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FREE PDF ♁ In the Face of Presumptions: Essays, Speeches & Incidental Writings ♶ Barry Moser, Despite His Tendency To Sound Like A Baptist Preacher And His Abysmal Table Manners, Is A Virtuoso Close To Our Hearts He Is Best Known As An Artist Who Works With Books, And Specifically With The Texts He Loves He Has Illustrated Legions Of Children S Books, Adult Books And Poetry Collections And As Works Of Art They Have Been Embraced By Children, Adults And Librarians For Over Three Decades But He Started Life As A Modest Lad, Learning Letterpress And How Type Should Look On The Page, Engraving The End Grain Of Boxwood When It Could Still Be Obtained And Perfecting The Art Of Watercolor To The Point Where He Could Illuminate Anything From The Words Of Br Er Rabbit To The Poetry Of Donald Hall And Richard Wilbur His Most Recent Project, Illustrating The Entire Bible, Has Occupied Him For Years And This Magnum Opus Has Just Been Published, To National AttentionBut It Is His Writing That Occupies Pride Of Place In This Book, And As A Writer Moser Is As Passionate And As Engaged And Engaging As He Is As An Artist Here Is A Rich Selection Of His Prose, His Essays, His Speeches, And Even His Letters And Notes All Concerning His Work As A Working Artist Reading It, One Comes Away With A Firm Impression Of A Mind At Work, A Generous And Genial Mind, But One That Is Never Afraid To Separate The Sheep From The Goats, The Wheat From The Chaff If You Want To Know How An Artist Thinks, How Someone Who Has Not Only Read Books But Thought Deeply About How Their Texts Operates, How Someone Who Is As Committed To The Book As Object As Anyone Working In The Field Goes About Integrating Text And Image, Then This Book Is A Book You Should Read And Reread It Possesses Depth, Intelligence, And Passion The Words Are From The Heart, But The Conclusions Come From Experience William Blake, The Proto Genius, Observed That Execution Is The Chariot Of Genius In Moser S Work, As In His Words, We See That Chariot Flying At Warp Speed My sister bought my grandfather a wood engraving by Barry Moser, which he liked very much Being the sort of man who delves a little further into something that he likes, my grandpa made inquiries into whether this Moser fellow had written any books Well, you could say that yes, Barry Moser does write books After reading it himself, he passed it on to me I had just started taking art classes at my university , thinking I would enjoy it The short review is this If you make things, read this book Not just art things, but if you write, sing, build furniture, are a mechanic, stuff mattresses, whatever It will be one of the most important things that you ever read.Okay, the longer review Anyone who enjoys a hobby of some sort will always struggle with it Young artistic types myself included will be discouraged by failure time and time again We ve all come across those amazing people who seem to have amazing things flow from their fingertips like one of those springs that seem to come from nowhere and never stop Jealous, ever Barry Moser tells us to stop feeling small or sorry or inept or whatever, and just get to work Nothing will ever come from nothing, so don t lament that you re not a natural born artist No one is, he says More than anything else that I read or experienced in my university and artistic career galvanized me into working harder than this book Made me understand what failure really is, and how to recognize or maybe not a real success This book lifts despairing object makers out of their sorrow, and brings those god like figures back down to earth It will make you realize that we are all on a relatively flat playing field, and the only thing that will really make a difference in the end is ourselves, and what we do with that.Read this book, even if you don t like his style If lofty, flowery sentences half a page long are your thing, you ll be disappointed Moser is to the point about his opinions, and makes no excuses for himself These are his views he s not drawing from some other source or going to make excuses for himself The book jumps from personal accounts to speeches to opinion pieces. Persistence is Barry Moser s key to pulling and pushing through failure toward success Read and weep in the face of presumptions