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It s not very informative or detailed about the laws of attraction It gives a fair idea about what it is It is a okay as an introduction to the concept, but can t getfrom it It s less than 50 pages and can be finished very quickly. Great book I really enjoyed this book it s straight to the point and a easy read Thank you I found this book to be very useful. [Free Kindle] ♰ LOA for the Real World ☪ Deliberate Creation Is Not Just For Woo Woo Folks Every Day People Are Leveraging The Law Of Attraction To Get What They Want How About You People Everywhere Already Practice This Not Just Energy Healers And Life Coaches, But Athletes, Executives, Students, Homemakers, Leaders, Etc This Ebook Will Help You Manage Your Vibration To Get What You WantA Few Of The Things You Ll Learn In This Ebook The Key To Effortless Manifesting The One Time It S Ok To Ignore The Advice You Hear Again And Again From Many LOA Experts The Addiction That Prevents You From Getting What You Want And How To Fix ItYou Ve Probably Heard That Nothing Is Important Than That You Feel Good Which Is True But I Ll Tell You When You Absolutely Must Ignore This Advice If You Want Success In Your Manifesting How To Handle Manifesting Failure And The Most Powerful Habit You Can Embrace To Amp Up Your Manifesting SuccessAs Someone Who Has Spent Over A Decade Fine Tuning My Own Creation Skills And Making A Living Helping Others Do The Same, It S My Pleasure To Offer You Personal Insights About Where We Often Get Hung Up And What To Do About ItLove Miracles Jeannette MawGood Vibe Coach Thank you This book really opened up my eyes and my mind to the endless possibilities I can create for myself Thank you for your words of wisdom. This is an incredible short intro to the Law of Attraction What I found interesting was that at least some of it is a less eloquent version of things I read in The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle What that tells me is that there is a lot of commonality in the ideas geared to love people forward.This may beof an advertisement for Maw s coaching than anything else There s enough information to whet the appetite, but to really dig in, you ll have to go elsewhere She does provide a few references that could be helpful. GreatGreat book it keeps me very motivated during the day I use this books outlined highlighted quotes as study tools I really enjoyed this book It is very eye opening into some things that I want to improve on in my life I found it to be a very quick read but I really wanted to take my time and absorb everything it was teaching me I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that may be looking foranswers I am truly grateful that I found this book Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sometimes it is just nice to be reminded that positive thinking is advantageous This was uplifting and reminded me that I am in control of my own thoughts This reading went right along with my goal to not let the negative events in my life over take me Never hurts to be reminded that positivity is always optional Excellent practical book on LOA This book shows a perspective of LOA I have not seen elsewhere. I found this book to be interestingI will certainly test drive some of the information the author shared It is really asecular take on strong Faith.