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FREE E-PUB é Flight of the Sparrow ò She Suspects That She Has Changed Too Much To Ever Fit Easily Into English Society Again The Wilderness Has Now Become Her Home She Can Interpret The Cries Of Birds She Has Seen Vistas That Have Stolen Away Her Breath She Has Learned To Live In A New, Free WayMassachusetts Bay Colony, Even Before Mary Rowlandson Is Captured By Indians On A Winter Day Of Violence And Terror, She Sometimes Found Herself In Conflict With Her Rigid Puritan Community Now, Her Home Destroyed, Her Children Lost To Her, She Has Been Sold Into The Service Of A Powerful Woman Tribal Leader, Made A Pawn In The On Going Bloody Struggle Between English Settlers And Native People Battling Cold, Hunger, And Exhaustion, Mary Witnesses Harrowing Brutality But Also Unexpected Kindness To Her Confused Surprise, She Is Drawn To Her Captors Open And Straightforward Way Of Life, A Feeling Further Complicated By Her Attraction To A Generous, Protective English Speaking Native Known As James Printer All Her Life, Mary Has Been Taught To Fear God, Submit To Her Husband, And Abhor Indians Now, Having Lived On The Other Side Of The Forest, She Begins To Question The Edicts That Have Guided Her, Torn Between The Life She Knew And The Wisdom The Natives Have Shown Her Based On The Compelling True Narrative Of Mary Rowlandson,Flight Of The Sparrow Is An Evocative Tale That Transports The Reader To A Little Known Time In Early America And Explores The Real Meaning Of Freedom, Faith, And AcceptanceADERS GUIDE INCLUDED This is a work of historical fiction based on the captivity narrative of Mary Rowlandson Note I have read the original work It was assigned and discussed in several of my undergrad classes I must put a major emphasis on it being FICTION I found that this work takes huge liberties with the character of Mary Although it is true, only basic facts are known about her life beyond what we are presented with in her narrative, this novel s version of who she may have been just seems to really be a reach I fully believe that her captivity and trials must have changed her life and that she may have suffered from some ptsd esque symptoms when she returned home But do I find it plausible that someone who hated and feared the natives so much, who witnessed unspeakable acts of violence from them during her capture and captivity, and who was with them for only three months was suddenly sympathetic to them and their way of life No, not really I just don t think she would have become as attached to their lifestyle as the book made her out to be, mostly because her original narrative comes across as so racist towards natives Also, the almost love with the noble savage James was a bit much as well The last thing that bothered me were the brutal descriptions of violence, especially at the start of the book All in all, an all right read, the character and her very modern ways of thought were just too far fetched for me. This story is a great reminder of how much the world has changedand even how much has not changed Mary Rowlandson was a Puritan woman in Massachusetts Bay colony, in 1676 It was a man s world Women did not participate in town meetings and were excluded from decision making in the church Mary was married to a preacher a subordinate to her husband If Mary questioned The authority of the established church she would risk terrible punishment such as public humiliation including a whipping in front of the church As awful as life was for Mary as a puritan women, she gets captured by the Indian community She fears life is about to get worse At first life is harder She feels as if her brain is banging against the wall of her skull She had nothing to eat or drink except melted snow since the attack She wonders how long it will be before her strength gives out And what will happen then But her strength does not give out She does endure horrific loss, and hardships.BUT we also watch Mary transform re examine her beliefs Her thoughts are a jumble of sorrow and confusion Mary has walked in two worlds Puritans Indians The reader has an opportunity to have a real experience of EARLY AMERICA through BOTH cultures A wonderful well researched Historical novel There is always something special about reading a novel based on the life of an actual person This book is abut Mary Rowlandson, married to a preacher and living in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1676 She and her three children are captured by Indians, and kept for three months until she is ransomed The Puritan society was a harsh, judgmental society, one to which I am so happy not to have belonged The husband is the head of the household and all must submit Children are not treated with much affection and even grieving is not allowed, everything is God s will and any emotion is seen as taking away from the glory of the Lord.Horrified at her captivity, she eventually learns to love the sounds of nature, the freedom the Indians have and the wonderfully affectionate way they treat their children When she is ransomed she has trouble fitting back into strait laced society that now views her as tainted.The story of her life is fascinating, the way she can see and empathize with the fates of the Indian She realizes things are not as clear cut as they are presented Wonderfully written book, vey thought provoking about the end of certain tribes on the East coast and how they were treated The authors s note relates extensively what is true and what isn t as well as updating the reader about the lives of the actual people portrayed within these pages Here is link to the actual story penned by Mary a story that became a best seller in her day.ARC from publisher. She throws the bird up into the air, but it drops to the snow, flaps its wings twice and flutters toward the cage Mary stares down at it The cage is the only home Row has known With all the strength that she can muster, she kicks the cage away The bird rises, turns west, then north, darts over the roof of the house, and is instantly gone And we are left with the impending transformation of Mary White Rowlandson Perhaps it is not only Mary s metamorphosis, but admittedly, our own This is a story of how unspeakable tragedy closes the door on one s former sense of self No going back Forever changed and never the same Eyes that see the world with a new vision while standing upon an unfamiliar precipice Surviving, and yet not.I was drawn to Amy Belding Brown s book for many reasons As a genealogist, I have come across Colonial family members who were the victims of attacks and massacres by Native Americans during the King Philip War and the French and Indian War The parallels to Mary Rowlandson s experiences and to family members within my lineage were uncanny They never lived to have the opportunity to tell their stories Mary was the voice of the voiceless This book is historical fiction, but based upon the actual captivity of Mary Rowlandson Amy Belding Brown presents the life of Puritan America while also presenting the often denied humanity of the Native Americans It is a story of relationships between husband and wife, parent and child, community members and strangers, and captor and captive With the shock of horrendous episodes in life comes the reality that our life circle flows in a completely different direction..touching ground that we are forced to tread.I highly recommend Flight of the Sparrow You will come to realize that your own sparrow may have a remarkable name never before spoken.