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My name is Alyssa and I m a Liz Crowe addict Escalation Clause was my latest fix and was, one of my most highly anticipated book releases for November I absolutely could not wait to get my hands on this book After reading Essence of Time my favorite read of 2012, BTW , I desperately needed this book I ve NEVER had such a visceral reaction to a plot line and I needed closure, I needed understanding most importantly, I needed to grieve I m not going to go into plot or give you a summary of the book to entice, because it honestly doesn t need that You only need to know one thing you must read this series Jack Sara Such an amazing, strong powerful couple My heart wept for them as I watched them grieve and grow further apart But they are resilient, their love is strong and, as we well know, they fight hard and they chose to fight for their relationship I ve said it before, but it s worth repeating Sara is fierce The loss of her brother was devastating to her, but through that loss she realized exactly how much of her life she let Blake live for her She was forced to deal, and with that, came new strength and acceptance of her worth as a woman, a wife a mother She now refuses to accept anything less than what she, or her family, deserves even from Jack My favorite scene from this entire book involves these two, a trip to GA What Jack, was in my home state and ice no need to say any Brandis, Maureen Rafe Liz did it to me again I just need to invest in a case of tissue when there is a Liz book on my tablet We ve known Maureen Brandis ending for a little while now, but since they have always been in the background as secondary characters, the loss was not truly realized until this book The main reason why I loved this book so much was because of these characters The love and bond that Brandis Maureen had, was extraordinarily beautiful and, I think, very important to know so that we can understand just how much she lost when he died Even though I knew the outcome, I still fell in love with him, I had no choice His death was gut wrenching to read and completely shredded me How do you move on from that Simple, time and Rafe I loved Maureen s no holds barred kick ass attitude with the vulnerable side, that was scared to open up and love again after losing Brandis The misgivings, guilt fear that she had, about starting another relationship, were authentic, realistic and very believable In taking the relationship slow, I was able to fall in love with Rafe right along with her She deserved all the happiness she received.Lila Rob As expected, their relationship was very tough and, at times, I didn t know if they were going to make it The extreme amount of grief, sadness guilt, over the loss of someone so important to them, was a powerful thing I thought it would be the straw that broke their back but I was wrong They persevered and came out the other side so much stronger for having made it through.As a whole, Escalation Clause was amazing I sat down to read and didn t get back up until I was done It grabbed, consumed and owned me I couldn t turn the pages fast enough, but I wanted to slow down getting to the end My only complaints are that it felt a little rushed at the end with Maureen Rafe, and while I loved all the characters, I wish that the main characters wereclearly defined Since they all played a major role, I became invested and wanted to go deeper into the issues that each couple faced, but I couldn t With that being said, I still loved the book and this series will continue to remain one of my favorites and one I recommend to everyone ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind this review andat Hesperia Loves Books What I love about this series and this book is that it is not just focuses on one character couple This book takes all the characters that we have grown to love and see how they all cope with the aftermath I the tragedy that they were facedwith at the end is essence of time First we see a glimpse I me and mea Thornton when they first let and get a better understanding if why Sara is the way she is Which I love and you see the growth of their characters as wellNext you have the backstory to Maureen and Brandis which was a great addition to this book To see how they got together, jacks reaction to it all and how they came to be together Even knowing how it ends you still become attached to Brandi s and then we get to see Maureen struggle with loving someone again Then there is jack and Sara who both deal with the tragedy in there own ways which causes some frustration on both parts They have come this far to love, trust and be with each other Can their love survive Then there is rob and Lila who are struggling just as much through this tragedy Ron not letting Lila in and Lila wondering I he can love her the way she needs an wants to be loved Will their love survive it all All three stories were emotional and heartwarming You laugh, cry and grieve with all the characters And if possible I love rob evenafter this one And I love how Liz Crowe told each one of their stories Intertwining all three couple together was done in such an amazing wayAnd the epilogue was just as amazing Enjoy the read it was an emotional rise but one well worth it. BOOK ♸ Escalation Clause (Stewart Realty, #6) ☧ Young Love Burns Hot And Bright Soul Mates Are Found, Then Lost In The Blink Of An Eye When Young Widow Maureen Gordon Taylor Meets Her Daughter S Sexy Soccer Coach, Her Body And Heart Slowly Unthaw But Will Holding Tight To The Past Cost Her A Future A Devastating Blow Shatters A Family S Fragile Happiness Rob Freitag And Lila Warren Now Confront Life Without The Emotional Glue That Once Bound Them, But A Shared Goal Brings Them Back Together Is It Enough To Make Them Whole Again And Become The Family They Were Meant To Be Mutual Trust Is Hard Won For The Gordons When Tragedy Strikes, Jack And Sara S Lives Are Sent Into A Tailspin To Keep Her Family From Falling Apart, She Must Force Jack To Admit His Deepest Fears After Everything They Ve Been Through, Can They Revive The Spark And Move To The Next Stage Of Marital Fulfillment The Sweeping Saga Of The Stewart Realty Series Continues As Long Time Friends Learn To Rely On Each Other, And To Grab Hold Of Happiness Before It S Too Late There just aren t enough superlatives to describe Liz Crowe s writing, including her latest release, ESCALATION CLAUSE Crowe is amazing at writing complex, difficult relationships that are completely realistic Her books cannot be classified as fairy tale romances She calls them Romance for Real Life and what an apt phrase that is For real life and modeled after real life To read a Crowe book is to cry tears of great sadness, to fight the temptation to throw your eReader across the room and watch with great satisfaction as it breaks into a million pieces when the frustration is too much and to cry tears of joy Emotions run high among the characters and the reader ESCALATION CLAUSE is the sixth book in her highly successful STEWART REALTY series Our favorite characters are back and ALL of them have issues to deal with Jack and Sara are at odds and one has to wonder if these two will ever get their relationship together Jack s sister Maureen proves just as challenged at recognizing and embracing love when a new, hot man enters her life following the death of her husband Rob and Lila are back, trying to define their relationship as they move on without Blake We even get a closer look at Sara s parent s relationship which explains a lot about Sara s emotional reactions The good news is that, after going through hell, by the end of the book everyone is enjoying a nice, settled life with another round of babies being born and the next generation of star crossed lover beginning their attractions to each other.Received from the publisher for an honest review. As with all of the Stewart Reality books, Escalation Clause focuses on the relationship of one couple, in this case Maureen Mo Jack s sister and Rafe Inez the sexy soccer coach we saw briefly in book 3, however the story is also filling you in on all the background characters from previous books We go back to when Maureen and Brandis first fall in love and see his death through her eyes We then follow Maureen on the heart wrenching journey of recovering and moving forward after losing a spouse We are there when she meets Rafe and the ups and downs that happen while she is trying to accept her survivors guilt.However as much of the book is devoted to filling in areas of previous books that may have been sort of time traveled across in order to tell the story of the primary characters We are there while Jack and Sara work out the problems that arise in their marriage, we also see the rocky road by Rob and Lila travel to become a couple We are shown a glimpse at Sara and Blake s parents early marriage and even a peek into the future with the children of the characters This is the latest in the Stewart Reality series and I loved it as much as the others in the series I am also torn, I wish thattime had been spent on Maureen and Rafe and their relationship I almost feel like this could have been two books one telling the story of Maureen and Rafe and another entire book just filling in the blanks from previous books So while this is another fantastic book from Liz Crowe the story of Maureen and Rafe is one of the weakest so far Still with all that being the case I loved it and will be looking forward to book 7.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Escalation clause in a word is Intriguing Liz Crowe does another amazing job in the opening scene setting the ton for the rest of the book The beginning In the beginning we meet Matthew Thornton and Elizabeth during Beth s residency and it is quiet interesting those two back story and why Sara is Well Sara This is the before they were married, why they get married and perhaps a bit of how they stay married Maureen Brandis Such a fun back story to read and makes you smile at the memories from your own first love did for me anyways and it gives a big insight to the Jack Brandis friendship I can t say much w o spoiling so moving onRobert Lila This is such a hard time for the two of them and little Gabe since they are mourning the loss of a dearly loved one It s been over a year and things seem worse Lila and Rob can not reconnect and push each other to the breaking point Rob asks Lila to be the manager of the business the local and she excels at it I think taking this job was the turning point for them So much happens throughout this book that you feel for them on a personal level Jack Sara After Sara s loss of her brother she and Jack are having troubles communicatinghmmmThey have a new little one, Jack s working on a big new project and still running Stewart realty, Sara is crazy with work as the manager of the other Stewart realty that it seems they are falling through the cracks as a couple and just going through the motions I can totally relate here Sara plans a last ditch save my marriage or else weekend and goes to get Jack but there is a huge..idk, something happens that i cant share and she leaves in the trip herself This sets up a much needed drag out fight with two people i like that they both needed this part but the weekend happens SPICY Maureen Rafe Maureen has lost her husband and seems to be going through the motions of life Caring for her twins and being there for them is about what she is right now Big things happen at her family construction company Keystone and Jack requests she become the president and run the business side of things She excels and is really turning things around Both her children are soccer stars but Ella seems to wantfrom this and pushes extremely hard to keep going Enters Rafael Inez into our world Latino super hot soccer coach Mo fights with everything she has not to give into temptation and lust But oh the lust there is here between these two Over a two year period I think these poor people have ups, downs, sideways, and NOTHING at all Mo is determined to keep her children happy at all costs Ending We watch these children be born, have rough patches and grow before our very eyes And you will see the Gabe Frietag and Brandis Gordon from the get go are very much their fathers children They fight Brutally, they share, they fight Well they act like brothers from day one And Liz leaves us hanging with a scene that could go very badly for the two of them and it feels like history repeating itself I hope this helps and INTRIGUES you to read it Escalation ClauseBy Liz CroweEscalation Clause is book six in the wildly loved Stewart Realty Series It is important to read the rest of the books before you read this one While it is a great novel in itself, having the backstory really helps Escalation Clause fills the reader in on what happens to their favorite characters, Jack, Sara, and Rob while also giving us a deeper look at Jack s sister Maureen and Sara s parents It also sets up the storyline for Liz s new series The Black Jack Gentlemen about the expansion soccer team Jack gets started in Detroit.As a fan and reader of the Stewart Realty series, this book is a must read I needed to knowabout Rob and Lila after Essence of Time and learning about Maureen s life provided me with a deeper understanding of the dynamics between her, Jack and Sara The best part of this book is the interaction between the characters The women sit and discuss their relationships The guys threaten and pick on each other It s just like real life The characters fight, worry, make up and love each other with passion as family, friends and lovers They are the type of people you wish you knew.I highly recommend that readers who love stories about real people and books with passion, read Liz Crowe. It s amazing If you re not reading the Stewart Realty series WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU You need to start with he first one The stories build and build I had the whole visual thru all of the books It s like a movie in my head while I m reading Now That s good writing If you have not read the previous novels in Liz Crowe s Stewart Realty series I would advise you not to read Escalation Clause first Without the background from the previous novels in the series, Escalation Clause will not make sense.Jack, Sara and the rest of the characters we have come to love from Liz Crowe s Stewart Realty series are back in Escalation Clause I don t know about the rest of you but I have been counting down the days to get my Jack and Rob fix Escalation Clause does not disappoint Picking up where Essence of Time left off, everyone is left trying to cope with the aftermath of the devastating tragedy that has profoundly changed them all Jack and Sara are up to their old tricks, isn t this why we love them Will they be able to break old habits or will this finally be their end Rob and Lila are struggling to cope and keep it all together but is their love really strong enough, can they make it as a couple Then there s Maureen Mo , we have been acquainted with Maureen in previous Stewart Realty series novels but Escalation Clause gives us so muchof her, I absolutely LOVE it Getting to know Maureen s story and what a FABULOUS story it is for me, was such a highlight in this novel I have always felt close to the characters in this series, feeling that I know them all so well until I read the next novel Liz has such a talent for character development, she keeps digging deeper into her characters giving the reader so muchthat you can t help feeling evenconnected to them.In true Liz Crowe style, Escalation Clause is packed full of life This HOT treasure will have you heart breaking, your blood boiling and your pulse racing Liz Crowe has done it again N 5 5 I am astounded at the high level of writing that comes from this author She truely knows how to keep your attention I started this series in July of this year and quickly, barely put down, each book Mind you this kind of Real life Romance is not my norm, I stick to PNR s But through a fabulous FB group her series was recommended to me by the creator of the page To my surprise after reading several chapters in Floor Time I fell in love with Jack and Sara, Rob Blake, then Craig Suzanne, and in the tear jerker EoT Rob, Blake Lila, and the world that Liz Crowe has created I ve gone through a gamut of emotions from Floor Time to Conditional Offer and now Escalation Clause This series is NOT any easy ride to a HEA, it s the suspense sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next, if in fact there will be a HEA Escalation Clause is based mostly on Jack s sister Maureen MO and what happened during her husbands death, which killed me to read when it was brought up , and what her life is like now raising their twins Adam Ella now teens in HS and soccer athletes and living near her brother in Ann Arbor She is confused with her feeling for Ella s soccer coach Rafael Rafe and her love for her deceased soul mate Brandis They have a strong attraction and Rafe being Latino is one decedent male hard to resist Throughout the book we see Mo grieve every year on the same day for Brandis, Adam is her anchor while Ella has withdrawn from her mothers embrace Finally when it seems Mo will be giving into Rafe her stubborness, much like Jack s, surfaces and lets a loving man who only wants her is pushed away Toward the end of the book we finally get the pair together after an incident involving Sara Mo Rafe are reconciled and she no longer pushes him away but embraces, in her own way, Rafe and everything he offers her.After the death of Sara s brother Blake Rob Lila s lover everything seems to spiral down into a dark abyss for the Thortons and little Katie Sara Jack are drifting farther apart after coming so far with their marriage, and new addition to their family baby Brandis But the death of her brother is shrowding her emotional state and it is affecting not only her kids and Jack but everyone else around them as well Taking the initiative Jack takes control and expects Sara to give in to him in the way that only her and Jack know bestsex He knows she needs it and so does he, but the purpose behind the excurtion is to get Sara to give up her control Though it seems like it works they driftapart and we the reader expect the worse After several months the women are all together Mo,Julie,Lila Sara and give each other advice on how to deal with their situations It sJulie than anyone elso who steps in and finites it all Sara books a surprise vacation to either move on with the marriage in a healthy way or dissolve it She drives over to Jack s office to pick him up and shit hits the fan Shannon is there in Jack s embrace Sara leaves and goes on the vacation and calls Mo Rob to let them know what has happened They are pissedor less and Rob leaves Lila to confront his friend Needless to say it was all a misunderstanding and we get the best scene ever between Jack and Sara The pure excitement I had from them and throughout the rest of the book was what we all were truely hoping for this couple Craig Suzanne are rarely mentioned in this book except to let us get our wonderful Hea for them and Lillian Grace Rob Lila s journey through EC was tried and true Rob coming to grips with Blake s death and the fact that he will forever carry him with him always, literally Rob getting his love for Lila and their son Gabe straight with himself and making the commitment to be a whole family Lila has concerns about Rob and how he feels for her and decides that she can t deal with his flip flopping heart, she moves out sharing time with Gabe with Rob and then eventually going to work at The Local, Rob Blakes Brewery Restaurant They make it work, but apart and Rob comes to realize he needs her, wants her and all that it entails He wants to marry her and plan a two year memorial for Blake and try to get back the relationship he once had with Katie They also want a baby.By the Epilogue of EC we have come full circle From beginnig of EC to the Epi we have spanned about 4 5 years with 4 new births and 3 marriages We have watched these couples grow and mature and read about them as if they were our own family By the time I finished reading the Epilogue I realized how old Jack Rob are and how hard it is going to be to read the rest of the series and the new one and so on Even though I understand the cycle of life and that these characters are fictional they have becomeand to one day read in one of her books, if it goes that far, about Jack Rob s funeral, that may push me over the edge, and because we ALL love the characters that Liz Crowe has worked so hard and given us Thank You My Dear Lady for showing me there isto Romance than PNR s If you have been on the fence about reading this series, get off and grab them up, you will not regret it one little bit.