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READ PDF ⚥ Isaac Asimov's Father's Day º From The Pages Of Asimov S Science Fiction Today S Most Creative Minds Explore The Fierce, Fragile Bond Between Fathers And Their Children Harry Turtledove S In The Presence Of Mine Enemies Brings Readers To An Alternate Future Where A Father S Legacy Could Be A Fatal Secret A Daughter Confronts Her Dead Father And Her Own Life Choices In Pamela Sargent S Amphibians In James Patrick Kelly S Itsy Bitsy Spider, A Woman Visits Her Estranged Father And Rediscovers Her Childhood In A Chillingly Altered Form Also Includes Stories By Science Fiction Masters Ian R MacLeod, Thomas M Disch, Jonathan Lethem, Danith McPherson, Robert Reed, And Brian C CoadContents Papa Novelette By Ian R MacLeod In The Presence Of Mine Enemies Novelette By Harry Turtledove Through The Wall To Eggshell Lake Shortstory By Danith McPherson Itsy Bitsy Spider Shortstory By James Patrick Kelly The Abduction Of Bunny Steiner, Or A Shameless Lie Novelette By Thomas M Disch Savior Shortstory By Robert Reed Amphibians Novelette By Pamela Sargent Taking Care Of Daddy Novelette By Brian C Coad The Happy Man Novelette By Jonathan Lethem Isaac Asimov s Father s Day, edited by Gardner Dozois and Sheila Williams, is a 2001 collection of short stories about fathers and children that were published in Asimov s Science Fiction magazine between 1990 and 1998, by authors such as Thomas M Disch, Pamela Sargent, Jonathan Lethem, Robert Reed and James Patrick Kelly I picked it up at a favourite book store in Vancouver, British Columbia, over the summer, but it wasn t until I got home to Montreal that I noticed that one of the authors included happened to be my own father Since I disowned him some 30 years ago, this was a bit of a shock however, most of the stories, including his, are pretty good probably Lethem s The Happy Man was my favourite Mildly recommended.