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Boy, mad magazine sure wasn t very funny when it first came out. READ BOOK ♃ Mad About the Fifties (Mad) ♈ The S Were The Buttoned Up, Gray Flannel Decade However, When Things Look Upright On The Surface, There S Sure To Be Some Wicked Humor Bubbling Underneath Founded In As A Comic Book, MAD Magazine Quickly Evolved Into The Premier Showcase For America S Most Unabashedly Irreverent And Enduringly Influential Comic TalentBesides Hilarious Comic Strips From The Murky Inkwells Of Harvey Kurtzman, Wally Wood, Don Martin, And Al Jaffee, Among Others, MAD Was The Print World Stomping Ground Of The Period S Most Revolutionary Comic Performers, Such As Tom Lehrer Also Included Are Classic Parodies Like Superduperman , Mickey Rodent , And Melvin Of The Apes , Plus Original Satires Like The Brutally Tunny Scenes We D Like To See Available At Last To Comic Lovers And Retro Seekers Who Missed Out The First Time Around As Well As Old Time MAD Readers Who Want To Relive The LaughsFollowing In The Bestselling Tradition Of MAD About The Sixties And MAD About The Seventies, This Uproarious Collection Includes Full Color Pages That Reproduce Rare Early Covers, Classic Ad Parodies, And Much Not To Mention The Real Story Of How Alfred E Neuman Was Born Was His Original Name Really Melvin Coznowski Or Was It Mel Haney Another instance of the usual gang of idiots re packaging old material and publishing it under a new title Unlike the pocket sized paperbacks, the work in this book is in color and contains 10% halvah Also, you don t have to hold the furshlugginer thing sideways Potrzebie Nothing better than Kurtzman era Mad in terms of Mad Magazine, anyway. the genesis of American humour, mad style irreverent, satirical and hilarious. although it begins at the beginning the comic book mad this concentrates on the period when mad was finding its way and being reinvented as a magazine after genius harvey kurtzman bailed to produce ill fated humor mags with hugh hefner besides the bw mag stuff, there s wonderful full color kurtzman era comics illustrated by the great bill elder r.ichokengtitiktitikchokeng 2008 , wally wood, jack davis and john severin.besides the usual gang of idiots there are droll contributions by forgotten 50s humorists like ernie kovacs, bob ray and stan freberg. I lost my copy of this when I was moving from Bandung to Jakarta So terrible Loved this book and loved seeing Alfred E Neuman in his early days sob Anyone want to give this book to me as a replacement My birthday is in October And I ve been really really good this year in case you want to give it to me at Christmas