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Mystery, murder,crime and a great setting make this books a great read I t is dark and gory for the faint hearted , but it tells a compelling story that is hard to put down. My perspective is as a New Englander This book was written in such a cliche way that it was hard to stomach Any stereotype that I had in my mind about Alabama and southerners exploded all over this book The prose is in academic English, and then the dialogue is in dialect that is over the top The young boys all own guns Wayexamples than this Maybe some would find it truthful, charming, and funny, but I found it distasteful.The book claims to be a thriller It is actually 20% horror think Stephen King s Misery , 10% thriller, and 70% boring storytelling It s not a coming of age book After finishing the book, I didn t find the plot to be worth it It s just so convoluted and forced The reason behind everything was just too much of a stretch to be fathomable.The horror parts of the book are written in the third person This is the 20% of the book I liked The author really went there Such torture and gruesomeness The writing worked in these sections.The storytelling part and the thriller part were written in first person The problem with writing in first person is that the character speaking is the one giving all of the information And in this book, the character is 15 His character gives a lot of information that he couldn t possibly know Information about what other people were doing and thinking, one time he talks about an all inclusive resort which is way out of character and his life norm Had the main character stated that this was a story from his childhood, perhaps it would have madesense because of the hindsight thing But that is not the case If you are on the fence about reading this book, there are other self published books out there that are better and makesense I was really disappointed. Page Turning ThrillerI couldn t put it down This book grabbed my attention from the first page and kept me reading it nonstop until the last page. Wow.awesome story with lots of unexpected twists ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.Absolutely loved this book from beginning to end For those of you who are fans of blood, guts and Gore galore, you will get your fill If you don t, skip over those parts and read on I loved this book and very definitely and highly recommend it. Thriller Suspense and horror Thriller Suspense and horror Omg This book was gruesome and suspenseful The storyline kept you guessing and squeamish You re not sure who are the killers, who is in on the illegal activities but just when you think you know something else occurs The torturing that goes on before a victim is killed its just the kind of method that lovers of horror movies crave Toe curling, stomach knotted and cringe worthy torture However, the storyline and character development were fantastic But now I think I am going to read a Disney book just to give my mind a rest This book will definitely get your adrenaline pumping Don t miss out. Quite a thriller Liked the story very much Not the usual tale The end was a real shocker Looking forward to the next book. Just the ticket for passing time on a plane or train Escape into this tale of fright but don t expect to sleep tonightyou ll keep reading til done. Found new authorI have just found a new author to add to my fav shelf Absolutely loved the story Had everything I like in thriller Fantastic ending. ^FREE BOOK ⇯ Long Holler Road - A Dark Southern Thriller ☔ InS Rural Alabama, George Patrick And Glenn Burt S World Has Always Been A Simple One With Simple Choices Stories Of Drugs And Violent Murders Were Something Occasionally Seen On The Evening News And Had Not Yet Pervaded This Somewhat Remote Part Of The World Their Culture Was Not Dramatically Different From What It Had Been At The End Of The Big War But That Was About To Change Drastically When Two Barrels Containing Bodies That Have Been Dissolved With Acidic Chemicals Mysteriously Turn Up On An Impoverished Family S Farm, The People Of Long Hollow Are Quick To Jump To Conclusions Hugh Williams, Who Has Never Harmed Anyone, Is Arrested And His Destitute Family Become Outcasts By Almost Everyone In The Community What The People Don T Know Is That A Couple Whose Evil Knows No Bounds Are The Real Culprits They Are Extremely Intelligent And Feed Off Each Others Twisted, Torturous Proclivities Now That The Focus Is On The Unfortunate Williams Family, They Are Free To Carry On With Their Horrific Torture And Heinous Murders, As Well As Other Crimes But The Bodies In The Barrels Turn Out To Be Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, And George And Glenn Are About To Get Caught Right In The Middle Of This Nightmare A Southern Noir Crime Thriller Filled With Mystery, Suspense, And Very Creative Serial Killers