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Inspiring life of a real Holy Woman , Eschet Chayil, resonating with faith, deep belief, and Gamzu l Tova thank you again Sara Yoheved Rigler for recognizing, capturing, and sharing the story of Rav and Rebbetzin Chaya Sara Kramer Re reading it is helping me carry on through illness. Pdf ♵ Holy Woman: The Road to Greatness of Rebbetzin Chaya Sara Kramer ♩ Holy Woman Chronicles The Life, Times, Hardships, And Legacy Of Rebbitzen Chaya Sara Kramer, An Extraordinary Woman Whom Many Considered A Jewish Saint A Survivor Of The Medical Experiments Of Nazi Death Camp Doctor Joseph Mengele, She Made A New Life In Israel, Where She Married An Unusually Gifted Mystic In Spite Of Penury And Deprivation, The Couple Was An Inspiration And Guide To Thousands More Of A Life Manual Than A Biography, This Book Explicates The Profound Life Lessons By Which Rebbitzen Kramer Lived Author Sara Yoheved Rigler Draws The Reader Into The Inner Circle Of Her Own Close Relationship With The Rebbitzen Herself A Serious Searcher, Rigler Spent Years In An Indian Ashram Before Coming To Israel To Reconnect With Her Jewish Origins Refreshingly Written And Elegantly Relevant, Holy Woman Is A Book For Spiritually Oriented Persons Who Yearn To Learn Secrets Of Personal Greatness From A Truly Hidden And Humble Jewish Luminary i loved all the personal touches that went into this book How the author chose to be realistic about the humanity of her role models while also using that as a tool to inspire and educate even It never ceases to amaze me how many humble and holy people are hidden away in Israel, and in the world It s easy to miss them if you aren t looking, but once you find them and open up your eyes to who they really are and what they can offer, it makes the biggest difference. this childless and penniless pair a Satmar rabbi and rebbetzin survived this life with their eyes wide open to the suffering around them.after watching their loved ones being slaughtered in the war, they moved on and found it within themselves to reach out to all of the children of Israel, as though each and every yid was a child of their very own they strove to embrace and love all of the people who walked into their life, and they worked up until their very last days hours , helping to improve the lives of their children , no matter what.they should never be forgotten. I should probably try this one again because I loved the author s second book, Lights from Jerusalem, which includes excerpts from this one Rebbetzin Kramer was no doubt a very holy woman, selflessly taking care of some of Israel s most severely handicapped children I also liked the author s signposts of life lessons we can gain from her But about halfway through the book, I just felt Rebbetzin Kramer was too far beyond my reach to be my role model But her lessons in gratitude, repeated in Lights from Jerusalem will stay with me, b ezras Hashem. Yeah, this might be her best seller and I believe Artscroll s best selling biography ever , but I preferred Lights From Jerusalem I felt like this was billed as a female heroine book when really it was just as much about Rabbi Kramer as it was his Rebbetzin Still it was a very good book I rarely read anything Satmar a sect of Chassidic Judaism , especially about Satmars living in Israel so it was nice to learn a bit about that The writing was easy to read. what an awesome book truly inspirational on many levels I m a big Sara Yocheved Rigler fan and am very glad I reread this The Kramer s greatness, but also their humanity, is conveyed in this monumental account Rigler helpfully points out the reader when a hard choice was made and how the reader, who probably is not on the same the level as the one making the choice, can still learn from the event and grow on his or her own level I think the first time I read this, I was confused by some of the choices the Kramers made and confused why I should admire them However on this reread I found I had a open mind I was able to understand somethings they did were right i for them i and just because they aren t choices I should aspire to, it doesn t make them any less admiration worthy.