I certainly don t agree on everything with James He is, however, a very interesting writer with a unique world view I find him to be particularly thought provoking on education, investments and career issues This book was an easy read Lots of typos Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours at a coffee shop. FREE DOWNLOAD ☦ FAQ ME ⚈ For The Past Year, People Have Asked Me Questions Every Thursday Through Twitter QA Sessions And Also, Privately, Through Emails I Ve Then Compiled The Best Questions, Expanded My Answers, And Provided Much Original Material To Create This Book, FAQ ME I follow James on twitter and I like very much all of his articles on, that s why I started reading this book Btw, you can download 3 of his books for free from his website, I chose I was blind but now I see , 40 alternatives to college and this one, FAQ me I was caught by the brilliant title, so i started from FAQ me, that is a collection of twitter questionsanswers between James and his followers Well, I don t agree totally with him but I appreciate the honesty and candor of his answers..He answers to the question referring almost always to his personal life experiences. The book is funny, easy to read. Maybe a little bit repetitive but I guess it is normal, it has not a real plot but is a collection of advises organized by themes. 3 stars Another great James Altucher book, this time in QA format from questions readers submitted to his blog He is always respectful even when they are not , and his answers are straightforward and full of wisdom if not always entirely wise. ME is a book filled with wisdom, based on James Altucher s weekly QA sessions that he holds on Twitter on jaltucher every Thursday from 3 30 4 30pm EST James uses this one hour QA session every week to answer any question that anyone has James doesn t admit to having the right answer, but he is open, honest and credible given his vast amount of life experiences and failures His audience is able to ask him any question from a wide range of topics including startups, marriage, divorce, jobs, careers, anxiety, fear, love and depression each of which he has multiple experiences with As a result of these weekly sessions, James has a warchest of QA with his followers and uses these conversations to build the book FAQ ME.The openness that James answers these questions is nothing short of incredible He walks the talk stressing that honesty is the most important tenet, he is very honest about all his experiences, the challenges he faced and how he rose up from it His life is an open book to his audience I have been a twitter follower of his for a while now and his words are not only inspiring, but refreshing Refreshing to know that someone out there with his experiences of making money and losing it all multiple times knows that the value of a life is not the monetary worth, but the spiritual happiness that emanates from all your experiences He is so honest, that he has people close to him not appreciating his candor Understandable, but still refreshing.I really enjoyed reading through the various categories of these Frequently Asked Questions FAQ , but also found it very repetitive What you may find in a section of Failure, you would find in Entrepreneurship and even Depression I understand that repetition is a good tool in reinforcing an idea, but sometimes the same exact sentences or slight alterations of them were repeated Also, James really needs a few people to go through his work He has self published the work, and a reader will appreciate his raw language that feelslike you are conversing with James rather than reading his words Having said that, you can t really avoid noticing the myriads of typos, grammatical errors, etc James, if you read this, I amthan happy to review your next book.James actually provides an interesting holistic way of living life, by training the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental to achieve overall health Read the book to find out his life methodology beware, he repeats itthan a few times in the book.Review 3.5 5 This book is definitely a great read I learned so much about James and his openness shows the purity of his logic There is little I disagreed and it actually clarified a lot of what has been in my head It is inspiring as well as educational Having said that, it was difficult for me to endure all the typos and glaring errors without which it would have been a 4 star And without all the repetition, it would definitely be a 5 star I look forward to reading FAQ ME TOO I guess it was only a matter of time before someone turned their formspring into a book Or in this case, responses to a weekly QA session held via Twitter You can only write 140 words at a time on Twitter, so obviously this isn t just like a million tweets compiled in file He responds at length to questions he was originally asked and I guess responded to via Twitter The responses are allor less the same, and you already know them if, like me, you ve read the other selections in the Altucher Book of the Month Club go to bed madd early avoid dealing with people who suck balls, even if their your own relatives impossible if you work in retail read and write every day, so on and so forth Never mind whether or not your question had to do with when you should go to bed I ll probably continue to read these Altucher books up until the point where starts to publish full on gibberish with no intelligible words or anything, because I find him amusing and it s probably not the worst advice in the world.