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EBOOK ⚩ Mikey and the Chickadee ⚢ Every Day, The Same City Bus Every Day, The Same Stunning Man, Riding Alongside You He Seems To Notice You You Could Swear Something S There It Almost Feels As If He S Reaching Out Then, One Fine Day, You Re Given The Chance Of A Lifetime A Opportunity To Finally Strike Up A Conversation Do You Take It Wyatt Does And He S Thrust Into A Beautiful, Violent, Emotionally Charged Journey Than He Ever Could Have Expected Only Time Will Tell If His New Bond With This Beautiful Boy Can Weather The Tumult And Confusion That Accompany Early Adulthood Mikey Said Things In A Way That Invoked Visions Of Us Spending Time Together In The Future I Considered This While I Watched The Sun Set Out My Window Beyond Houses, Buildings And Occasional Fields, All Of It Racing By, I Caught Flickers Of Open Water And The Far Off Levee Holding It At Bay The Next Few Miles Were Peppered With Conversation Borne, Still, Out Of An Inscrutable Dose Of Caution And Unfamiliarity How Does One Coax Something From A Void What Kind Of Enigmatic Force Conjures A Friendship Between Strangers How Fragile Those First Times Together Must Be, Yet With So Much Depending On Them For One Covert Second, I Swelled With Sadness, Not Just Because A Continued Relationship With This Beautifully Unchained Boy Was So Improbable, But For The Tragedy Of All Friendships That Died In Infancy Wyatt or Chickadee, as affectionately called by Mikey is an accountant who is getting transferred soon to another branch few hours away Mikey is a software specialist, owns his startup company This story is their journey about knowing each other, coming out and career decisions.Its very descriptive and the romance progresses very slowly I marvel at the patience of Wyatt in his acceptance of Mikey s confusion and willingness to wait for him.A style of writing not often seen in m m genre The descriptions of the city and the scenery were beautiful Disappointed to see only 1 book from this author He should be writingand Mikey and the ChickadeeBy Kid BoiseBoise Urban Publishing Company, 2016Cover by Jessalynn TranISBN 9780692629765Four starsThis is a first novel by a young writer who describes himself as not having settled down yet, and whose pen name isdescriptive than anything I hope he ll use his real name someday, because there s something here.Wyatt is a blonde boy who grew up in a predominantly Asian neighborhood in Vancouver Right out of university, and after his one summer of European travel with his two best friends, he s settled into a job at an accounting firm in the city It s not exciting, but it feels like the right thing to do.Then Wyatt spots a handsome Asian man on the bus to work one day, and after months of watching him, contrives to sit with him and start a conversation Mikey, it turns out, is Thai, Vancouver born, and grew up in the same suburban area that Wyatt did There is instant rapport, and instant attraction The one problem is that Mikey is apparently straight Being gay and coming out to his family were never a problem for Wyatt figuring out how he wants to live his life has been the challenge Mikey, on the other hand, has a sort of reverse problem he s found the ideal way to live his life, but is as confused about his sexuality as Wyatt is about his career This could be another of those eye rolling gay for you fantasies that plenty of m m writers and readers love But Kid Boise does something quite different with it Ultimately, Mikey and the Chickadee is story about why people make choices in their lives, and how sometimes their choices are made without really thinking about what would actually make them happy It is not just Mikey and Wyatt Mikey s cousin Sophie, Wyatt s family, and his friends Sloan and Marie, are all part of this complexly woven plot in important ways But it is Wyatt who is the Chickadee of the title for adorable reasons who is the centerpiece of the story, and it is his quest for a real self that drives the narrative The oddly fragmented dance between Mikey and the Chickadee is the main narrative line, but it is everything else going on around their relationship that, in the end, matters the most Kid Boise has a fascinatingly stilted, almost nerdy writing style It is mostly quite engaging and seems to fit Wyatt s personality very well There are many moments of beauty, lovely turns of phrase that give the reader a vivid sense of place and atmosphere But there are also strangely constructed sentences that seem to be overthought to the point of confusion His voice had come stormlessly forth, convincing me that the small details truly did escape the outer limits of his headspace I m still not entirely sure what that means But even these flights of awkward fancy seem to suit Wyatt s personality He is over analytical and cautious in ways that contrast strongly with his fun loving nature when he s with his family and friends Like many of us, Wyatt is pulled in opposite directions by his heart and his head.Keep writing, Kid Boise I see you have a second novel on the way, and I look forward to it. so like where the hell do i find this book UPDATE bought it on kindle read it new kind of genre to me like it EDIT i feel like i should give a proper review firstly because i almost broke my laptop trying to find this book i want a paperback but as a poor poor student i cant find a reason to spend so much money on a physical copy yet plus i didnt think i can wait for a few days for the book to arrive so i chose to buy the kindle edition and then my internet connection was freaking slow on that day that it took like half an hour to download the kindle app on my phone yeah i know like wtf right but thats what happen when you live in a house with 5 other people and 2 of them happened to have the obsession of maxing up the wifi quota by downloading every korean drama available oh well i ll live so yeah i almost want to threw my laptop away because damn if its not so frustrating and secondly, i have to write this review as a way to make sure my beloved friend bell is her name will read this book soon she promised me that she will read A Little Life like a month ago but she hasnt started yet as far as i m concerned so maybe if the book is a bit thinner she will start maybe anyway, done rambling, now to the review.i think i find a kind of writing that suits my soul earlier this month, i wept reading A Little Life and i want every book to be like it, and one thing that come into my mind about that book is how quiet it is i dont know how to explain it but surely you would understand like, sometimes, i watch a movie and theres like no background music its just the characters talking and it was so quiet like maybe, The Hurt Locker idk i dont even watch that much of a movie and its not uncomfortable at all and i so welcome it just like that depressing book a little life , it was quiet and this book i find very quiet too and i like it like it in the way that i dont mind readingandandtill the quietness kills me not soon and then i found the author s mr Kid Boise youtube channel how you might ask its just the way my mind work in which if i read a book that i want to knowabout i have to do some research, and yada yada i found out he has a youtube channel and all so i watched some of his videos hey mr author, i like your veda series you should postand i find that he s kinda quiet i mean, his videos that i ve watched are entertaining, and his recent videos wherein he talks about his book and life, the way he talks is idk how to put it, but soothing maybe or monotonous but in a good way for me, at least because maybe i have this affinity for this kind of thing anyway, yeah he writes like he talks is what i m trying to say with this torrents of words and it is very interesting to note is all back to the review, so yeah i like his style of writing, and i like it that the book is titled the way it is at first it kinda bugs me that i feelfor mikey instead of wyatt which is supposed to be the main character i mean, both of them are but this book is told in wyatt s pov so but then i kinda get it because the book is titled mikey and the chickadee after all so like it makes sense for me to feelfor mikey or maybe i only read this book once, so i dont feel much connected to wyatt as i am to mikey maybe i will edit this review if i happen to re read this in the future the plot is fun i guess ahaha not really the word i would use the story itself is intriguing, i havent really read anything truly romance genre in like forever seriously, bell, when was the last time i read anything romance thingy so i dont find it cliche even though i can totally see if people say it is i am really interested in the way wyatt describes everything in the days leading up to his big decision, it feels like time slows down and i would say its the right thing to feel during those times, and it makes me almost cry because i can really feel the personal conflict he s going through like damn i m currently in india and i very much want to return to malaysia right now if i can coz i miss my family so freaking much cries i kinda expect the ending to be like that so nothing to say to that except that i think the ending is written in a very abrupt way i feel like it can be written in aelegant manner or maybe it just me wanting the book to not end and oh onething to say is that i find that the side characters are not as developed as much as i want them to be and i thinl it would be a very very great book if they are all as developed as the main characters can you see i really want the author to keep on expanding this book.so like, thats my opinion i spent quite a time writing this because the author replied to my comment on youtube saying how kind i was to write a review on goodreads but then i only wrote like 15 words sooooo disclaimer i am aware of my excessive usage of the question mark sometimes i dont think the word means what i want them to mean but i am not a native speaker so pardon my laziness to look up a better word as well as the words find tbh i do find a lot of thing in this book and like im just too basic right now. 7 16 19 Currently FREE via Smashwords sale