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@Read E-pub õ Fire In The Stars ⛅ A Thief A Killer Two Separate Stories One Doomed IslandSeventeen Year Old Harper, Incurable Kleptomaniac, Never Expected To End Up On A Place Like Penance Yet, Here She Is, Imprisoned On The Secluded Island Full Of Delinquent Teenagers At First Glance, The Place Is Everything They Want Freedom No Laws, No Authorities, Just Pure, Unadulterated Liberty With That Freedom, However, Comes Danger At The Center Of The Chaos And Brutality That Rocks The Island Is Clint, A Seasoned Murderer Working Under The Elusive, Self Proclaimed Queen Of Penance, Esme Cold And Brutal, Clint S Reputation Has Managed To Keep The Islanders In Line Until NowAs Harper Unwillingly Becomes Entrapped In The Island S Politics, And A Tragedy Leaves Clint Hunting For Revenge, Penance S Unstable Order Begins To Crumble As Their Fates Draw Closer, Both Harper And Clint Must Survive Against Bloodthirsty Criminals, Unnatural Weather, And Their Own Inner Demons Before Their Blood Too Is Spilled In The SandWELCOME TO PENANCE ISLAND,THE PLACE WHERE YOU DIE Shit son.OKAY THEN CAN YOU DETECT MY EXCITEMENT I seriously cannot express how wild of a ride this book was to read I was so pleasantly surprised So fast paced, so much action, gritty, raw, heartbreaking at times the only thing missing is a tag line that should scream No one is safe Because No one Is Safe.From Goodreads Seventeen year old Harper, incurable kleptomaniac, never expected to end up on a place like Penance Yet, here she is, imprisoned on the secluded island full of delinquent teenagers At first glance, the place is everything they want freedom No laws, no authorities, just pure, unadulterated liberty With that freedom, however, comes danger At the center of the chaos and brutality that rocks the island is Clint, a seasoned murderer working under the elusive, self proclaimed Queen of Penance, Esme Cold and brutal, Clint s reputation has managed to keep the islanders in line until now.As Harper unwillingly becomes entrapped in the island s politics, and a tragedy leaves Clint hunting for revenge, Penance s unstable order begins to crumble As their fates draw closer, both Harper and Clint must survive against bloodthirsty criminals, unnatural weather, and their own inner demons before their blood too is spilled in the sand Penance is a scary place to be in It sounds like a holiday, being shipped to an island, with no supervision, allowed to do whatever you feel like doing, but reality isn t that simple As humans, we will always have the tendency to form a society, to instate rules, written or not And that s what happens on Penance There is a struggle for power, people band together according to allegiances, and you sometimes forget that these are kids we re talking about It s a very violent book and it hits you hard when you really sit and realise that these kids are willing to do whatever they need to survive, including murder I felt immense sadness for them, because kids should be taken care of, not thrown into the unknown, into a violent environment and left to fend for themselves I loved both Harper and Clint, the main characters The story is told in alternating points of view and, while I usually don t really enjoy books written this way, their voices were different enough not to confuse or annoy me Harper is smart, she s courageous and it s ironic to see her do whatever she can to avoid being seen and getting involved in the island s politics, while achieving the exact opposite But she s resourceful, imaginative and clever enough to survive even the stickiest of situations Clint was difficult to empathize with, most of the times He s a complicated individual, ruthless and hard hearted He s left his humanity behind, in a way, and that makes him a very dangerous person, someone you don t really want to get on the bad side of There is a plethora of characters that make an appearance, which makes it believable that the island is inhabited by so many kids While there is a genuine concern that so many characters may confuse the reader, such concern can be set aside, because Rogge and Kazanjian manage to give depth even to the characters that appear for a handful of pages These side characters add flavor and make the second half of the book even difficult to read You ll understand what I m saying when you get there, trust me Also, the last 50 or so pages may be one of the most intense I ve ever read in my life, so be warned.The only thing I didn t really like, and what caused me to give this book only 4 stars instead of 5, was that the ending felt rushed I felt a bit unsatisfied with it Also, the mysteries of the island could have been expanded upon, because they really piqued my interest But I do appreciate the fact that it s a stand alone and not part of a series We definitely need books like this one Favourite quotes It s the lawless places that have the most unspoken rules And the unspoken rules bring the steepest prices We fight for false freedom, live in our self imposed paradise and die knowing that it was always just a prison There s no courage in that Publication date September 18th 2015 I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I don t know exactly what I was expecting when I picked up Fire in the Stars, but this was not it I guess I thought this book would be something along the lines of girl meets asshole boy and instantly feels a connection they eventually fall in love and the boy becomes less of an asshole with a dystopian backdrop NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE Fire in the Stars opens up with one of our main characters, Harper Jones, en route to a prison island full of criminals called Penance as punishment for stabbing someone From the beginning we can tell that this isn t going to go well we all know what happened in Lord of the Flies, after all And we re right Penance is not a place you want to go Rogge and Kazajian did a pretty good job with Penance, making it seem as gritty, dark, and disturbing as you would expect Throughout this book, Harper does her best to stay alive and protect the people that she comes to care about.The other main character, Clint, has the same agenda, but executes it in a very different way Clint is a ruthless assassin working for Esme, the Queen of Penance Flat out I didn t like Clint He was a very interesting character, and had depth, but was too sadistic Fire in the Stars eventually sent him on a redemption arc, but I felt like he didn t deserve it I have a limit when it comes to forgiving people, and Clint s actions the torturing, the constant murdering surpassed that limit Harper, on the other hand, was a very relatable character She was smart and logical, and loyal to those who deserved it Another character that stood out to me was Gage I actually kind of shipped him and Harper in the beginning the scene where Harper tied him up was giving me massive Captain Swan flashbacks , but him being asexual turned out to be better, because REPRESENTATION The other characters Hazel, Sawyer, Sofia, Frank, Camila, etc were engaging enough, although I do wish they were fleshed out a little They all seemed kind of flat to me.The main problem I had with Fire in the Stars was the pacing It was moving too fast in the beginning, too slow in the middle, and then the end was just plain chaotic Too much shit was happening, and it felt rushed That being said, I did like how the story ended and it wrapped everything up fairly well I could have done with world building in the beginning and explanation in the end, but I wasn t left with too many questions unanswered Fire in the Stars was also very well written Except for the weird monologues from Frank that frankly see what I did there felt out of place, it flowed nicely The dual POV also worked well in this instance because we got to see from two completely different perspectives, which gave us a well rounded image of what was happening.Finally, I d just like to thank the authors for not adding romance because it would have just felt out of place It always annoys me how in books where the characters are in danger of dying every second they have to fall in love as well.Overall, Fire in the Stars was an extremely refreshing read with a captivating, action packed storyline, and interesting characters Put aside any reservations you may have about this book, be it the relatively unknown authors or the cover which does not adequately capture the awesome that is this book and READ IT I just finished this book late last night, and I m still trying to put my thoughts together, trying to piece together what I just read My thoughts may be a little scrambled but here we go As I read The Fire In the Stars, I kept on imagining how it could be adapted to screen as a T.V show Fire In The Stars has one of those plots that s so intriguing, and makes me want to know every single detail about the island, and the mysteries surrounding it From the minute, we are introduced to Harper as she is dropped off onto the island, I began to wonder who in their right mind would think that an island full of criminals is a good idea Within the 9 months that Penance Island was put in place, a war started and ended, causing a rupture between various members of the islands I m honestly just surprised that mass homicide didn t occur within the first week of the establishment of this Island From the first page, when we first met Harper, as she was being flown to Penance Island, I fell in love with her She s such a total badass, while still having a kind heart no matter what she may say As we began to see her kleptomania in action, I began to really sympathize with her, and wonder if she really deserved such a cruel sentence as Penance Island Though we do get a little taste of her past, and what led her to Penance Island, I would have loved a little backstory for her, and perhaps a little insight on her kleptomania, to give her a little depth to her personality I didn t like Clint, I didn t sympathize with him at all, I didn t understand why he was such a supporter of the leader of the Island, Esme, honestly he just didn t appeal to me But that didn t stop me from really enjoying his POV, and what he brought to the story There were times when I began to think that maybe he was an okay guy, but then he just goes and brutally murders someone, and I m just like wait never mind There was a part where someone says that people call him a psychopath, and he s surprised Clint is a psychopath there s no doubt about it Though by the end, I began to feel sorry for him, and I kind of wish the book could ve been longer, so I could have grown to like him One of my favorite things about the book were the side characters, all the side characters were so interesting and honestly I could ve read an entire book about them I really wish we could ve gotten a little backstory on those characters I honestly don t care if that would ve made the book longer, I just loved them so much, and want to know about them These characters really added something to the book, and I m glad that Harper didn t stick to her policy of always being alone because without some of these characters this book wouldn t be the same I wish they got page time though, some of them were really not there for a lot of the book I guess that just made me appreciate them even One of the things I really appreciated about this book, was the fact that the authors didn t create a romantic sub plot I was terrified that Harper and Clint would end up together, which would have been the worst romance ever, and would have ended up with one of them being murdered by the other So I m so grateful that they didn t go in that directionThe last 50 pages or so were probably the most devastating thing ever, and a lot of things happened that I m just going to pretend didn t happen and let s just pretend that everything turned out wonderful, because that s just way easier than facing the truth I did have a few issues with the book, one of them being the length Though the book was 400 pages, I really wish it was longer, or like stretched out into another book because 400 pages wasn t enough There s so many things that weren t explained in much details, things that I desperately want to know I really wished they focused on the mysteries of the island a little bit , instead of the politics of the islands, which was interesting, but could ve been cut down on I could honestly read 800 pages of this book, and not complain one bit So overall I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was fast paced, filled with an interesting and diverse cast of characters The plot was absolutely fantastic, and is one that I d love to see being expanded upon Though I had some minor issues with it, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fast paced reads, filled with action and adventure Expect to have your heart broken multiple times, and to at least shed one tear.