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Really interesting read If you want to know what Hong Kong is about then this is a must read Good insights and details about how the property developers have control in Hong Kong Would be interesting if there was an updated chapter of some of the recent policies in Hong Kong. A good overview of the influence of property developers have on the HK economies The author merely describe things and putting together There s not enough proof that one incidence is the cause of another I can t see the logic throughout the book Only linking facts together and trying to correlate them, totally tautological `Download Book ⇥ Land And The Ruling Class In Hong Kong ⇱ This Edition Is The Original Edition Of The Title It Discusses How The Land System In Hong Kong, Inherited From The British, Has Helped To Create Unrivaled Wealth For The Ruling Class And How The Lack Of Competition Law Has Encouraged Industrial And Economic Concentration In These Same Entities Arguing That The Land System, Industrial Concentration, And Phenomenal Wealth Imbalance Have Given Rise To A Host Of Social And Economic Ills, The Concise Analysis Concludes By Offering Solutions To Heal Hong Kong Of These Problems This Edition Was Rated As Editor S Choice Scholarly In September October By Canadian Book Review AnnualIn July A Chinese Edition Of The Title Was Co Published By Enrich Publishing Ltd And Hong Kong Economic Journal Co Ltd ISBN Yazhou Zhoukan Asia Weekly Voted It As ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS NON FICTION IN GREATER CHINA FOR It Also Won The Th Year Hong Kong Book Prize In June In January Enrich Professional Publishing S Private Ltd Published A Thoroughly Revised And Updated Second English Edition With The Addition Of A New Chapter ISBN