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4 1 2 STARS Enemies to friends Friends to lovers Sounds cliche, but the way Stacey cleverly wrote this story it is far from cliche It s a smart, lovely, entertaining read that will keep you pulled in to the very end Fans of Jay Crownover s RULE will enjoy this book. review originally posted on joyfully reviewed came across Looking For Trouble by Stacey Mosteller by complete accident I thought the synopsis sounded like something I would enjoy I mean who wouldn t want to read about two opposite characters coming together Since this was my first book by Ms Mosteller I wasn t sure what to expect but once the story started to get going I found out that I enjoyed it.Kat has been in love with her best friend and Clay s brother Max as long as she can remember but Max has never seen her that way, or if he has he never said anything When Max forgets to pick up Kat one day after class, Clay offers her a ride to his apartment When they arrive the real reason why Max forgot her comes to light and finally she has had enough, she is tired of being Max s back up plan and forgiving him and Kat is almost ready to move on from her feelings What she never expected was to start having feelings for Clay he s crude, and a man whore and they have been rubbing each other the wrong way for years But while working on a class project with Clay, Kat starts to see he might not be so bad after all, but can he give her everything she wants Clay knows Kat s feelings for Max so when they arrive at his apartment and hear why Max forgot about her all his protective instincts start to come out He wonders how Max could be so stupid but the closer he gets to Kat theconfused he starts to become and wonders where all these feelings are coming from TheClay gets to know Kat thehis feelings come into focus There is just one problem, she still has feelings for Max But when Kat doesn t forgive Max he thinks he might have a chance, he just hopes he doesn t do anydamage to the girl who is slowly taking over his heart.The first thing I noticed about Looking For Trouble was that the synopsis is a little off from the story I didn t find Kat allergic to fun, sheltered or uptight, I thought she was a little inexperienced compared to Clay but that s all I enjoyed her fire and spunk, and the way her and Clay banter from the very beginning had me curious to see how they would come together Clay was cocky, crude and unapologetic but he was so damn fun to read about I enjoyed watching him uncover his feelings for Kat and being confused by them, I mean after all he has never felt this way before I also really liked his characters growth and by the end of the story I really started to love him and swoon over how protective and caring he actually was.Kat and Clay didn t have the typical courtship which I did kind of miss in this story Yes, these two were falling for one another and had no idea it was happening but I missed the romance and flirty nature that I usually see in New Adult stories I enjoyed the process of them falling but at 80% in when everything comes together it just felt a bit late which annoyed me a little I was put on edge waiting and hoping for something big and then I has to ask that s it but I wantedof them together building a relationship There is a glimpse into their life in the epilogue but it wasn t enough for me.Also, Max isn t too happy about Clay and Kat being with one another and after a confrontation that s it It s almost as if Max just disappears into thin air and it kept me wondering did Max indeed have some kind of feelings for Kat that he just never acknowledged I guess we will never know or maybe if Max gets his own story then it might come to light.For fans of Elle Kennedy, you won t want to miss Looking For Trouble by Stacey Mosteller Looking For Trouble was a great read and I am excited to see where the Nashville U series will go I can t wait to see whose book will be next and how their story will turn out. #Read Epub ì Looking for Trouble (Nashville U, #1) í She S UptightShelteredAllergic To FunHe S CockyCrudeUnapologeticHe S All Dirty Jokes And Curse Words, While She S Quiet And Shy She Blends Into The Background, While He Is The Center Of Everyone S AttentionClay Mitchell Never Expected To Fall In Love Especially Not With A Girl He S Known All His Life And One Who S Always Been Off LimitsOpposites Might Attract, But In This Case Of Explosive Chemistry, Someone S Heart Is Bound To Be ShatteredAs Enemies Become Friends And Friends Morph Into Clay Has Definitely Met His Match I mean I liked the consent but I don t quite see what the authors point was I dunno, this feels like wattpad fanfic Just the let me write is on the go kinda book 3.5 stars Looking for Trouble was a good read about college frenemies that struggle with what they really are to one another Clay and Kat have know each other for years and have been like oil and water They clash about everything and throw jabs at each other whenever they can.These two are opposites in every way possible yet they run in the same circle of friends When I first started reading I honestly thought it was going to be two different love stories because to me there was no way these two would ever even be caught alone together.Things come crashing down on Kat and her whole perspective on her life changes Clay gets swallowed up by it too and together they struggle with the new feelings they are both experiencing Kat hasn t noticed that the only female I ve spent anytime with recently is her No one else holds my interest Clay the manwhore was morphing before my eyes as I read As the reader you could see what they were both feeling in their POV chapters yet they were both still clueless as to what they were feeling This was a book that made me want to shake BOTH main characters.Looking for Trouble was sweet and sexy with a smidgen of angst Am I getting to old for NA Is everyone this immature Why don t you just talk about your feelings instead of getting butthurt because someone didn t take those feelings into consideration.I like the slow burn feel of Kat and Clay s relationship and how they struggled to get to that certain point.But oh my god, everything was about Kat, Kat, Kat She never said anything about anything but she still got aggravated because people didn t bow to her feelings and expectations that s fine in the beginning but get s really tiring after a while What happened to character developement I am a huge fan of Stacey Mosteller s books, so I was very excited to hear that Clay, the crude and rude typical college jock who could get any girl he wanted, character who made me sometimes laugh and sometimes cringe in several of her earlier books, was getting his own book I was a bit afraid that I wasn t going to like his character, or he was going to be one I love to hate Boy was I wrong As I began reading, I started liking him His cocky attitude drew me in, and as I readhe intrigued meandThere were so many different layers to Clay, and Ms Mosteller began peeling back layer by layer as the story developed By the end of this book, Clay became my favorite male character of all of her books.I loved the constant push and pull between Clay and Kat One moment he was frustrating her to no end, the next moment he was the one who came to her side when she needed someone the most there was a continuous tension between them that caused me to keep reading on to see if they would ever get together.Looking For Trouble was a fun read It was not too angsty, and there were definitely enough twists to keep me turning pages to find out what would happen next.If you are looking for a good fun New Adult read with a great HEA Looking for Trouble is for you Could not finish the writing was a little immature for me Too much detail that I found myself a little lost. This book has everything in it that I love Clay and Kat struggle with being friends Can Clay find his happiness Will his inner struggles with relationships be too much Can Kat learn to live with her disappointment in Max Will she ever know the fears and worry that Clay is dealing with The push pull friendship, communication and trust are all in play Stacey Mosteller s scenes are filled with details that will make you feel like you re there Clay and Kat truly come alive on the pages I not only recommend this book, but I can honestly say that I could reread itand that s saying a lot This book has comedy, tears, laughter and anticipation It s a romantic love story without the heavy scenes a real feel good book A MUST read