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Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book The storyline is a well balanced mix of supernatural, romance and action without any one overpowering the others A lot of thought has gone into the characters and they blend well together, making the reader want to know The hint of suspense about a possible traitor kept me wondering and the battle scenes were well written without going overboard on the violence All in all, it was a pleasure to read and kept me hooked the whole way through Will definitely be reading the next one When it comes to writing a paranormal fantasy novel that features of blend of romance and action, the most difficult part of the piece is the creation of a believable mythology that will inform how characters react Monique Snyman is able to blend the an interesting universe that doesn t shy away from incorporating a variety of popular monsters or creatures without missing a beat But are the characters believable Do they fit neatly into the world Snyman has envisioned Fans of the genre are looking for beautiful characters who re underdogs characters dropped into a scenario beyond their comprehension and provided with talents and knowledge we can only dream of possessing To top it off, Snyman gives us characters who speak and act naturally, without seeming stiff of cheesy With a beautiful vocabulary that separates this book from work you might find in the independent world, Snyman s book is a professionally orchestrated adventure that entices readers with mystery and wonder An irresistible werewolf who is both charming and interesting is the highlight of the book Most of the reviews have talked about the creatures that are present in the book, and I can agree that I would love to see goblins I think there s a goldmine s worth of material Snyman has yet to uncover in her story A well written and fun addition to the genre that can t be missed The story is as beautiful and wondrous as its cover I m interested to see what else is in store for the mythos Snyman has wonderfully crafted for us to explore. @DOWNLOAD EPUB é Enticed ⚫ When Lisa Richards Parents Died, She Never Thought Her Life Would Change As Drastically As It Did Now She Has To Take Over Her Father S Seat On A Secret Supernatural Council, Lead Troops Into Battle Against The Ferocious Goblin Lord, And Try Not To Get Herself Killed In The ProcessTo Make Matters Worse, Lisa Thinks She May Be Falling In Love With The Socialite Werewolf Who Was Supposed To Protect HerWhoever Said Growing Up Was Easy, Clearly Didn T Have To Save The World Every Other Week Monique Snyman s break out novel Charming Incantations Enticed is a supernatural romance which has hints of Twilight and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter in it, without the glitter and erotica This novel is a new take on an overused topic, but manages to pull it off Young Elizabeth Lisa is sole survivor of a family who has spent generations as representatives of the human species to an underground world of supernatural creatures She is in the dark about such things until she meets with the other representatives from the banshee, werewolf, vampire, and shapeshifter factions This alliance has been waging war against the unruly goblins that have been hell bent on destroying the world as Lisa knows it for centuries During her endeavors to help curb this menace Lisa falls for the werewolf representative Romulus Can you say, team Jacob The vampire Milosh is intriguing to her, but never truly becomes a love interest Thus Snyman breaks the human, vampire, werewolf love triangle paradigm which plagues the bookshelves, movies, and television of today The wars in the book are well written with fun, intense action sequences It all wraps up well in the end, enough to wet your whistle for the next novel that is This reader did have an issue with this novel It is Snyman s first novel and as such is plagued with editing errors With her work on her blog and doing book reviews and with the help of better editing, her next novel should be a gem The only reason this novel is getting four stars is because of errors such as using a passive voice in spots and subtle grammar issues Otherwise, this novel is a diamond in the rough and for originality, story line and action, gets two thumbs up from this reader. Charming Incantations Enticed by Monique Snyman will keep you entranced in a paranormal world that you won t want to leave We are first introduced to Lisa as she makes her way to her very first meeting as the new human representative for a council that oversees all things paranormal For a reason that is unknown to us until the end, Lisa was never trained to take over her role and she must now make up for lost time and adapt to the new environment she finds herself in.Monique Snyman has done a wonderful job of creating a world that I enjoyed getting lost in Perhaps out of all of the characters, I enjoyed Romulus the most He is the Werewolf Representative and I couldn t help but feel for him as he struggles with the pressure of his job and his feelings for Lisa If you enjoy paranormal romances that are well written and have emotion flooding from the pages, I recommend giving Charming Incantations a read. Charming Incantations Enticed takes you into a world of strong characters and icky goblins After her father s death, Lisa finds herself taking over his role as the human representative of a council full of supernatural baddies and hotties called The Alliance She s a lively yet inexperienced girl who has no idea what she s in store for.You have Milosh, the vampire At first I thought he was going to be like every big, bad vampire written in paranormal books today Boy was I wrong He s cunning yet sweet and caring But he still has his bad side You can t help to have a soft spot in your heart for this vamp.Romulus, the werewolf, ended up being my favorite character Being a vampire lover, I thought I d fall for Milosh but it was Romulus who stuck out to me He s quite the charmer and you can sense the growing sexual tension between him and Lisa The book has excellent fight scenes, believable dialogue, and a great atmospheric tone I can t wait to read from this author Charming Incantations Enticed is a lovely written introduction to the series. Charming Incantations Enticed is a very nice beginning to what looks to be an excellent series The book starts out with a bang when Lisa discovers that she is much than an average farm girl She is the human representative to the Alliance, a group of mythical creatures that work to protect the world from evil Not only does Lisa have to battle a goblin army, she soon discovers that there is danger closer to home One of the members of the alliance may not be what they seem The fight scenes were very beautifully written In fact, if I had one complaint about the book, it was that I wished the battle scenes came sooner Monique Snyman does an excellent job describing not only the tactical aspects of war, but the actions of the mythological creatures as well It would be impossible for me to pick my favorite character from this book They are all unique and fun to follow The book will leave you wanting Simply put, it will charm you. This was a fun read Charming Incantations Enticed presents us with all races of the supernatural thrown in the mix and surprise, even a human representative that is young and inexperienced thrown into the party After Lisa s parents are killed she is on her own and finds herself called to be the human representative to supernatural counsel This story has a bit of everything with romance, intrigue, betrayal, and action all wrapped up in a fun little bundle It is, in my opinion, a great start to what promises to be a fun series There are a few technical hiccups, but overall I really enjoyed the world building and characters and am looking forward to from this world I won this book from a giveaway at the Readers Den blog and have received no compensation for writing this review. I fucking loved it My first audio book and so glad I got to pick this one You can read here and there that it s a first book but considering she wrote it at 19 I m seriously impressed Can t wait to get started on book 2 Originally posted at gentleman vampire a motherly witch a shy banshee a businessman shapeshifter and a drop dead gorgeous werewolf These are the generals of the Alliance who protect their races against the evil trying to destroy their world The sixth member is human but their general has been killed in an accident and his untrained daughter has to take over Along with the other generals she must save the human and Supernatural world from total destruction and obliteration Problem is, until now she knew nothing about the danger and didn t know Supernatural beings existed.Elizabeth can t go back to her old life, everyone thinks she died with her parents Her father was the best leader of the Generals so she must be trained to lead the troops Not human troops as no other human must know of the existence of the beings in their midst While she is trained she lives with Romulus, the handsome werewolf, in his mansion and the temptation is great Elizabeth is fascinated by him but also scared well he is a werewolf.I loved the mischievous Milosh, the vampire who is very much the gentleman, but who has to resist temptation every time he sees a human The other generals, while strong characters, didn t impact as much as the vampire, werewolf and human Elizabeth is a feisty, modern young woman and Romulus is surprisingly gentle for a werewolf The story is well written and draws the reader along at a steady pace until the climax arrives in a most unexpected way The passion between the two main characters gradually builds as would a normal relationship, but of course there are abnormal stresses pulling at them both.This book is a very satisfying read with just the right amount of highs in exactly the right places and the occasional lighthearted approach I look forward to reading the next in this series as I know I ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed this first book.