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Ni Huaching has a unique but insightful take of Daoism that has been handed down in his family for many generations While somewhat mystical it is also a comprehensive guide from this family tradition Reader should have a fairly good understanding of Daoist philosophy before undertaking this reading. [[ E-pub ]] ↠ I Ching: The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth ☔ The Philosophy Found In The I Ching Was Created By The Ancients From Their Careful Observaton Of Nature We Moderns Can Use The Sixty Four Hexagrams Found In The I Ching As A Predictive Tool To Enhance Our Lives And Reconcile Our Spiritual And Physical Selves When One Consults The I CHing , The Hexagram Gives The General Background Of The Situation, While The Lines Indicate The Correct Way In Which To Handle The Specific Circumstance This Masterful Translation By Hua Ching Ni Is Popular Throughout The World Good for the astrology info in the beginning, but a bit convoluted at times Not great for general Yi Jing use, but a good resource to have on hand I ve never learned anything from one of the readings that I haven t understood better from another source The Wilhelm clears all confusion Maybe this would be different for others though. This by far, the best Translation of the I ching I ve seen Well explained, discribed, and will change your life Many years ago I spent some time checking out the many versions of the I Ching This version I found to be the most interesting and fun to use. Fantastic world of far eastIt s Yin Yang rules is enough for me to crazy with it