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This is a story of Julia who lost her abusive husband and swore she would never marry Morgan who was a womanizer who left his woman with a handkerchief after he broke up with them Julia decided to steal one of his handkerchiefs and auction it off for the Little Angels orphanage I loved this story, it was well written and I didn t want to put it down I wanted to find out what was happening next You won t be disappointed in this story.I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting and having dinner with Monica Burns She is a sweet woman and a great person that I call my friend. I really enjoyed this book It kept me interested until the end Well written and I would recommend this book. FREE DOWNLOAD ♃ Loves Portrait ☪ When Julia Westgard Commissions A Nude Portrait Of Herself, The Painting Is Much Than A Rebellious Act It S An Attempt To Regain Her Self Worth After Years Of A Loveless, Repressive Marriage To Her Late Husband But The Private Portrait Puts Her Directly In The Path Of Morgan St Claire, One Of The Marlborough Set S Most Notorious Seducers A Man Who Doesn T Take No For An AnswerFrom The First Moment Morgan Sees Julia S Portrait, He S Determined To Have Her But The Woman He Meets Is A Far Cry From The Image On Canvas What Starts Out As A Simple Exercise In Seduction Quickly Evolves Into A Quest To Reveal The True Julia With Each Sensual Encounter, He Employs Every Erotic Weapon At His Disposal In Hopes Of Making Julia See She Really Is The Woman In Love S Portrait I really enjoyed this story, considering it was so short it portrayed a lot of emotion and angst that appeared very realistic I highly recommend it The only negative I have about this book is that the hero says Christ Jesus an awful lot Once I noticed it, it cropped up everywhere and it really annoyed me 3.5 starsOnce again a book I picked up as a freebie has managed to completely surprise me I have always loved myself an historical, and an historical erotic romance is all of my favourite things wrapped up in one big shiny bow In fact if the editing wasn t so bad this story isn t badly written just badly edited this book probably would have made it to four stars Julia is trying to prove her independence after the death of a husband who controlled every part of her life She is completely adamant that she will never marry again, that she will never be able to trust another man to give him that sort of power over her Morgan, after living through his cold family life has seen the destructive nature of marriage and wants nothing to do with it He is so eager to shed any ideas of a home that he lives out of a hotel suite He is a known rake, who is rumoured to leave his hankerchiefs behind for his ex mistresses to dry their eyes on However when he glimpses a naked portrait he is adamant to find and conqueror the woman in the portrait However Julia is adamant that she cannot be the person in that portrait, that that carefree, seductive side of her is but a figment of the painter s imagination I m not going to give up on you Julia I don t have a choiceEvery part of me aches for you You have no idea how much I want to be kissing every inch of you right now Touching you until you cry out my name as you flow hot and sweet over my tongue Morgan is only driven by the need to rid himself of his uncontrollable lust, or so he thinks until Julia is in his bed and he realises that he never wants her to leave, that she may be the only woman he would ever truly want to marry However Morgan faces an uphill battle trying to convince Julia to take a risk on him, that he can trust her and that he is nothing like her first husband Life s a risk Julia, without it there s no reward I want all of your love, not just a piece of it You re my passion, and if I can t have all of you, then God help me, I ll find a way to live without you This was a beautiful story of two people trying to overcome their insecurities to take a chance on one another It was a nice, easy read and I loved every minute of it Did I mention the steam level And Morgan s dirty talk Really that s enough of a reason for you to pick this book up. Two years after the death of her abusive husband, Julia Westgard is ready for some reckless adventure to spice up her otherwise boring life so she posed for a portrait, in the nude Though no one but her closest friends will ever view the painting, the thrill of doing something so naughty has left Julia needing to feel that same exhilaration Julia devises a plan to steal a monogrammed handkerchief to sell at auction to help raise money for a local orphanage She is sure the item would bring a tidy sum not only with the tale of adventure tied to it, but also because this particular handkerchief belongs to one of the city s most notorious rakes, Morgan St Claire Morgan St Claire is a business man with a troubled childhood After growing in a house devoid of love the last thing he would ever dream of having is a home, a wife and a family His shipping business is his life and if he feels the need for sex, the occasional mistress will do Purely by accident he sees the nude portrait of Julia Westgard in the artist s studio and from that moment on, he can think of little else but getting that wanton woman in his bed When she does walk into his life, his shipping office in fact, the woman she presents in person is nothing like the woman in the painting Julia Westgard is proper, reserved, smart Still, Morgan knows that passionate woman he saw in the painting is hiding somewhere inside of her When he catches her in his bedroom and demands to know why she is stealing one of his handkerchiefs, instead of seducing her right then and there, he forces her to enter into a wager with him.With every turn of the page, Monica Burns builds the sexual tension between these two characters Love s Portrait is a beautifully written historical love story full of life changing passion, desire and sex It s a wonder either Julia or Morgan could ever catch their breath The touching, teasing and seducing never seems to end whenever two lovers are together even for a few moments When Julia finally comes to Morgan to fulfill her part of the wager, the lovemaking is passionate than she had ever dreamed In the beginning, both of these characters have their reasons why they refuse to commit to another, but as the desire and passion build, they soon understand that no matter what their individual reasons are, to live without the other will be almost impossible. Love s Portrait is a sexy and sweet story about a woman who doesn t want to lose herself to another man and a man who has finally realized that what he has been rejecting all along, is something that he truly wants.Julia s late husband was a controlling and abusive man When he died, Julia vowed to never be under a man s control again In the spirit of doing something daring, Julia posed for a naked portrait No one is to ever see it It is for her eyes only, a way to remind her of the independence she wants to hold onto Morgan St Claire gets a peek at the painting and is instantly intrigued by the woman in the portrait When he realizes that it is none other than Julia, Morgan wants Julia in his arms and in his bed Morgan pursues her Julia is afraid to give in to Morgan because he threatens the independence she sorely wants.I thoroughly enjoyed reading Love s Portrait I loved Morgan and Julia s banter and interaction The chemistry between them was believable and I liked how the romance between them progressed naturally Julia s constant stubborness regarding her independence started to wear thin towards the end of the book but I liked how nicely everything came together.This is the first book I ve read by Monica Burns even though I own all of her books Gasp and I will definitely be getting off my arse and reading them ASAP I also met Monica at AAD Philly and she is so nice and so freakin hilarious Just thought you should know.B C Reading this book is my introduction to the writing of Monica Burns and I m so thankful to the fellow reader who pointed me in her direction.I have always loved historical romance, and Monica definitely knows how to add just the right amounts of heat and passion to her stories.The passion and emotion shared by her main characters, Julia Westgard and Morgan St Claire, can be felt as you read this story, and that s one of the qualities in writing that will keep me coming back for if I can feel and experience right along with the characters, I m going to want to keep reading til I m finished and Monica Burns definitely accomplished that with Love s Portrait.She also knows just how to draw the reader in within the first few paragraphs and makes you want to know where the story is going to lead I look forward to experiencing of Monica s great writing very soon This was not a badly written book but the story was a bit lame and I found the characters lacked the depth and complexity that I have come to demand from my HR books. 2.5 starsIt was decent, with some pretty steamy scenes, but some things just stopped me from fully enjoying it.For one, they fell in love way too quickly, and I really didn t know why they fell in love most of the time And then there was the whole sappiness I don t know, maybe I just wasn t in the mood for Oh, your loved saved me , without your love I , I can t live without you , you re like the air I breath.Don t get me wrong, I love romances, and they re usually with those sentiments, but I don t know here it was just too much It made me snort and grimace at times.Also, in this edition, the too and to was switched It drove me crazy