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Gray Horses is a cute, short read about friendship and the dreaminess of being an international student in a foreign country Larson crafts engaging characters and beautiful settings to backdrop their adventures. A French foreign exchange student in the US Very dreamlike and lyrical. @Free Ebook ⚡ Gray Horses õ No Mie Has Left Her Home In France To Study Abroad In Onion City There Are New Friends, New Environments, And New Loves There Are Also New Dreams And Not Ordinary Dreams Vivid Visions Of Life In A Different Time And In A Different Place, But Than That, Of A Different Existence In Noemie S Sleep She S Not A Woman, But A Horse A Noble Creature Aiding A Sick Little Girl But How Does This Affect Noemie S Own Journey Hmmm 2.5 stars I m afraid I m not cool enough to understand this very short graphic novel No mie is from Dijon, France She is going to school in America She has weird dreams at night about a girl named Marcy and a talking horse The horse speaks in French Marcy is sick and her parents must get rid of her things because germs are really bad for her During the day No mie goes to Art History class with a neighbor friend There is a boy that is always taking her picture.At the end of the book No mie has the same photo that Marcy in her dream had Is she Marcy Why is horses a symbol for her What does it all mean I can see myself re reading this fairly often It s meditative And textured Yes, I think those are the words I m looking for.Also, the emotional and temporal spaces it s about are ones I seem to inhabitoften than not Shelf with Kiki s Delivery Service, I think. This book is the story of a girl from France who comes to the US to study abroad Hope Larson captures the character s sense of foreign ness and outsider status without depending solely on the language barrier for her sense of alienation Noemi moves to Onion City from Dijon, France She has a small furnished apartment She has her studies She rides the train She makes a friend She handles post break up feelings from a distance She sees a cute boy around the neighborhood It is sort of creepy how he photographs her sleeping, walking around, etc and runs away Tangled into this story, there is a metaphorical child horse fire travel storyline I enjoyed reading this book I like the way Hope Larson expresses movement, words and thoughts It just looks and feels different when Hope s horse gallops or when Hope s train moves down the tracks or Hope s words tumble out of a characters mouth I wish the book were longer and the plotdeveloped, but the storytelling is delightful. More like this, where there s magic but it doesn t get explained away I m not the expert but I feel like Larson is just light years ahead of everyone else, as far as connecting panels together in interesting unexpected ways. It s nothing mind blowing, a girl from France goes to an American university and has several self discoveries, largely through her dreams It was a cute and easy read it s told in both French and English, which I really liked there s an English translation for every French phase. The story left something to be desired, but the artthan made up for it. This is another unique and special comic by Hope Larson, who also created Salamander Dreams Just as in Salamander Dreams, Larson continues to draw dreamlike simple line illustrations This time her colors of choice are a light peach and black, which she seems to use in order to differentiate between the items that she wants you to focus on and everything else.In this book, the main character is a French foreign exchange student named Noemie The book is peppered with French lines, repeated in English This is done in a superb way Whichever language she is speaking or thinking in is in the word bubble and the other language gently flows around it.Noemie is shy and cautious about the United States, however she befriends a girl across the street from her apartment who s family owns a bread shop Her new friend makes the most wonderful animals out of bread, and although she seems happy in her situation, she longs to move back to her native country, Mexico.Throughout the story, someone follows Noemie around and takes pictures of her In the beginning, she is disturbed by it, but once she understands the circumstances, she starts to reconsider.There is also a subplot with a reoccurring dream about grey horses that Noemie tries to understand and determine the meaning of.All this adds up to a truly original and special graphic novel This is a definite must for all libraries trying to start a collection There isn t anything suggestive or anything you need to worry about with your gentler teens or their parents While I wouldn t say this is geared to kids, you don t have to worry if they happen to pick it up.