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[Free Kindle] ☯ In Too Deep ♫ In Too Deep BookOf The Liliana Series By Neva Squires Rodriguez Liliana Valencia Begins A New Chapter Of Her Life Now The Wife Of Antonio Valencia, Jr She Learns That There Are Certain Requirements In Being A Member Of The Valencia Family Specifically, Antonio S Wife Just When Liliana Is Supposed To Be Experiencing The Happy Feelings Of A New Bride, She Finds Herself In A Very Difficult Predicament Her Husband Isn T The Perfect Man That She Thought He Was And She Finds Herself Alone As Her Life Shatters Around Her She Becomes Lost In A World Of Deceit And She Struggles With The Knowledge That Her Life With Antonio Will Never Be The Same With Nowhere Else To Go But Up, Liliana Finds Her Hidden Strength In A Place That She Never Realized Existed But Nothing In The World Can Prepare Her For An Unimaginable Secret That Is Bestowed Upon Her How Will She Ever Learn To Forgive And Continue With Her Life PRE RELEASE REVIEW Loving The Liliana Series Reviewed By Shay Norgaard Melton This Review Is From A Gifted Ebook Reviewer Copy I Love The Way The Main Characters Feel So Real, Like People One Might Know As Neighbors, Friends, And Family Ms Squires Rodriguez Gives Liliana A Voice And Personality That Simply Embraces The Reader, Involving Them Into The Intertwined Drama In In Too Deep Wow I didn t see that ending coming Second in the Liliana series, In Too Deep continues the story of Liliana, a young, American woman living in Colombia After her mother was murdered in front of her when she was a young teenager she was shipped off to Colombia to live with her father.In book one, she meets and falls in love with the son of the wealthy family in the small town she lives in They marry He has secrets, and a heavy hand when she angers him But running from him isn t a simple endeavor And, she loves him.This story, at times, is like watching a train wreck I want to shake the MC and make her see the light But her situation is really impossible The author does a good job of character building There are people I loathe and people I pity And that ending Wow I ll be reading the third book as soon as it s released.My five stars is based purely on the story There are a few small editing issues not so many that they distract from the story.