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@Read Epub  Handyman Ô High Powered Stock Trader Simple Handyman Can They Find Common Ground Will Spencer Is A Player With A Reputation For Using And Discarding Lovers As Easily As He Earns Big Money On Wall Street Handsome, Sexy And Openly Gay, He S Used To Having Whatever And Whoever He Wants At The Snap Of His Fingers And What He Wants Now Is His New Handyman, Jack Crawford But Jack Is Skittish One Lingering Touch, One Stolen Kiss Could Send The Older Man Into Full Retreat Where Will Might Have Quickly Moved On To A Ready And Willing Partner, He Unexpectedly Finds Himself Wanting To Go Slow With Just A Little Coaxing, He S Sure He Can Show Jack How Good It Could Be Between Them Jack, A Recent Widower, Never Thought Of Himself As Gay Frightened Years Ago By An Erotic Encounter With His Best Friend, He Focused Firmly On His Marriage Now That His Bed Is Empty, However, Those Deep Sexual Longings Are Rising Dangerously Close To The Surface Their Connection Is Deep, Instant, And One That Jack Tries To Ignore Yet Friendship Grows Into An Erotic Journey That Must Cross A Divide Of Different Generations, Backgrounds And Worlds The Prize Is The One Thing Neither Is Sure He Can Handle True Love A strong story, a lovely one too I especially enjoyed Jack s character and his tale of finding himself, love and a new life after having had so much taken away from him and so much else buried for over two decades I love stories where people find their truth and are courageous enough to grasp it And as regards courage, it s the trait I most appreciated in Will He went after what and who he wanted Despite their miscommunications at times and fears and insecurities on both sides these men struggled past them to claim the love that had appeared in their lives as the gift they both recognised it to be I liked I liked a lot 4.5 Stars Based on the title and the cover, you would think this book was pure smut Instead it was a very sweet, slow build GFY OFY romance My favorite Will has taken a step back from his hectic life on Wall Street He s on sabbatical and does some day trading from home He s looking to have some renovations done at his house Enter Jack, the handyman Jack is 14 years older than Will He was married for 20 years before he lost his wife suddenly He has two grown sons Two years have passed since his wife s death and Jack sort of just goes through the motions He s content with his life but not necessarily happy.Will has never really been a relationship guy and Jack definitely isn t his type It s always been about the physical for Will And with Jack, for the first time in Will s life, he feels an emotional connection to someone For Jack, this isn t the first time he has felt a connection with another man His first experience with another man was with his best friend during high school A time when he was too young to recognize what he was feeling Will and Jack slowly pursue their attraction to each other The tension between Jack and Will was really hot Jack s inexperience made him seem younger than Will Will showing Jack how great things could feel physically, when they had such a strong connection emotionally I loved it There was very little drama and angst Just Jack and Will navigating through the newness of their relationship I found it to be sensual than smutty It did end a bit abruptly, but I think I saw where there was a free short on the author s website Maybe that will provide a bit closure Overall, a solid read that I would definitely recommend 4.5 stars Claire Thompson s book are either a hit or miss with me Not to say she isn t a great writer, because she is She has a tendency to write very erotic novels, while of course I love BUT, in some of her books, I don t feel that the characters have an emotional connection between them The heroes are always very sexy and the writing is sexually explicit, but I always prefer my heroes to have an emotional bond, also In Handyman, I think she did an awesome job with the heroes having both physical and emotional connection At thirty, Will was working too hard and playing too fast As a trader for a prestigious bank on Wall Street he was burning the candle at both ends When he wasn t drinking gallons of coffee to keep his energy going, he was taking sleeping pills at night to get his overactive brain to settle down When Will s boss dies of a heart attack in front of him, Will decides that he needs to change his life Three months after his boss died, Will finds himself on an extended leave of absence from his work, and owning a hundred year old house in the suburbs The house is in desperate need of renovations though so, Will decides to hire a handyman who had been referred to him from a friend.When Will lays eyes on Jack Crawford, the new Handyman, his first thought is straight Jack is nothing Will is used to be attracted too He is older, shorter than Will, not particularly handsome but well muscled In spite of being the total opposite of what Will has dated before, there is something about Jack that calls out to Will s heart This is something that has never happened before Especially with a man like Jack.Jack Crawford is a hardworking, successful blue collared worker He owns his own business and is a jack of all trades, so to speak Jack has been fighting loneliness for the past two years His wife of twenty six years, died suddenly, and with his two boys being out of high school, he has been alone for a while now Jack honestly doesn t know what to think of Will For one thing, Will treats him like a friend instead of hired help, and Jack has the suspicion that Will might be gay, and possibly attracted to him This confuses Jack because once upon a time he was bi curious with is best friend in high school, but since then has had no sexual attraction towards men.As the two men get to know one another, they both are experiencing something new in their lives Jack is attracted to Will and is starting to have strong feelings for him, and Will wants from Jack than a physical relationship Will is starting to fall in love with Jack, and that has never happened to him before.I enjoyed the development of Will and Jack s relationship There is a lot of dialog between Jack and Will I liked that It made me feel like they actually wanted to get to know one another instead of just jumping in the sack together That was refreshing to me Also, I thought that the sex scenes in this book was very well written Jack s inexperience and fear with becoming sexually involved with men was apparent, but Will s patience and love succeeded in breaking down that fear and insecurity, and Jack soon becomes a very active and excited participant in the bedroom I really loved how they both learned from each other I thought at times this book had some very romantic and sweet moments in it, and I really hated for it to end My only complaint is I thought the problem Jack had with his son s came to a result too easily Too me, it was wrapped up a little to quickly, but honestly I was glad it was dealt with period, instead of being shoved under the rug like so many books do nowadays I don t know if I would say this is a gay for you themed book Because of Jack s bi curiosity with his best friend in school, Jack was forced to put his scared feelings and attraction he has for his best friend aside, because he had gotten his wife pregnant, and did the right thing in his mind and married her I think this book is about friendship, and the connection we have with one another Will himself, actually says it best, when he comes to the realization that he is attracted to Jack, and has strong feelings for him as well The heart wants what it wants So true. 4.5 STARSHandymanis a very good slow paced gay for you m m that tells the story of Jack and Will two men who have their own fears, different fears, but who together they will find their peace and happiness Until three months ago, Will 30 had lived in the city, working as a trader in a prestigious investment bank He took a break for his job and from the city and he s looking for a handyman because he wants to have some renovations done at his new house Jack, the handyman is in his forties He has his own renovation company, company that he d started years ago and that had provided a decent income for his family Jack is a widower for two years, he has two sons and he s straight like an arrow.From the moment he sees his new handyman, Will feels a strong attraction He doesn t understand it at first since he s not into older guys From the beginning Will fells a strong connection with Jack, even if he knows the older man is straight He s not looking for a relationship, he never has a committed relationship ever, with anyone, but he can t fight his feelings for Jack They start a relationship, the younger man showing Jack what exactly means to feel desired and loved.Even if the plot is not complicated and the premise is nothing new I really liked this one A lot, actually For some reason I didn t expect to enjoy it as much as I did I loved the slow build relationship between these two men It felt real and I liked how everything progressed naturally Also, the GFY aspect is done very well here Both Jack and Will are very endearing characters Will was fantastic He is sweet and tender and he is very patient with Jack He understands Jack s situation and the fact that is not easy to become practically someone else He helps Jack to feel whole for the first time in his life and I loved him for that Jack s development is also great and his emotions are described very well by the author Overall, a very enjoyable read