended up together, she made new friends and her and Kai still ended up together Glad she got to see Diana and Arabelle s true colors as well as Matt s. I fell in love with the first book Now I want nothing then to read this one and I can t find it any where Very short but eventful As a sequel it s not as good as the first book, but no sequels are Sort of clich but not as much drama Still have some I answering questions, but I can always ask the author I put it in my library last night at 10 00 and around 11 30 I started reading Now it s 6 28 a.m and I just finished It s was okay, but I definitely prefer the first And btw this was my first all nighter cuz I m gonna have breakfast in 2 hours and I haven t slept at all so proud of mee LOVE LOVE LOVED IT Where the heck is everyone reading this book I have looked for it and can t find it I read the first on and now I am left hanging Grrrr. Ok, what the heck, this book deserved its 4 I pretty much loved Astrid in this one, and Kai wasn t far behind Not to mention Lilith This was about growth, not drama, it was about conquering your demons and become a stronger person.Full of good advise and reliable friends.Thank you At first in the beginning of the story, I couldn t tell what was the reason why Astrid had left her home to transfer to the music school in New York After rereading the beginning part of the story again it all started making sense At times when Astrid felt her world falling apart, I felt as if I was in her position as well As she grown to making new friends, parting from old ones, from being semi popular to well known Like the first book, I had fallen for this one as well As I continued reading the story, I felt as if I was Astrid Ella Bailey herself that I was in her shoes as she has been going through tough times I ve got to admit this I ve really enjoyed reading this. Ammaaaaaazzzzzziiiiinnnnggg `Ebook ⇧ My Badgirl Roommate (Good Girl, #2) ☠ There Was A Broken Girl, A Bad Girl And A Boarding SchooolOKEN GIRL, Astrid Bailey Was Trying To Move On With Her Life By Finishing The Rest Of The Year At A New York Music Boarding School Her Aunt Was The Principal OfD GIRL, Lilith Arwen Was Scaring People Away From Her Just For Fun She Was Excruciatingly Honest, Straight Forward And Shameless But After Meeting Her New Roommate Astrid, The Girls Started To Bond And Lilith Decided To Show Astrid How To Not CareA BOARDING SCHOOL Was Where Astrid Sought Out Peace And That S When She Was Finally Able To Cope By Doing What She Loved SingingAstrid Tried To Get Back On Her Feet Far Away From Her Brother, His Friends And Her Friends, But What About Her Boyfriend Nothing Stays Hidden Forever And Astrid S Past Was Soon Going To Find Its Way Back To Her