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I m assuming that something was lost in translation with this book The story had to potential to be a great one, but it seemed like the author was trying to tell too much in not enough pages The second half of the book felt rushed, and much of it felt like a recitation of facts rather than a narrative A lot of the dialogue felt forced, and there was not much character development in the second half. (((EPUB))) ⇱ Without a Country ✗ Kendi Vatan Nda Bile Yabanc D R Kanad K R K Ku Lar Lar N Almanyas Nazilerin Bask S Ndan Bunalan Yahudi As Ll T P Doktoru Gerhard Schlimann, Emberin Yeterince Darald N , Kendisi Ve Ailesi I In Tek Arenin Kald N Hisseder Ka MakAncak I Sizli In, Sava N Habercisi Toplumsal Karma Alar N Ve Her Yere Yay Lan Ayr Mc L N Cenderesindeki Bir D Nyada Insanca Ya Anacak Bir Yer Bulmak Hi De Kolay De Ildir Zira Gerhard Schlimann Ve Di Er Yahudilere S Z Mona Geli Mi Lkeler Bir Bir S Rt Evirirken, Bir Tek Avrupa N N K Y S Ndaki Gen Bir M Sl Man Lke Kucak A Ar T Rkiye CumhuriyetiAy E Kulin, Kanad K R K Ku Lar Da Lar N Almanya S Ndan Lerin T Rkiye Sine Uzanan Bir Ailenin D Rt Ku Akl K Hik Yesini Anlat Yor Bizlere S Rad , G L , Co Kulu, Inan L Kad Nlar N Hik Yesi Bu Ayn Zamanda Elsa, Suzan, Sude Ve Esra Kendi Sanc Lar Ve De I Imlerini Vatanlar N N Alkant Lar Ile I I E Ya Yorlar Kanad K R K Ku Lar, Vatan Sevgi Olan Herkesin Kalbine De Ecek Multi generational family saga that takes place mostly in Turkey over a period of over eighty years It starts with a family of Jewish Germans fleeing Hitler prior to the start of WWII The story begins in 1933 with Dr Gerhard Schliemann, his wife Elsa, and their two children, Peter and Susy, leaving their home at short notice and eventually making their way to Turkey Gerhard and other Jewish scientists are hired by a Turkish university to help with the modernization of their curriculum Although Germany still attempts to exert influence to dismiss the Jewish scientists, the family overcomes many difficulties and makes Istanbul their home The story then shifts to Susy, who has readily adapted to the Turkish culture, and continues following the family s legacy into 2016.This novel starts out strong The story of the doctor and his family fleeing the Nazis is riveting When the narrative shifts to future generations, it reads like a biography of each subsequent family member, and the momentum slows considerably It begins to focus on family dramas, romantic relationships, and misunderstandings At this point, the storyline takes a backseat to the history of the country The author excels at providing descriptions of the cities, the countryside, and what it is like to live there She imparts the flavor of the Turkish culture and conveys a strong sense of the country as a melting pot of various religions and ethnicities I enjoyed gaining understanding of how Turkey developed into a modern nation Although this is a fictional account, the history is based upon actual events, including the influx of Jewish Germans, ongoing anti Semitism, military coups, political upheaval, and civil unrest Overall, I found this book to be a mixed bag I enjoyed the historic aspects and it tempts me to visit Istanbul someday Unfortunately, the family saga lacked depth and cohesiveness My sense is that the author tried to capture too much in too few pages. 1930lardan bugune Turkiye yi etkileyen olaylari anlatmak ugruna bir cok faktoru es gecen roman Karakterler gecit toreni yapiyor kitap boyunca, ne kisilikleri derinlemesine tanima imkani duyuyoruz ne de anlatim edebi bir tat birakiyor Kurgu da, anafikir de, karakterler de yuzeysel olmaktan ote gidemiyor Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres, especially stories where Jews and the Nazis are concerned This book was a little different to many stories that i have read, mainly due to the family making Turkey their home after fleeing Germany This was a very enjoyable book and the further i read, the quicker i was turning the pages I am not going to write about the story, as i do prefer one to read the book for themselves, but i do recommend this wonderful saga.My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for my copy This is my honest review. Unfortunately what could have been a really good book, was in fact just average How much of this is due to the translation I m not sure, but the story didn t live up to the great family saga that I had been lead to expect.Spanning approximately 100 years, from pre WWII Germany to 21st century Turkey, it had all the elements of a great story jews escaping from the nazi s, new life established in Turkey, four generations of strong women, building of modern Turkey, various love stories etc but it didn t really gel, which is a disappointment.I d like to read another story by this author, as I m hoping that it is the translation that let this story down for me. This was my choice for the Prime free book for June and I chose it because I d previously read Rose of Sarajevo by the same author and recognised the name Unfortunately I found the book rather disappointing It s a four generation saga that tracks the evolution of a family in Istanbul The first generation were a Jewish academic and his family, fleeing from the Nazis to help Ataturk set up universities in Turkey The second generation focuses on German born but Turkish naturalised Suzi and her childhood sweetheart husband, the third on their daughter the free thinking, alternative lifestyle living Sude and the final on Sude s daughter.The book takes us through many of the big events of 20th Century Turkish history but in a way that s rather forced The biggest fault I found was that none of the characters are very well developed and I often found myself forgetting just which character I was supposed to be reading about The author has tried to squeeze too many people into too few pages, and it feels like the price she paid was detail, colour and flavour I don t know if it s the translation that s poor or the original writing style, but it s all rather turgid and a bit he did this then she did that and he said this and she said that Factual perhaps but not very stylish.I was aware that there s a long history of Jewish people living in Istanbul I used to visit a company in the city for work which was run by a Jewish family so that part wasn t a surprise Neither was the inevitable juxtaposition of prejudices past and present The problem for me was that I found it really hard to care too much about the characters. Elsa, sahilde ko turan ocuklar yla torunlar n g stererek, u hale bak, Gerhard, dedi, biz Yuhidi bir Alman ifttik ama Amerikal bir o lumuz oldu, T rk k z m z, Hristiyan ve M sl man torunlar m z var Bu nas l kadermi Renkli bir kadermi Elsa, bizim hayat izgimizi biz de il, Hitler izdi 5 5 Art arda d rt nesil kad n n yk s n anlatan bu romana bay ld m Yazardan okudu um ilk eseriydi ve s rada elime alaca kitab i in sab rs zlan yorum Hitler in Almanya y ku att zaman diliminde Yahudi k kenli bir ailenin stanbul a gelmesiyle T rk gelenekleri i inde ya amalar n okumakla ba l yoruz kitaba O zamandan bug n m ze kadar kapsayan vakit i erisinde lkemizde ya anan onca kolay yutulmayacak olaya de iniyoruz Baz lar n ben de bu kitap sayesinde rendim De indi i d rt kad n n hikayesini zellikle de di er n ocuklu undan itibaren okuyoruz ve b ylece bebekli inden ya l b y kanne oluncaya kadar okudu umuz bu karakterleri iyice ba r m za bas yoruz Ba larda i imde b y k bir merak duygusu uyand rmasa da ilerledik e artan bir keyifle bay larak okudum Ben en ok Suzan sevdim ve her sat r nda onun gen li indeki b c r k, ya ilerledik e olgun hallerini ok severek okudum Ba tan sona ger ekten nemli olaylara yerinde de indi i i in harika bir eser g z mde nsan insan oldu u i in sevmeyi anlatan muazzam bir kitapt Yeri geldi inde ya ananlar sonucu fkeye s r kleyen, yeri geldi inde de indi i aile ve tatl a k sat rlar yla s cac k g l mseten sonu olarak histen hise sar ld m bir kitap oldu Rica ederim okuyunuz. Thanks to Kenneth Dakan for translating Ayse Kulin s book from the original Turkish publication and giving readers the opportunity to experience Turkey over four generations with a Jewish family the Schlimanns In the 1930s, Dr Gerhard and Elsa Schlimann and their young family fled Germany and via Switzerland settle in Turkey One of many Jewish families, the Schlimanns begin a new life in Istanbul, each generation attempting to integrate into Turkish society in their own way each at a different pace and desire As much as each generation believes it has assimilated, the age old challenge of where and how one belongs surfaces especially for a Jewish family The novel tightly scopes out Turkey s history from the 1930s to 2016 it s a great look back at Turkey s history and accompanying society, political upheavals and culture nicely compacted in just over 300 pages quite a feat I enjoyed the story line and the strong women characters Elsa, Suze, Sude and Esra each leaving their mark on successive generations of the Schlimanns, while grappling with challenges not quite always on an expected trajectory as in the case of Sude, but that s life A well worth read and a definite recommend, especially since it s set in Turkey one of my favorite country settings Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read in advance. lk 100 sayfa iyi gerisi berbat Yazar her eyi yazay m derdine girip hikayeyi da tm ve da lm.