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This book is comprised of three quite interesting plays I can t actually say which one I liked best as I enjoyed all three My thoughts on each one are Ghosts a tragic play of a woman revealing to her son what a reprobate his father was And the son carries the sin of the father in that he has inherited a disease from him and is going to slowly lose his mind and die from it The end of the play also touches on assisted suicide.A Public Enemy a great political play about a doctor who has discovered that the main tourist attraction of the town water healing Baths is actually infested with the disease and needs hundreds of thousands of pounds to fix He wants to expose this but is stopped at every turn by officials who careabout money than people s health There was a very small section of this play that I particularly liked as well, where Petra refuses to translate a story she seems to be talking about the Bible and I thought that was quite funny.When We Dead Wake a ghostly story about a husband who is having problems with his wife when his ex lover turns up He has killed the soul of his lover through his art and it seems that they can only move on together.I would be interested in seeing all three of these performed on stage. At the end of his life, Ibsen regretted the choices me made when creating his art decades before This resonates with the protagonist of WHEN WE DEAD WAKE, a sculptor who does the same It is easy to take Ibsen s sort of fantasy for self reflection, and this made the play very moving to me Too say too much is to give too much away This, his last work, is a cry of anguish and regret for choices that hurt himself and others It is interesting in an age such as ours that popularly conceives artists as being somehow justified when they indulge themselves for their art no matter who is hurt by the indulgence to see a truly great artist showing that this course is the wrong choice The other plays in this collection are not under review in these comments. I liked it There s not muchto say It reminded me of A Doll s House, but with less excitement. Ibsen is certainly what we would call a slow burner but once the fire spreads, it really brings the house down Or should I say orphanage, in the case of Ghosts He allegedly said that Ghosts is the only play in which Ibsen is completely absent and detached This makes it a good contrast then to the other plays in this collection, which were both written from his own experience A Public Enemy, written to vent his frustration after the uproar caused by Ghosts, and When We Dead Wake, a solemn and symbolic reflection on his artistic life While the style and delivery are stale, the fundamental ideas are relevant and require only a few tweaks from a modern mind to appeal to a contemporary audience. [ EPUB ] ⚖ Ghosts and Other Plays (Ghosts; A Public Enemy; When We Dead Awake) ♧ Of The Three Plays In This Volume, Ghosts And A Public Enemy Are Social Dramas Of His Middle Period And The Former, Described By One London Critic As An Open Sewer, Raised The Greatest Outcry Of All Ibsen S Attacks On Convention When We Dead Wake, His Last Play, Handles In A Symbolic Manner The Individual S Inner Conflict And, Incidentally, Provides The Dramatist S Own Comment On His Lifework And His Renunciation Of Work I read When we dead awake in this volume trnslated by Peter Watts I surely want to readfrom him I am also buying other plays by him.It is the first time I ran into Ibsen I bought this volume in mere 40 Rupees in old books.I am going to see one of his plays in Kamani audiotorium in early December Delhi in the Ibsen theatre week organised with Norwegian embassy support.Edit, early June 2013 I read Ghosts but I like his other playsGhosts is like a critique on the then morality of society I regret reading it in many sittings Plays are enjoyedwhen you start and finish it in one go. Ghosts , A Public Enemy , and When We Dead Wake are all masterful plays, though I especially loved Ghosts They re remarkably modern, have great female characters a rarity , and are simple but give you a lot to think about Well worth the read. Such a tragic play Mrs Alwing is right in saying that we are all ghosts, and ghosts haunt us all the time The play has a good backdrop One can appreciate reading it just as much as watching it on stage. I ll pass on Ibsen, thanks A Doll s House was teeming with characters to whom I just could not identify, and the plot itself just made me recoil. I have the 1988 edition The cover shows a detail from The Sick Child by Edvard Munch, in the National Museum Stockholm.