^Ebook ⇯ Magickal Attack: Silence, Bind and Crush Your Enemies With The Art of Occult Warfare (English Edition) ⇗ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

^Ebook ☜ Magickal Attack: Silence, Bind and Crush Your Enemies With The Art of Occult Warfare (English Edition) ⇻ Let Magick Set You Free From The People Who Bring You Down Difficult People Make Life Unbearable Whether Youre Dealing With A Cruel Boss, A Bully Or A Gossip, You Need Freedom And Peace With The Dark Magick In This Book You Can Silence, Bind And Curse The People That Have Made You UnhappyPeople Are Jealous, Petty And Cruel, And Their Mean Spirited Actions Are Holding You Back Use Magick To Be Untouched By The HeartlessThe Eldest Member Of The Gallery Of Magick, Gordon Winterfield, Has A Lifetime Of Experience Dealing With Troublesome People He Says, You Can Turn The Other Cheek, But Why Should You It Is Your Divine Right To Remove People Who Get In The Way Of Your True Will Using Angels And Demons, Magickal Attack Gives You A Fast, Safe Way To Take Control Of Those Who Try To Run Your LifeWinterfield Goes On To Say, If You Have Courage, You Have The Opportunity To Use Magick To Go On The Attack And Silence Those Who Would Spread Lies Bind Those Who Would Spread Malice Crush Those Who Would Do You HarmThe Magick Presented Here Is Unique Derived From Tradition And Refined In The Furnace Of Experience, These Dark Workings Have Never Been Made Public BeforeWithout Any Complicated Ceremonies, Winterfield Has Developed A Magickal System That Gets Your Commands To The Demons Without Any Danger To YourselfYou Will Discover A Ritual To Wield Power That Keeps You SafeRituals To Find Enemies, Foil Plans And Send TormentMagick To Silence Gossip And LiesA Powerful Binding Ritual To Stop An Enemy From Causing HarmThe Master Curse, To Punish Without RestraintThe Ritual To End A RelationshipThe Book Also Covers Disruption Magick, Used To Confuse, Weaken Or Make Others Leave You UndisturbedMost Importantly, The Book Concludes With A Peace Ritual, Which Can Be Used To Prevent A Fight From Ever Taking Place Or To Bring Commanding Peace When You Are VictoriousWhen You Gain Control Over Those Who Have Chosen To Hurt You, You Are Executing An Act Of Justice There Is Great Spiritual Growth To Be Found In This Dark Magick, As Well As The Peace That You Deserve