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I m going to start by saying that Mace is MINE I called dibs first.I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for this book and was sucked in from the first page Holy hell I absolutely loved this book.Mace is the president of the Hell s Storm motorcycle club He took over for his father and has been trying to be a better president than he was The men and women of the club are his family and he will protect them at all costs.Raven is a mechanic at her father s garage and loves her job One night she goes out with her friend, Jazz, and everything changes She meets Mace and he is instantly taken with her Once she finds out exactly who Mace is she isn t sure if he s the right man for her Mace, however, won t be letting her go so easily.When Jake, the president of the rival gang, meets up with Raven and Jazz, all bets are off Mace must protect what s his and that is Raven He shows her a side of him that only a few see She s starting to fall for him, but still doesn t know if it s the wisest decision.What happens when gangs collide, love and lust are involved, and people get hurt You re going to have to read the book to find out I can tell you this is one ride you are not going to want to end Jen and S.L do an amazing job writing this book I was left completely in love with Mace and not so patiently waiting for the next book in the series. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review Without words, his hands grope my ss, supporting my weight as he stands My legs wrap around his waist and my arms around his neck, the hair at the nape of his neck tickling the tips of my fingers He sets me down on the table and wraps his hands behind my knees, pulling me forward until my ss is at the edge 5 super sexy stars Wow, I mean just wow This book was intense and sexy all at the same time What a wonderful read Raven Two people That s how it usually starts right I grew up believing one thing, only for one day to completely mess up everything I ve ever been taught Was I a good girl No, not by any means But, the world I m about to be thrown into is unlike anything I ve ever known Mace Multiple people I live for club life As the President of the Hell s Storm MC I protect my brothers at all costs, and they do the same for me After a rival club killed what was mine, I vowed to live in as many chicks as possible Never tasting the same one twice But, all it takes is that one look to completely bring a man, even me, to my knees Two people Brought up on different sides of the tracks Two different paths in life Both will be tested, taken to the very edge of darkness that threatens to consume them both Will they be able to withstand the heat of hell Or will they fight to death and lose themselves Mace is the president of his MC club, he s taken over for his father and he s vowed to make it a better club He s stop at nothing to protect his club and everyone in it Raven is a mechanic at her father s auto shop She meets Mace after a night out with her friend Once he sees her, he is instantly hooked, but when Raven finds out who he is, she s unsure if she wants to pursue him But when another man from a rival MC club shows his interest in Raven, Mace steps in This book was hot I loved it and I was hooked Received a copy in exchange for an honest review Read and reviewed by Melissa for Alpha Book Club I was pleasantly surprised by this book I know that sounds bad but it s really not When I start reading a new author of MC books my expectations are not for a 5 star read My expectations are that I m hopefully going to like it Don t get me wrong, I love MC books but finding another MC author that I actually want to read seems to be far and few between So when reading this book I was doing a happy dance.This book was almost a 4.5 for me Raven is a strong minded woman who doesn t put up with much and Mace is the president of the MC Jazz, Raven s friend talks her into going to THE club and it happens to be Mace s When Mace sees her and the two collide you can feel the chemistry between the two and feel the anticipation But when Mace finds out who she is, he tries to push her away but that obviously doesn t work Mace is a good man that s had a shitty life Yes, his mc does some illegal stuff but they also do a lot of good Then you have the rival mc looking for a way to get back at Mace and his club They ll do anything to get even, how far will they go How much devastation is going to be brought on to the club There were times I felt like telling Mace don t let her get away with that, be alpha I liked the writing style and the story pulled me in The ending about killed me UGH I am ready for the next book I can t wait for Jazz s and Creep s story. Obsessed by books copy given in exchange for an honest review Just because we choose to live miles outside the box, doesn t make us any less deserving of finding that person we live so fiercely we would lay our lives down for them Opening with a brutal retaliation murder, moving quickly onto a sassy female lead and a sex club this book had me hooked from the first four percent After the death of his Ol Lady at the hands of a rival club Mace is a changed man, his dad the former Prez of the Hell s Storm MC left and Mace stepped up to run the club Trying to make the club cleaner he has invested heavily in a sex club and stepped back from running any serious illegal substances whilst keeping the club financially stable It s a slick operation and Mace runs the club with an iron fist with eyes and ears everywhere nothing gets past him When a sexy but naive pair of vanilla ladies try sneaking into the backroom of his club Mace quickly shuts it downRaven every man s wet dreamstunningly attractive with a body to die for she s a grease monkey at heart loving cars, bikes and powerful engines Working alongside her dad in the family run business she and her best friend Jazz decide its time to let off some steam Heading to the notorious sex club they hope to live a little and let their hair down Their antics attract the club owners attention and the insta lust between Raven and Mace is off the charts but he quickly shuts it down Unknown to Raven they have a shared history and secrets that Mace doesn t want to complicate Club business takes priority and their paths cross again Forcing Mace to step up and make a decision to fight for what he wants Raven.This is their story of passion and trying to fit together two pieces of a wholeit sometimes isn t easy and they have to learn to trust one another Raven lost her mother to drug addiction and finds the MC s less than legal businesses worrying Trying to reconcile her love for Mace the man with her fear of losing him through his club activities she struggles to relax and find a place in his world Having lost one ol lady to the lifestyle Mace is uber protective of Raven Fighting her desire to run from from her and fixing their issues so she can be happy Mace also has bigger club issues to deal as the eye for an eye killings escalate.Can Mace prove to Raven that he is than his leather cut Can Raven learn to trust him after the revelations and secrets of her life Can Hell s Storm end the raging fued with the rival MC and stop the bloodshed without any further losses This first in the series is epic Well written, suspenseful and gripping I loved it Mace is am alpha male that has learned from his past pain and is using those life lessons to ensure he can find happiness again with Raven Raven takes no macho crap and is sassy head strong and braver than she gives herself credit for Their plot twists and best friends, Creep and Jazz, all add layers to this great MC read I can t wait for the next one as that ending you really know how to twist the thumb screws Fantastic This was my first read of either author so I m really pleased to have found two amazingly talented writers to add to my TBR A four and a half star readI wanted the Kate scene in full technicolor detail Some books are good but this book is absolutely freaking amazing I am still at a bit of a loss for words, as the journey my emotions have been on with this book are quite frankly epic Just when you think the story is going to go one way these two wonderful authors make it turn in quite a different way This is brilliant never once could I guess what was happening or going to happen This book has a wonderful love story, but it isn t really your hearts and flowers kind of love but gutsy, gritty but above all real and suitable for the characters Mace is certainly a strong alpha male who takes his role as president of his MC club very seriously This means protecting what and who is his Raven is a strong alpha female who likes her independence but she also likes Mace Can their two very different worlds blend together What helps to add to the quality of this story is the involvement of all the friends in particularly Jazz and Creeper They add the humour and also lead us to the next book which I am now absolutely dying for I happily award this book 5 stars Rosie. arc received for honest review A story of 2 worlds colliding.A passion for cars.A passion for bikes.A passion for family.A passion for protection.A passion for each other.Raven is young works at her dads mechanical shop she loves cars, she loves bikes as she says she would have a hard on if she was a guy She hasn t had the best child hood having her mother taken from her at an early age only having her dad, Luke and Jazz to lean on to support her, she works hard and loves her job but would rather stick her head under a bonnet than go out drinking with her friend, until 1 nightShe meets him.His hot.His dangerous.His the president of the MC.He sees her, its his Angle.His never wanted anyone since his old lady was taken away from him 5 years ago Gunner AKA Mace also hasn t had the best child hood his mum left him when he was 5 years old to be raised by his dad who at the time was president of the MC and the club His dad also worked out and left him to protect the club and take over He wants her Shes his She doesn t want to be Is the attraction to much Can he protect her They fall hard for each other but is it enough to keep them together or is his life to dangerous and only get her killed.There are so many twists and turn we felt sometime we were forgetting to breath and holding out breath at the anticipation of what was coming on the next page Hell s Flower gripped us from the very first page we were so drawn in that we simply could bot put the book down We absolutely loved every minute of the book We loved the way Mace loved Raven so fiercely and protected her with his life and would never let anything happen to her We loved the way Raven bought out a different side to Mace the beautiful gentle soul he has.Thank you ladies for an amazing read we cant wait to read the next installment and see where everyone goes .FREE PDF ♡ Hells Flower, (Hells Storm MC #1) ♊ Raven Two People That S How It Usually Starts Right I Grew Up Believing One Thing, Only For One Day To Completely Mess Up Everything I Ve Ever Been Taught Was I A Good Girl No, Not By Any Means But, The World I M About To Be Thrown Into Is Unlike Anything I Ve Ever Known Mace Multiple People I Live For Club Life As The President Of The Hell S Storm MC I Protect My Brothers At All Costs, And They Do The Same For Me After A Rival Club Killed What Was Mine, I Vowed To Live In As Many Chicks As Possible Never Tasting The Same One Twice But, All It Takes Is That One Look To Completely Bring A Man, Even Me, To My Knees Two People Brought Up On Different Sides Of The Tracks Two Different Paths In Life Both Will Be Tested, Taken To The Very Edge Of Darkness That Threatens To Consume Them Both Will They Be Able To Withstand The Heat Of Hell Or Will They Fight To Death And Lose Themselves I was given a free ARC of this book by the author to review.I love this book As soon as I finished it I am dying for the next book I need to know what else happens.The book is well written, smooth flowing and very easy to read I fell in love with the characters right away Mace took a while to grow on me, but he eventually got there Raven is a mechanic at her dad s garage She loves nothing than bikes and beautiful cars She works with her best friend Jazz Even though Raven is in her early twenties, she lives a fairly boring life with a non existant love life Mace is the president of a motorcycle club He took over after his father stepped down He is always dealing with one thing or another After what happened with Trina, he doesn t think he ll ever find love again.If you like MC books, you definitely need to read this Please hurry and get here book 2.Review for I Dream of Books I m going to throw this out there first, this book was a DNF for me I really tried several times to finish I just couldn t connect.When I seen MC book and the blurb, I was excited to read this But after that, the book fell flat for me Give 100 people the same book and you ll have a 100 different responses These are only my opinion of the book.We re suppose to believe the main MC character Gunner Mase is this hard core, president of his biker club.He literally falls in love at first sight were not told to where I read to if it s because she looks like it s his dead ex, or Raven herself and uses the pet name Angle then any rough, and tough biker should in a lifetime All we are kept being told is he s this bad a biker, but it s never shown All his inner monologue states time and time again is how his Angel this and Angel that The chance to show how mean and tough he should be, he trashes a business then sends his men to clean it up Then we have Raven the love interest She s supposed to be the macho chick, with bigger genitals then most men Or so she thinks to take on a biker gang on her own Of course every thing Mase tells her to do, she has to do the opposite or argue it out If just got annoying the arguing over anything for the sake of it Let s not forget every chin jerk, hip thrust, and finger pointing to the chest that has to go along with it.The only time none of the above happened is if she was drooling over her car, his bike or him Every one of Raven s chapters seemed to keep reminding us how hot he is, or hot drool worthy her baby car is.The characters had very little growth and seemed immature They are in their 20 s, but the mentality isn t consistently carried through to the characters.There was also quite a few editing issues I had to stop quite a few times and re read to figure out what was being said Of course this was an ARC, so the editing updates may have been fixed.All the above things may have changed in the last half the book, but I quit at 60% As to that point, there were a lot of cliches, and just average characters.These all are just my opinions Every one is different If you choose to read this book, I hope you enjoy it. I was really looking forward to reading this book after reading a previous book by SL Schaefer I was expecting a dark read but the author warned me it was not the case so I went in blind with an open mind not realising it was a MC read And I have to say sadly it left me a little flat.Raven is a girl doing her dream job as a mechanic tinkering with cars all day at her father s garage and is delivered as a spunky tough character On a night out she encounters Mace and her life is suddenly doing an about turn as everything she thought she had planned is thrown up in the air.Mace is the president of Hell s Storm MC and is trying to set the club on a better path than is father before him had We see in the epilogue how the club has impacted his life and left him detached and determined to avoid relationships Until he meets Raven and his instinct to protect both the club and her collide So far it all sounds good but for me the characters just lost their spunk and turned into sappy lovebirds in a plot that was riddled with holes that I struggled to look past The story was too clich and didn t stand out amongst all the other MC books out there and I honestly have read only a select few There was a lot of characteristics of both the lead characters that by the end of the book were grating on the nerves a little In addition there was a lot of typo s in the copy I received for review.I m gutted to be so disappointed in this book and really sorry to not be able to be positive about the story but it just wasn t to standard for me.