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( Download E-pub ) Ý Hart's War õ Second Lieutenant Tommy Hart, A Navigator Whose BWas Shot Out Of The Sky In , Is Burdened With Guilt As The Only Surviving Member Of His Crew Now He Is Just Another POW At The Fiercely Guarded Stalag LuftIn BavariaThen Routine Comes To A Halt With The Arrival Of A New Prisoner First Lieutenant Lincoln Scott, An African American Tuskegee Airman Who Instantly Becomes The Target Of Contempt From His Fellow Soldiers When A Prisoner Is Brutally Murdered, And All The Blood Soaked Evidence Points To Scott, Hart Is Tapped To Defend The Soldier In A Trial Rife With Racial Tension And Raw Conflict, Where The Lines Between Ally And Enemy Blur, There Are Those With Their Own Secret Motives, And A Burning Passion For A Rush To Judgment, No Matter What The Cost From The Paperback Edition Excellent book Couldn t put it down once it got going It s basically a crime drama set in a POW camp during WWII Pros 1 Good main character He cares about other people He doesn t say he ll do this and that He just does what needs to be done.2 Good supporting cast I didn t like that the author mentioned that this character or that character is complex It is true that the characters were multi dimensional.3 There are so many antagonists, you have no idea who to trust.4 Great build up of tension towards the end.5 The plot developed beautifully, the ends came together.6 I m not a black man, so I don t know how authentically his viewpoint was portrayed, but it FELT real I thought the author handled the difficult subject matter well and that he gave all viewpoints equal attention.7 Great ending Though the epilogue was a bit long When I was done I went back and reread the prologue It all came together.Cons 1 A bit slot at times especially during the first half But the tension builds slowly It could have been shortened by at least a 5th.A must if you like war stories and crime dramas. My files at work are corrupted it ll take the crack IT team days hours to straighten it out So I re wrote this review Again.There s no party here unless you feel a tea party with your 95 year old aunt, who continually reminisces about having sex with Warren G Harding whilst atop a llama counts as a good time If so, I have just the book for you.Things you can do with this book.Use it prop up a shortened leg on a piece of furniture It s about an inch thick 25.4 millimeters if you live in Nazi Canada.Use it as an argument that both a movie and book can suck Using Twilight as your prime example gets old Plus, the movie has a phoned in Bruce Willis performance If you have enough copies, you can build a dwelling out of them Hey, the pioneers used sod.Use it as kindling When I was a Boy Scout my fire igniting abilities were terrible This, a pack of matches and viola.Tear out the pages and make origami boars.Shred it and use it in your cat s litter box.Shred it and line your bird cage.Read it or better yet, gift it out to that relative or friend you don t like.The best way to describe this book is if John Grisham was drunk and he wrote The Great Escape or Stalag 17 It places a courtroom drama within the confines of a German prisoner of war camp The book is excruciatingly predictable Every time the author introduces a hackneyed plot point, you know it s going to have significance later in the book Conflict between Black airman and Southern racist Check Main character has claustrophobia Check.Cagey German soldier is hiding some key bit of information Check.Reading different authors back to back juxtaposes the best and worst between the two My previous book was by El Leonard, who has a crisp, matter of fact style Leonard has said that when he goes over what he writes and if it sounds like writing, he rewrites it This author should have heeded this advice As I came across overwrought bits of dialogue or hackneyed descriptions of emoting characters, I thought it would make an interesting drinking game Example when characters got angry they clenched their fists, ground their teeth, flushed red or shook their fists, etc They did this often and the descriptions rarely wavered If the reader took a shot of something alcoholic every time he came across passages like this it might improve the reading experience, but I doubt it.This is a bad book that with some polish could have been merely awful. Das Buch hat mich richtig gefesselt Keine Ahnung, ob die historischen Fakten alle korrekt waren, aber sie waren authentisch John Katzenbach schreibt einfach immer sehr intelligent und es wirkt, als wenn alles gut recherchiert ist Ich hatte die Geschichte zu keinem Zeitpunkt durchschaut Well, Hart s War is another of those books which I ve let languish on my book shelf for over ten years I initially purchased it to read before watching the movie of the same name and when I watched the movie prior to reading, I lost interest in the book This was an unfortunate decision as I was to discover John Katzenbach s writing is exceptional and his ability to create the atmosphere of the WWII POW camp, develop characters, create a first class mystery and leave the reader with moral dilemmas to solve, shows me that he is a writer who I should continue to read and should not have passed by until this point.The setting is Stalag Luft Thirteen, which like the camp from Hogan s Heroes has allowed no escapees It is an oppressive place and Tommy Hart, Much like the other prisoners feels the lack of freedom acutely Before the war and being shot down, Hart was working on getting a degree in law from Harvard When a man is murdered in the camp Hart is given the task of defending the African American Tuskegee airman who has been charged.In developing the setting, Katzenbach had the help of his father Nicholas Katzenbach, former Attorney General under the Lyndon B Johnson administration and a POW in a German prison camp during World War II This is reassuring to the reader who desire authenticity.While the book is one which has a cast of characters, Katzenbach is able to flesh out a character in a few short sentences as is the case of Vincent Bedford or Trader Vic Bedford had a thick, southern drawl, with an excitable quality to it He was an excellent poker player, athan passable shortstop who d done some time in the minor leagues Before the war, he d been a car salesman, which seemed appropriate But what he truly excelled at was the commerce of Stalag Luft Thirteen, turning cigarettes and chocolates and tins of real coffee that arrived either in Red Cross parcels or packages from the States into clothing and other goods I love a good mystery and Hart s War is certainly that While the reader has many pieces of the puzzle the whole of it does not come together until the end of this suspenseful story I thoroughly appreciated how it came together.As with many of my favorite books, this one left me much to think over and especially the moral dilemmas which are likely to occur during a time of war I highly recommend this book and look forward to readingfrom John Katzenbach.