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Oliver Wendell Holmes set out to get Ainsley Bishop to fall in love with him I won t tell you if he succeeded, but I will tell you he stole my heart When it comes to reading I m like Goldilocks, the story has to be just right It can t be too angsty or too fluffy, not to to mention a pretty long list of other pet peeves that I won t even get into The midway point is generally where I lose interest Many authors use filler to get to the end I ve almost come to expect it So last night when I looked down at my ereader and saw I was so enthralled in the plot I didn t even realize I only had 20 pages left, I felt that thrill only a true book addict could ever understand.Oliver makes lists as I m sure you know from the summary, but he s much than that Through his POV we live out his hopes and fears As he learns lessons older folks such as I already learned, the hard way, you can t help but to want to cheer him on at his victories and hug him when things don t go quite as planned I m a big fan of authors creating secondary characters that add to the story Oliver s parents, his absolutely hysterical little brother Sherlock and Hank a wise old friend were much than the typical roles they were cast in I remember them and their names very clearly a day later With the amount of books I read and my horrible memory, for me that is a sign of an author gifted at crafting her characters Memorable characters and good banter are two items at the top of my list How to Get a Reader to Fall in Love with Your Book.Yes, I m a list maker myself My cell phone is full of them I don t want to spoil one of my favorite scenes in the book, but I will say Oliver s mom not only helped her son remember who he was, she actually reminded me as well I think most readers will take something away from that scene Ainsley Bishop has some tough decisions to make Watching her make them through Oliver s eyes is compelling their banter from the very first moment was fun and infectious Everything a first crush should be I m quite finicky about leading ladies When I fall in love with a book boyfriend the heroine must be worthy of him or my claws come out, catty Woman that I am.Yet, even when Ainsley made wrong choices I wanted to help her instead of hurting her She s someone I would actually want as a friend How I love when that happens.I ve refrained from writing down a list of why you should read this book, it would be far too long As a Golidlocks reader I can honestly say this author s recipe is just right.Hurry up and DIG IN Thank you TWCS for giving me the opportunity to advance read this book HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ Perfect for teenagers and the young at heart An advanced copy was provided via NetGalley in lieu of an honest review I fell in love yes, I did I fell in love with Oliver I am enchanted and thoroughly enad Oliver is a bright A student high school student He is very well versed in computers and gaming, has a best friend, Viney, volunteers at a retirement home, and oh, he loves to make lists For anyone who gets the satisfaction of seeing a check mark against a task in his her list, then you will understand Oliver s penchant for making them I make lists, and I love seeing those check marks Oliver has a list of everything how to get to MIT, how to get good grades, and yes, how to get Ainsley Bishop to fall in love with him One big drawback to his plan, good looking star football player with muscles in all the right places, Ian, Ainsley s boyfriend Clint s presence does not dissuade Oliver from his plan, and how he executes it will have you in parts giggling, clutching your chest with cuteness, shedding tears, and overall rooting for his success T.M Franklin has written as very successful story that will keep you enthralled The storyline and pacing makes a whole lot of sense, and each scene is crucial to the development of the plot There are no fluff chapters Each scene is integral to the development of the story The pacing is crisp, and the editing is very well done The book is written from Oliver s point of view, which is perfect in my opinion, as you get to savor and experience Oliver s self deprecating humor, his frustrations, his disbelief and his aha moments The book s organization follows Oliver s list from joining the drama club to finding a birthday give no scratch that finding the PERFECT birthday gift And Oliver attacks this list much like how Patton strategized to help win World War II And interspersed with the action tasks are gems of a young boy s understanding of what it would take to get the girl of his dreams to notice him And if you ll notice, it s not rocket science, but it does lead to self discovery for Oliver and the people he loves.T.M Franklin successfully created a protagonist who I found endearing and unforgettable, but she didn t stop there Her secondary characters, and Oliver s interaction with them make the story come alive The pages pulse with the energy, angst, and frustration that permeates teenage life I guffawed out loud when the name of his annoying brother was revealed, and it made absolute sense why his brother was doggedly observing Oliver Oliver s friend Viney is the perfect foil for Oliver as Viney brings reality and understanding to Oliver s plans And Oliver s parents are wonderful and as much as they impart what they know and learn to Oliver, they get so much in return Let s not forget Ainsley Bishop the object of Oliver s attentions as she is described in the book, I do now wonder why Oliver had such a big crush on her And Hank how can I not mention Hank Oliver s very special relationship with Hank will touch your heart as it definitely touched Oliver s How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with You is one book you MUST MUST MUST read It is a book that I know I will read over and over and over again and truly, I think this one will make a wonderful movie. OH MY GOSH Where do I begin with this book First of all, a lovely, well deserved 5 STARS to T.M Franklin for presenting one of the most darling books I ll read this year It was definitely a remarkable story that draws you into such an intimate parallel with the characters yes, I said characterS plural, which I ll touch on that in a bit that it leaves you not wanting to put it down.Oliver Wendell Holmes speaks for every awkward high schooler, who isn t deemed good enough to hang with the cool kids He has shaggy hair, braces and is as gawky and introverted as they come On the contrary, these things add to his character, so than they hinder it, really He s also highly freaking intelligent and a total sweetheart Most of all, he s honest and genuine A real character who knows who he is and what he s about Once he has his mind on something, he devises a plan and once he gets behind it, there s really no stopping him His obsession with lists give stellar insight to his organized and structured personality He s dedicated with a drive that totally steals your heart I grew to love him immensely, almost immediately Within the first chapter, I was already totally smitten.Ainsley Bishop was a fun character as well And she seemed to click with Oliver eve so that I thought she did with Ian I love how it took a while for them to see their place with one another, yet they complimented each other so well throughout the entire story Ainsley was also beautiful, super sweet and smart, deserving of the very best And in the end, she got exactly that.Let s talk about Viney, because he was such an added delight The best, and probably only real friend of Oliver is a real trooper He s funny, cunning and as loyal as they come Really, the best friend anyone would want to have Someone who sticks with you and encourages you to the very deep Also someone who has your back, no matter what It was truly enjoyable to have him around, and the chemistry between him and Oliver was as easy as breathing.Sherlock omg, he had me rolling on the floor laughing from the get go Yes, Sherlock Holmes, coincidence, I think not did not disappoint the namesake He s a detective in all things in life He s crafty, witty and incredibly hilarious Often to be found with his evidence notepad and magnifying glass being his brother s creeper While his scenes were highly funny, they also had me sighing most times He s everyone s nightmare of a younger sibling, who you just can t help but adore I pretty much fell in love with him and Oliver s relationship, because even though Oliver would be annoyed at him in most instances, pleading for privacy and space, and a little respect there would be these totally heart warming scenes between them where sibling intimacy totally outweighed the sibling rivalry.Which brings me to another thing I loved so much about this book Most books touch on one single relationship, whereas in this one, the significance is placed on various types We have, obviously the main focus of the story being Ainsley and Oliver, but as well, you can t help but be enraptured by Oliver and Viney s friendship, Oliver and Sherlock s relationship, as well as their family as a whole Its so nice to see emphasis placed on the relevance and stability in having different types of relationships in your life, as well as the creating and maintaining that balance It makes for such strong, secure, well rounded characters and provides fluidity and reality for the story I m so glad that so many of these bases were touched with this story.Then there s the story itself of how this average kid has concocted a list plan to get the girl of his dreams to fall in love with him Not only has it never been done before, so it already gains points for it s originality, but it s written in such a stellar way, incorporating genuine and creative elements to provide an enjoyably, brilliant read The characters are so pragmatic and transitional that you can t help but feel like a high schooler again while reading Oliver is super smart, strong and confident really the boy who every girl wish she had met in their high school era It s incredibly easy to relate to him, even in his instances of awkward ambiguity, and none of it feels superficial He sometimes comes across as strange and insecure, and his inner monologues cracked me up But they all came together to produce one of the truest characters I ve ever read It was truly endearing meeting and knowing him And while he was busy trying to fall in love with Ainsley, I was already head over heels in love with him.Really, a great story and very quick read Can definitely be devoured in a day, because you really won t want to put it down It sucks you in and definitely careens you to take a step back from adulthood and revisit your younger years, giving you a witty, sweetheart story of love, friendship and family Don t you dare pass up the opportunity to read this book It will touch you in ways no other story can. I m a big fan of T.M Franklin, so when I heard that she was writing a new YA book back in January, I was very excited But then I read the summaryand went from excited to DESPERATE It reminded me of all the awesome 80s 90s teen films I love, like Can t Buy Me Love and Can t Hardly Wait And with a main character named Oliver Wendell Holmes, I was pretty sure T.M had created something entertaining When I finally got ahold of my copy, I was not disappointed I devoured this book in about 8 hours once I started, I couldn t put it down But as I got closer to the end, I was dying to savor every moment for as long as possible How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love With You is a brilliant example of why Young Adult literature rightly has such a broad appeal This story is well written with relatable characters who experience life s challenges in ways that are realistic quite compelling I adore this book and give it all 5 stars Oliver Wendell Holmes YES, LOL named after the poetor maybe the Supreme Court Justice is a man with a plan Well, to be honest, Oliver has several plans like maintaining his 4.0 GPA and getting into MIT But as he begins his junior year in high school, there s one thing in particular Oliver wants to achieve he wants to get Ainsley Bishop to fall in love with him Oliver has liked Ainsley since they first met in 5th grade, and now that high school is rounding up, there s no better time to make things happen With help from his best friend Viney and advice from his parents and Hank a friend from the Senior Center where he volunteers , Oliver puts together detailed list of steps for convincing Ainsley that he s the one for her And it all starts with joining the Drama Club, which is in the process of putting on one of Ainsley s original plays As Oliver carries out his list, he gets to know Ainsley and is even sure of his affection for her However, there are several obstacles Oliver has to overcome and hard lessons to learn getting Ainsley to love him may be difficult than he initially thinks I LOVE Oliver He s incredibly sweet, considerate, and generous Oliver knows exactly who he is and is unapologetic about it He s a self proclaimed nerd who loves video games and computers He loves his family even though his mom sometimes makes him watch RomComs against his will cough Pretty Woman cough and his little brother Sherlock YES carries around a notebook, solves mysteries, and says things like Elementary I thoroughly enjoy that we get to hear this story from Oliver s perspective, and T.M does a great job of articulating his voice It reads and sounds like a teenage boy who s crushing on a girl in school There are several awwwwwwwww moments where I just want to give Oliver a big hug like every time he talks to Ainsley and gets so nervous that he can t really form a coherent sentence and stumbles into things or when he asks his Mom and Dad how they fell in love so he can get some tipsThis story also has fantastic secondary characters It s great to see Oliver s parents rekindle their love And one of my favorite LOL moments is when Sherlock incorrectly deduces that Oliver is gay.Viney and Hank are great wing men And I really like Ainsley She and Oliver are quite similar in terms of their selflessness and generosity I d actually LOVE to get into Ainsley s head perhaps some sort of outtake or futuretake from her POVjust saying Mostly, I love how Oliver pursues Ainsley he s so caring and thoughtful about learning who she is and what she likes Oliver believes that Ainsley deserves the world, and he s determined to prove it to her In fact, this leads to some of my favorite scenes Oliver tutoring Ainsley in algebra and discovering her love of boybands Oliver helping Ainsley improve her play Oliver s exhaustive pursuit of the perfect birthday present for AinsleyBut the best thing is watching Ainsley start to fall for Oliver too Ainsley giving Oliver a haircut BTW Aunt Dora is HILARIOUS Oliver and Ainsley s paint fightAs I said in the beginning, both Oliver and Ainsley have to overcome obstacles, including issues with self esteembut when they do This book is such a MUSTREAD, especially for those who like YA and romantic comedies I ll be purchasing my paperback ASAP and begging T.M for an autograph So go ahead and get your copy too I promise you ll love it Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book [ Epub ] ⚈ How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love With You ♫ Goal Get An A In Chemistry CheckGoal Get Accepted Into MIT CheckGoal Get Ainsley Bishop To Fall In Love With Me Year Old Oliver Holmes Loves Lists He Has A Step By Step Procedure For Everything His Classmates Think He S Weird, And He S Okay With That Because He S Got His Eye On The Prize Ainsley BishopShe S Smart She S Gorgeous She S The Girl Of His Dreams But She S Unavailable And Way Out Of His LeagueHer Approaching Birthday Gives Oliver A Prime Opportunity To Demonstrate Everything He Has To Offer But What Do You Get A Girl Who Seems To Have Everything If Oliver Wants To Win Her Heart, He S Going To Need A Perfect Plan But First, He Must Solve A Mystery What Does Ainsley Bishop Truly Want And Does He Have What It Takes To Give It To Her I was offered okay, I begged for an advanced copy of How to Make Ainsley Bishop Fall in Love with You From the moment I saw the cover and book trailer, I couldn t wait to read about Oliver and Ainsley.Oliver is super smart and just a little nerdy For teens, that s typically a recipe for attracting bullies, and Oliver faces his fair share But he also accepts the fact that he s not a typical teenage guy, and most of the time, that s just fine with him I loved that about him His friendship with Hank made me laugh and cry Their scenes together were some of my favorites.Ainsley Bishop is the object of Oliver s affections Pretty, popular, and dating a jock, Ainsley is seemingly pretty unattainable Watching Oliver obsess over what to buy Ainsley for her birthday made me love him even He had to really pay attention to her in order to figure out the perfect gift or in his case, gifts Isn t that what all girls want No matter what age Just a nice guy to actually pay attention to us and listen to what we have to say The secondary characters were just as great Oliver s nosy little brother, Sherlock, lived up to his name and made me laugh out loud many times And I loved the parents As they gave their son advice about his first love, it made them realize how much they d drifted apart over the years It was nice to see little glimpses of them falling in love with each other all over again.This is T.M Franklin s first YA book that doesn t include fantasy elements I certainly hope it s not her last Definitely recommended for anyone who wants a sweet and fun afternoon read. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review4 5 starsI LOVED this book Oliver is such an easy character to relate to I m sure we all have weird quirks and insecurities just like him I was so happy with the banter between all the characters that I didn t even notice when I was almost finished with the book It was that good I think my favorite characters would have to be Viney I don t think the book would ve been that amazing without him I have a thing for supportive friends that know you even than you know yourself Is it wrong if I want Viney to have his own story I would like to get into this character s head to know him better I want to know what Viney would be like if he ever fell in love In this book, we meet Oliver, who has a thing for lists He s decided to make a list on How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love with you hence, the title but there s the whole issue of Ian Ainsley s boyfriend I don t like the concept of going after someone else s boyfriend or girlfriend, so I was really scared that I was going to end up hating this book, but I was totally wrong It helped that Ian was a jerk I don t feel bad for jerks P Oliver is so ridiculously awkward and flustered around Ainsley that it was hard not to laugh at his antics I also loved the family dynamics in Oliver s household Sherlock Oliver s brother is hilarious This is the type of book that makes you go Aww at almost every page I definitely recommend it to anybody who is interested in reading YA novels I dare you not to like it It s an amazingly written book with fun characters D What a fantastic first YA debut novel by the always fabulous T.M Franklin This is the story of Oliver, who is a bit nerdy, a bit shy, a bit funny but all kinds of adorable and good Oliver is for sure the kind of boy I hope my daughters bump into in life because he is one of the good ones Actually, scratch that, he is a GREAT one.He is loving, sweet, encouraging, ambitious, funny, mature but at the same time a kid that still needs his family and friend even if his friends are a teenager that goes to school with him and an old man in a nursing home He stole my heart pretty much from the very beginning He has a crush on this girl Ainsley and he has decided that he will make her fall in love with him, and will do this with his methodical approach that has proved time and again reliable to achieve his objectives But what he really discovers is that he is pretty awesome himself and he should never stop reaching out for his dreams A lesson that many of us should remember Overall, a great read, engaging, funny, tender, sad at times yes, I cried a little but I m a cryer with fantastic characters, well rounded and developed Loved it I completely loved this story Adorable, engaging, realistic, heartwarming There was not one thing that happened that I didn t love And that is a rarity for me, I am not a fan of YA I am just to old to get on board with teenage angst, over the top drama, situations beyond youth reality, and the dreaded misunderstanding story line I always find myself thinking, in what reality do theses things happen Certainly not mine How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love With You was a story of teenagers I could relate too The antics, situations, loves, frustrations, and hurt were realistic The friends, family, interactions and behaviors, this was high school that I remembered Just day to day hopes, dreams, failures, and loves The secondary charters were a huge wow for me too I love when they are written with as much love and care as the main characters Nothing drives and supports a story like well written secondary characters.So what s the story and why am I raving like this Oliver is a 17 yr old geeky boy who has been in love with Ainsley forever They ve known each other from grade school and have some interaction, but are not really friends But to Oliver, Aisnley is the epitome of perfection and he has decided he going to get her to fall in love with him.And how does Oliver go about that With his How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love With You list.You see, Oliver is a very methodical type of kid Everything he does he does with a list so he can check off items all the while seeing his goal closer and closer with every check off.I loved Oliver Quirky, super smart, kind, a good friend Everyone knew an Oliver in HS.Then we have Viney, Oliver s best friend and cohort in the lists and life in general Viney is a great secondary character and plays off of Oliver spectacularly Their banter is hysterical as is their friendship It just makes sense.There is Ainsley She s pretty, popular, a nice person, but not written in a way where she is ridiculously unattainable Kudos to T.M Franklin for writing another believable character and not the typified cheerleader type out of everyone grasp.I could go on forever about all the characters They were all superbly written and not a single one of them perfect Very flesh and blood real with quirks, issues, and problems But nothing overtly over the top to drag the story under with Everyone blended so well making the story just so believable.The story line too Though simplistic, there is a ton of humor, a lot silly antics, and a good dose of angst and tears L O V E D I T Such a good story Amazing flow, characters that were completely engaging, a simple story line that carried chapter after chapter with no lull or hiccups T.M Franklin s writing is magical I was completely carried away and felt like I was there in the story watching everything unfold Amazing color and texture with every word Just good honest to goodness story telling I am still bubbling over the excitement the story made me feel How to Get Ainsley Bishop to Fall in Love With You is why I love to read and why it is one of my 2014 favorite reads. Thank you to Netgalley and TWCS for giving me the opportunity to advance read this book I m a HUGE fan of T M Franklin, and when this book became available on netgalley, I snapped it up Then, I got bogged down and completely forgot about it Until yesterday I started it late in the evening and finished it this morning I think, overall, it took me about 6 hours to fly through this story.Firstly any book where a character is called Sherlock Holmes should be read by anyone Especially a Sherlock as precocious as this one Secondly, being given the opportunity to get inside the head of a teenage boy is one any woman has to take, regardless of her age.Oliver he s got his entire life planned and the lists to prove it He knows where he s going to college, he knows what he s going to study, and he knows that he wants Ainsley Bishop Problem She has a boyfriend Does he back away No, with the help of Viney, he s going to make her realise he s the boy for her What follows is a funny yes, I laughed out loud earning me strange looks from the family and sweet story about love and trying to get the girl to notice you.Oliver comes across as a genuinely nice kid, but isn t annoyingly so He s a real character who doesn t particularly like to piss people off except Nathan believe me, the craiglist scene is sheer brilliance Viney, his best friend, tries to get him to be a little vindictive, but it never really works I have to say, the secondary characters in this book are brilliant, and Oliver s relationships with them come through the words as extremely real I particularly loved the realtionships with Viney and Hank They are polar opposites, but they show all sides to Oliver which is great to see.Ainsley herself is a very relateable character She s flawed and has problems that we learn about gradually At the beginning of the book, she s high on a pedestal we ve all done it with the objects of our crushes , but as the story moves along, she becomes a real person as we sympathise with her and cheer for her as she makes particular choices in life.Once again, T M franklin has sucked me in I adore her books, yet I did have one niggly problem As I read this book, I kept expecting a hint of supernatural or paranormal to hit me as all of her other books have this element But no, as she said to me herself and this is a direct quote the only magic in this one is luuuurve Which is not a bad thing, believe me Roll on 12 June, so I can get this in Paperback