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Good overview of the hobbyThis is a good overview of the rewarding hobby of metal detecting There were some things mentioned in this book that I never thought of thinking about and valuable tools to purchase that would otherwise have been a case of trial and error to discover. I learned a lot reading this book I can t wait for spring and summer to get here so I can try out some if the stuff I read Good Foundational GuideMark explains to the novice the basics of metal detecting Coupled with the manual from my first machine, I was off and running. A *FREE DOWNLOAD ☟ Metal Detecting ↰ There Is An Entire World Of Buried Treasure Right Under Our Feet This Book Shows You How To Claim Your Share Over Pages Of Valuable Metal Detecting Information Designed To Get You Out There Finding Treasure On Your Very First OutingFinding Treasure With A Metal Detector Is Real And Doing It Is Simple And Easy Once You Read This Book There Are People Finding Incredible Old Coins Made From Gold And Silver, Valuable Historical Relics And Old Jewelry Made From Gold, Silver And Platinum But You Won T Find These Great Treasures Unless You Know Where And How To Look Metal Detecting A Beginner S Guide Shows You This And MuchVeteran Detectorist And Treasure Enthusiast Mark Smith Continues To Provide Great Information To Anyone Interested In The Great Hobby Of Metal Detecting In His Second Book On The Subject, He Manages To Answer The Common Questions That Every Novice Has When They Are Thinking About Getting Started From Choosing The Right Machine To Identifying Your Valuable Treasure, Mark Smith Covers These Subjects And Everything In Between In An Easy To Understand WayWhile This Metal Detecting Book May Be Geared Towards The Novice Treasure Hunter, There Are Plenty Of Choice Tips That Even Experienced Treasure Hunters Can Pick Up Mark Smith Reveals Some Of His Best Guarded Metal Detecting Secrets In This Metal Detecting Guide That Puts Treasure In Your Find S PouchFully Illustrated Diagrams And Real Life Pictures Describe In Detail The Easiest Ways To Not Only Locate Treasure, But Safely Recover It As WellLearn How To Find Treasure By Understanding Common Metal Detecting Terminology, Understanding Which Metal Detectors Work The Best And Where, Understanding How And Why A Metal Detector Works, Other Equipment You Will Need, Proper Etiquette, What You Can Expect To Find, Why You Should Never Throw Anything Away, How To Identify Your Finds, How To Identify Jewelry, How To Tell If It Is Real Gold, How To Metal Detect With Children, Which Recovery Tools Work The Best, How To Recover Treasure, How To Metal Detect Private Property, How To Identify Unknown Metal Detecting Finds, Metal Detecting Creeks, Rivers And Lakes, Pinpointing, Making Weak Targets Stronger, Cleaning Your Finds, The Best Places To Use Your Metal Detector, Selling Your Finds And What Are You Waiting For Find Out How You Can Maximize Your Treasure With This Informative Metal Detecting Book Today