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This collection is Americana at its best A hodge podge, mish mosh of folks, facing all sorts of personal dilemmas in this crazy country Heart ache and loss blend with tenderness and hope, all sprinkled with a frank sense of humor Karas writing is clear and unfettered, he had me rooting for each and every one of his Americans as they struggle to find balance in a land and a time when chaos and misfortune arethe norm Can t wait to readfrom this guy I thought the collection was very well done The characters felt real, and developed, and their situations drew me in The author is able to take on many viewpoints and experiences, which both complements the theme of American dream and made it fun to read Plus I liked how each one had some connection to Chicago Midwest. #E-pub ⛈ Kinda Sorta American Dream ß In Steve Karas Debut Collection, An Unemployed Autoworker Finds Himself At An Elite Seminar For Aspiring Santa Clauses An IT Specialist Eagerly Awaits The Mayan Apocalypse In His Parents Basement As His Father Descends Into Dementia Through Fourteen Curiously Ambivalent Studies, Karas Methodically Examines And Reconfigures The Core Archetypes Dot Com Entrepreneurs, Hard Striving Immigrants, Obsessive Diner Owners That Haunt And Dominate The American Psyche Their Narratives, Set Against A Dizzying Panorama That Stretches From The Ruins Of PostDetroit To The Desperate Paradise Of Suburban Florida, Evoke The Familiar American Mythology Of Army Bases, Manhattan High Rises, And Midwestern Video Stores Yet Karas Masterful, Minimalist Portraits Are Ambiguous And Tinged With Uncertainty The Winners, Losers And Hopeless Visionaries Who Populate Kinda Sorta American Dream Are United In Their Relentless Quest To Invoke Massive Disruption In Their Lives And Their Profound Doubts About Whether Such Radical Change Is Possible Hope to sayat some point, but everything about this book delights me Steve Karas has a terrific storytelling voice and a gift for characterization I love, also, the title of this collection and its brilliant cover design Kudos to Steve and Tailwinds Press I highly recommend this collection. Review here of review All in all, Kinda Sorta American Dream reveals much about the evident problems in our society, and injects harsh realities into delusions surrounding the traditional American Dream We are an over medicated, under nourished, and self mutilating nation whose social affairs have reached such a dismal state that most can no longer identify with fictional TV families like the Simpsons and the Bundys Yes, we continue to laugh at these dysfunctional shows and believe them to be satire on the traditional American household, but no one s divorced, splitting custody, spouse beating, philandering, unemployed by choice , and both families inhabit homes in suburbia on a single man s salary In reality, the majority of American homes are broken, we are at war abroad and on our own soil, with our economic recessions, our personal and professional demons, and most of all, ourselves.But Karas collection doesn t obliterate hope of a brighter future His characters fight the good fight, even if their interpretation of the good fight may vary from one to the next Through their experiences, we see that perhaps we can find meaning in our journey toward a destination only we can define, and we must continue to hope that the result is worth the sacrifices and suffering beyond our wildest American dreams. These stories grab you and pick you up and take you along to Indiana, Florida, a military base, a Santa Claus school, Chicago, New York, Mexico, Detroit, and a futuristic society where people need someone to cuddle up to, physically Of course these settings might not be all that familiar I, for example, haven t been to Florida or Detroit or a Santa Claus school or the future, but in another sense they are familiar because the problems and dilemmas the characters in these stories face are very familiar They are contemporary problems and situations that people in the United States have experienced or know about But Kinda Sorta America Dream does not read like a newspaper Steve Karas, by way of a strong narrative voice that allows for no dead time, has crafted characters that are very individual, so they twist and slide, sometimes forwards and sometimes backwards and sometimes to the side, surprise, and in many cases suspense, evolving I found myself wanting to know what s going to come next, what s going to happened to this or that character These characters are not perfect people even though they might be good people They have flaws, and the situations they face are not always fair The characters in this collection range from children to young adults to middle aged people to old people Variety in people and places and problems made the collection particularly interesting for me After I got into the book, I started thinking where I am I going to be taken to next and what kind of people am I going to find there The pages in this fine collection of stories turned with anticipation. Is the American Dream a myth Still alive How much does one s perspective change from childhood through adulthood All this andis flushed out, richly explored in this adroit collection, Kinda Sorta American Dream love that title One can sense the process of decay, whether it be through war loss or jobs unemployment or failures wide range and scope There is a great article at Necessary Fiction in which Karas explores the research notes that he used in creating the stories in this collection Overall, I highly recommend this book I can t wait to read what Steve Karas publishes next. Let me just say that this is the kind of short story that makes me want to write a short story collection That makes me think about how great a short story collection can be The stories sneak up on you, creating this world that s big and sprawling, but small and intimate all at the same time These are stories to chew on To think about in the still moments staring out a window The kind of stories that make you think, yeah, what is this all about In reading this story collection, the first thing to grab you is Karas range as a writer As he exploresthe theme of identity in both contemporary and futuristic visions of America, he inhabits the diversevoices of a Greek American diner owner, an African American cop, and a Indian American womanwith deftness and empathy The Greek diner owner is probably the voice closest to Karas own experience, andyet he brings the same sharp eye and compassionate authenticity in breathing life into his various characters.He introduces us to people struggling to make a life for themselves in America, and despite the familiar settings, both urban and rural,the stories feel fresh and vibrant.I also appreciate Karas sense of pacing as he evolves each story to a satisfying conclusion By the of this book, you will feel as though you know these people well.Steve Karas is an up and coming writer to follow, and it was an honor to have my blurb included in this collection Read it And blurbed it, yo What Steve Karas so authoritatively illustrates in this far reaching debut collection is that the journey to achieving the American Dream may take many paths, but it doesn t come without pain, fear or loss Assuming it comes at all And yet despite this, in Karas empathic hands, this journey is still one filled with vivid characters, a sense of hope and the joy of discovering an author at the start of something new and wonderful.