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Simple yet appealing art but a really basic story that isn t very entertaining or educational Don t get why this got to be a classic. What an odd little book I love Bruna s illustrations, but the story It is about mother and father bunny, who want to start a family An angel appears and gives them Miffy Just one baby Hello, these are rabbits Read Ebook ♩ Nijntje ⚑ Amazing E Book, Nijntje Author Dick Bruna This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Nijntje, Essay By Dick Bruna Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Let s play a little literary Jeopardy I ll give you an answer, you tell me the question Okay, here goes The answer is Anne Frank and Dick Bruna Any ideas Who are two people who have never been in my kitchen Technically true, like Cliff Clavin of Cheers was when he went on Jeopardy, but not the response I m after The correct question is this Who are the two most translated authors from the Dutch language Dick Bruna and Anne Frank were of similar ages he was born in 1927, she in 1929 and thus both were teenagers in the Netherlands during the war Everybody knows the story of the Franks the Brunas also hid out, though in their case to protect Dick s father, a publisher, from conscription into forced labour It was during this time of hiding that Dick began to draw.And he drew for than 70 years When he died in February this year at the age of 89, his works had been translated into than 50 languages in 85 countries His work was wide ranging even including a series of book covers for Georges Simenon s Inspector Maigret novels but his most famous creation was Miffy the rabbit.Miffy is all about simplicity uncomplicated lines, blocks of colour, few words As Dick Bruna once said If you put very few things on a page, you leave lots of room for the imagination Had Miffy been translated under her Dutch name, Nijntje, even imagination would have been required Like, imagining how the hell jntj is a pronounceable letter combination The name was derived from the Dutch word konijntje , meaning little bunny Fortunately she became Miffy in the translated versions.If you thought Miffy was a Japanese creation, you re not alone And she does bear some striking similarities to Hello Kitty, who is indeed Japanese But it should be noted that Hello Kitty was created nearly 20 years after Miffy That is a copy of Miffy , I think, Dick Bruna said in a 2008 interview I don t like that at all I always think, No, don t do that Try to make something that you think of yourself In fact, such are the similarities that when Hello Kitty introduced a rabbit character named Cathy, Bruna s representatives sued Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, for copyright infringement Miffy won the lawsuit, Hello Kitty appealed, and the case was eventually settled out of court But I love the idea of two of the world s cutesiest characters in a Grisham esque legal showdown.Miffy was born in 1955 that, in fact, is the original storyline Mr Rabbit likes gardening and Mrs Rabbit cooks and cleans She also does the shopping peas, beans and cabbages mostly, although once she bought a juicy pear, as a special treat These rabbits clearly know how to have fun, though not too much, since Mrs Rabbit wants a baby but seems not to know how to get one.One night there was a tap on the window Mrs Rabbit peeped through the curtains Outside stood a little cherub Your wish is granted, it said A baby rabbit is on its way to you The cherub flapped its wings and flew off into the sky The rabbits were very excited The baby was born soon afterwards They called her Miffy.This is the word of the Dick Amen.Or something like that It s peculiarly biblical, and gives a strange new meaning to the phrase breeding like rabbits Anyway, this is the genesis of a series of 32 books and a franchise that evolved into television and merchandise and Dick knows what else.Some of the stories, particularly those written as rhymes, can be a little clunky when translated, but that is to be expected The drawings always remain simple, though it took a deceptive amount of skill for Bruna to convey Miffy s emotions with only two dots for eyes and an x for a mouth The simplicity was deliberate in creating Miffy, Bruna was targeting children, not parents.And for that reason, in 1996 he decided to address what was often a normal childhood experience the death of a grandparent The cover of Dear Grandma Bunny shows Miffy in front of a gravestone, and the book deals in very straightforward terms with the death of Miffy s grandmother open casket and all After Miffy s virgin birth, death was treated realistically.Now, two decades later, Dick Bruna himself has died Hendrik Magdalenus Bruna, the man behind Nijntje, or Miffy And the man with the finest moustache in children s literature. Hmm, wasn t really prepared for the angel to arrive and proclaim to Miffy s parents that a baby was on the way Not quite what I had expected And while I realize this book is quite old, it doesn t deal very honestly with the concept of a baby entering a family I m not saying I want my four year old to hear the technical details, just not the phony stork angel doctor brings the baby routine. A wonderful read from my childhood, one I d certainly suggest for other youngsters Whilst it is not my all time favourite childhood read I can still recall all the details of this one meaning it certainly left a lasting impression upon my young mind And isn t that what we want with children s books, for them to leave a positive lasting impression 3.5 StarsAnother essential part of my childhood, it s great to see its origins And if I didn t know any better, I d say Miffy is based on the story of the Nativity and Miffy is Jesus Christ in bunny form The similarities are unmistakable and the farm animals are the three wise men shepherds I imagine Simple but beautiful The words flow well and so it s perfect for reading aloud to little ones This English translation really does the Dutch original justice My children and I would definitely recommend it. I read this book ages ago and my grandchildren loved Miffy. As a child I had never read any of the Miffy books and I m fairly certain that my awareness of them is only through the TV show with that voice actor that sounds like Katey Sagal but is not Katey Sagal I never watched the show as it was one of the ones my son had zero interest in but I ve seen a minute or two here or there When Mr and Mrs Rabbit wish to have a baby their wish is granted by a cherub They name their little baby rabbit Miffy.So this is really one of those books that had me say, Eh, I don t get why this is such a classic Please don t hate me if you really love this one I did love the artwork but there were a few things that struck me in a way that pushed me towards not liking the book.First off these are rabbits right Cause uh if there is one thing we are taught about rabbits is that they like to make babieslots and lots and lots of babies So for them to only have the one and that it requires an angel I don t know where in there I lost my ability to suspend my disbelief but I lost it Secondly, the obvious gender roles from a time gone by The idea of the woman doing all the cooking cleaning and shopping I do see the irony here as I currently fall in that role Also they mention Mr Rabbit working in their garden but he only grows flowers So that means Mrs Rabbit has to buy vegetables when she goes shopping Does Mr Rabbit have a job to pay for the vegetables Why doesn t he just grow the vegetables himself if he loves to garden I m in a real debate on rating this one I m probably at 1 1 2 stars but do I bump it up or down When in doubt bump it up so 2 out of 5 stars.