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Sweet and well done, I think I wish I could read German There were a few spots where the translation made the sentences awkward but it was easy to overlook.I d probably go 3.5 but I liked it enough to round up. Sweeter than I expected, given the premise Like another reviewer said, this is one I would like to see an epilogue for.2016 re read I stand by the 4 star rating I still love the premise and I love how the sex work aspect is handled Full review here #READ E-PUB Û Hot Line ⚜ Novella Words , Approximate Two Women From Different WorldsLinda, A Successful Psychologist, Uses Her Work To Distance Herself From Her Own LonelinessChristina Works For A Sex Hotline To Make Ends MeetTheir Worlds Collide When Linda Calls Christina S Sex Line Christina Quickly Realizes Linda Is Not Her Usual Customer Instead Of Wanting Phone Sex, Linda Makes An Unexpected Proposition Does Christina Dare Accept The Offer That Will Change Both Their Lives I thought this was an okay read Technically speaking, the prose sometimes felt stilted was this written in German first and then translated and I would have to backtrack to figure out who s perspective I was in because there s a certain amount of head hopping between Christina and Linda.Mainly, I wasn t sold on Linda s character She s depicted as hot, a successful therapist, and a virgin Though she was assertive, she was also child like and I couldn t wrap my head around how she could come so far in life yet have absolutely no one intimate, friendship or relationship wise, in either her past or present, ever I also got the impression she wasn t the best therapist but that s just me PI did like Christina s characterand the story itself is meant to be a heartwarming, optimistic read.It s a fairly light novella that can be read in an afternoon and, if you go into it expecting a fluffy feel good story, you may like this. spoiler alert This has a different premise from most lesfic, in that it involves a phone sex operator and a virgin Both characters are interesting and you get a pretty good feel for them, even though it s a novella It s a pretty straightforward, sweet story, and a nice way to spend half an hr. A really sweet and short feel good story about finding love. From the title and cover you would never suspect that this is a sweet love story I wanted to come up with a different term than what many others called it, but a sweet love story it is It ends abruptly, I wanted to readI guess this way the reader can fill in their own happy ending. Well that was unexpected.Judging this book by its cover and reading the synopsis, I really didn t expect the story I ended up reading Admittedly when reading the first couple of pages I wondered what on earth was going on with Christina aka Chantal I mean agreeing to sleep with someone you have never met at their home without anyone knowing where you are and who you re with sounds like the beginning of a lesbian horrorfic Imagine my surprise when I end up wanting to give Linda a hug Sweet and shy Linda who invites Christina to her home in Berlin to spend time with her Sure sex is the main factor of her extending the invitation but who would have thought they would have such an instant connection not to mention attraction.This was a sweet and short read The only very minor thing that I noticed was that because it was translated from German some things just sounded off like certain phrases Too bad it s not available in German to read as well.If you re looking for something short and sweet I highly recommend this book. 3.5 I picked this up cause I wanted something light and quick but this book was actually a lot different from what I thought I didn t really expect a love story or anything like that but it ended up being a really sweet story The only thing I wished was different was that it would ve been longer But it was exactly what I needed to help me out of my reading slump so I m really happy I read it and I really enjoyed it. Though it is a little shorter than I would have liked and the cover just a tadrisque than I usually go for, Hot Line by Alison Grey is just wonderful It has everything very likable characters, a plot that is skillfully made believable by a talented writer and a truly loving and adorable romance to go with that plot.Right from the moment Christina Chantal to her callers on the sex line and Linda connect on the phone, the chemistry between them is beguiling Both women, it soon turns out, are each vulnerable in their own way and that only adds to the endearing qualities that make Hot Line so great The fact that Christina is carefully guarded but so deeply enchanted by Linda and that Linda, herself evenshy when giving away her heart, is a virgin and touchingly childlike at times make the story very unique I absolutely love that Linda s virginity is not a problem for Christina nor a sign that she is any less a lesbian for being so.Even the cover, the only thing that was a tiny problem for me, suggests a certain part of the vulnerability that runs so sweetly through Hot Line.