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So, I was not sure I was going to enjoy it as I had just read a book by Leia Stone I did not like But I pre ordered and the blurb looked fun and promising so I thought why not This morning it appeared on my Kindle and I read it in a couple of hours Evie is a fun heroine I immediately liked her and her BFF Cass the imp After her grandmother dies she has a drunk one night stand and is infuriated to find she has slept with Brock, the alpha of the were wolf pack that wants to demolish her grandmother s house She herself is a dud witch no powers but soon she discovers she is anything but a dud The book is easy to read with a variety of characters I also liked the romance brewing between Evie and Brock and how they interacted with each other sexy times It ends on a small cliffhanger to tie us over to book 2 as the story continues with regard to Evie s destiny and her past. TLDR review I LOVED THIS BOOK Literally everything about it I throughly enjoyed this book Warning my review might have minor spoilers Pros The book starts with a bang Brock Normally shifter love interests are way too protective and overbearing for my tastes but Brock is just perfect He voices his opinion but never forced or tricks Evie into doing what he wants He respects her even when he doesn t agree with her You can tell he cares for her without being a controlling asshole I really like that Evie is of Japanese descent I read a lot of books in this genre and a lot of the female main characters are usually white Evie and Cass have a great relationship I also really like Molly and what she adds to the group It s nice to have a human character who isn t a drain on the group Cons I really don t like the cover If you re not sure you want to read the book because of the cover ignore it I know we re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but most of us do Favorite Quotes This is movie sex I m having movie sex with a werewolf. I m carrying on with this, though I m not really sure why the heroine has the inner narrative and common sense of a 10 year old girl I think I just like the kitsune element But I can t imagine I ll make itthan 1 book further if she doesn t develop some spine I loathe stories where the supposed tough girl is a fainting doormat that allows the tough guy to make all the decisions and manage her life Further, this story is all happening way too fast it s unbelievable, and hard to feel invested It s not exactly fated mates, but it s sure playing out that way. I love Evie She s so tough and snarky Evie returns home after her Gran dies Evie then meets Brock, little does she know he s the alpha werewolf she s fussing with And he is going to drastically change her life Action, suspense, romance and evilSupernaturals galore And that ending, drop a bomb much Can t wait to see what happens with Evie and crew next. 2 1 2 stars There s a lot going for this book I love the characters and their relationships with one another Cass is so great a pink furred imp who loves sequins and sparkles and still is a success with the fae ladies and an attitude to match Evie, a supernatural bounty human hunter and others who are clearly human are some of the most successful ones out there Yes, they use spells, tricks and mechanical devices but that is what humans do well Humans have gotten to were they are in this world because of the ability to think and use tools It is how we succeed Though I also love the idea of what Evie is and how that develops But for some reason, I couldn t really connect with her Brock seems to be the typical alpha shifter Then he turns out to bereasonable and willing to compromise than most when he finds out that Evie is pregnant Yes, he wants to protect her and wishes she wasn t a in dangerous job but I don t think that is completely unreasonable She has every right to go out and do her job but some extra precautions are called for One think that made me a little squish the drunken one night stand I m not the moral police I don t care if a character or anyone else is having a one night stand But in this day and age drunken one night stands it seems to me that both characters are drunk in the beginning of this story where consent is a hot topic, where a character is saying yes and indeed the word yes is clearly expressed needs to handled carefully I think some people will have issues with this It just makes me think and examine the event far too carefully for when I want to read something fast paced and light.I also wish there had been less of a cliff hanger for an end So, some problems but overall I like where this is going. Fun start Magic Bite is a fun start to the Supernatural Bounty Hunter series Evie is a kicka bounty hunter and Cass is her wisea sidekick Add in a sexy werewolf and you ve got a fun combo Looking forward toin this series. |DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚖ Magic Bite (Supernatural Bounty Hunter, #1) ♵ Evie Black And Her Demon Imp Partner, Cass, Are Two Of The Most Fearsome Supernatural Bounty Hunters On The West Coast But When Evie S Beloved Grandmother Dies, Her World Shatters After Finding The Bottom Of A Bottle Of Tequila, Evie Breaks The One Rule She Knows Better Than To Ignore Never Hook Up With A WerewolfEspecially When He S The Local Alpha Who, Oh By The Way, Happens To Be Her Gran S Sworn EnemyYeah, Complicated Doesn T Even Begin To Cover What Happens Next Adult Urban Fantasy Novel With Sexual Content And Adult Language This book was such fun After you get past the sudden one night stand that opened the book, it s hilarious, strange, outlandish, and thrills from there Surprises, humor, sweet bonds, a weird imp companion that keeps the laughs coming, an eager human apprentice definitely will be continuing with the series. This book was a lot of fun I was excited to see that the main character was part Asian like me Cass is hilarious The fact that he is a hot pink imp in booty shorts loved it Brock was a sexy, dominate, alpha male and genuinely seemed like a good guy There were a few twists I did not see coming at all so I was happy that it caught me off gaurd I am also curious to see how Brock and Evie handle this situation in the next book Oh and that ending cliffhanger But a good one I actually had the pleasure of listening to the audio book and loved it The narrator had the perfect witty and sarcastic tone for Evie and I just laughed anytime she read Cass s lines Recommend to anyone who is a Paranormal Romance reader that loves wolves but looking for some fun and original twists Evie is a supernatural bounty hunter Evie s best friend and partner is a pink demon imp Evie and her BFF, Cass, are very good at her job When Evie and Cass go to her grandmother s cottage to try to save it from the love werewolf alpha, they not only find out one of there bounties escaped, but they get waythen they bargained for with gram s cottage.Evie s animal is unusual The story is original in the idea of a shifter NOT knowing what she is, how she finds out, the whole situation with Evie is pretty original The story is well written, entertaining, has great characters, excellent plot, love the originality.