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~Download Epub ☢ Metamorphosis by Decree ♻ Living In The City Of Theopolis, Kate, A Young And Disillusioned Priestess In The Temple Of Mirsha, Watches The Other Women Of The Cloister Dishonor Their Vows While Receiving Warnings In Her Dreams That The Gods Are Coming Meanwhile, She Is Haunted By Shadows That Listen In While She Is AwakeOne Morning, However, Kate Is Visited By Mirsha Herself The Goddess Charges Her With A Quest To Bring About Change In The World To Do This, Kate Must Recover The Lost Tablets Of Markinet, Ancient Relics Currently Held By An Evil Force No One Has Seen The Relics For Centuries, But The Only Promise Kate Receives Is That The World Will Change Now The Young Priestess Must Recruit A Group Of Adventurous Misfits To Help Her On Her Goddess Given Task If They Can Overcome The Prejudices Of The Past And Succeed, The Cost May Be High, But The Harsh Molds Of The Ancient System That Keeps Them Bound May Finally Break And Allow New Light To Come Into The WorldIn This Fantasy Novel, A Priestess Receives A Mission From A Goddess And Gathers A Group Of Adventurers To Help Her Change The World