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Standard Dick Francis thriller meaning good writing, likable characters, a little love interest, a little whiff of High Society, the usual adversary trying to use violence as a means to an end and the hero stoically enduring and digging his heels in obstinately and using brains rather than brawn to clear his name.The plot is a little less spectacular than other Francis books, dealing with the aftermath of a jockey suspension enquiry and his efforts to revert the decision The final reveal was not one of the brightest or most surprising ones, but the ride to reach the conclusion was a pleasant one Speaking of rides, I would have liked time in the saddle for the main character, but that s OK thre ll be another Dick Francis story in my hands soon Enquiry would not be my choice as a top Francis book, but it has a few things going for it For one, this is focused on the horse racing industry Many of Francis books have had horse racing as a side topic, mixing it with details on other topics like glass blowing or acting This is all about the industry This also had some action and some fast resolutions after what I thought was an overlong setup The setup involved a quasi legal courtroom proceeding that was described by a confused victim throughout the first fifth of the book That was not fun to go through, but once you finished that part, the story took off You figure out who are the good guys and the bad guys pretty quickly here, so the fun is seeing how the good guys catch the bad ones I listened on audio and as usual for a Francis book I enjoyed the narration. [Read Book] ♈ Enquiry ♶ Amazing Book, Enquiry By Dick Francis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Enquiry , Essay By Dick Francis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I have absolutely no interest in horse racing, but Francis makes the sport and the personalities involved in it clear and vivid This book is about a gentleman jockey clearing his name and getting the girl I could see Cary Grant in the role of Kelly Hughes and Grace Kelly as his employer s daughter, Roberta Cranfield. Enquiry wasn t Mr Francis best work It was certainly readable I finished it, and I have no qualms about dropping books that aren t worth my time but it lacked the snap and crackle and depth of most of his other works Upon finishing I thought it might have been his first novel, because it felt like he may have just not gotten the trick of a rich plot yet, but I later learned it was his 8th I m glad that I ve already read most of his others and therefore know Enquiry is an exception, not the rule. Trainer Dexter Cranfield and steeplechase jockey Kelly Hughes are summarily disqualified after an obviously rigged racing enquiry Cranfield falls to pieces, but Hughes is made of tougher stuff and takes it upon himself to get back their licenses before the fast approaching Gold Cup As with all Francis heroes, Kelly Hughes is not a run of the mill jockey The son of a farm labourer he may be, but he holds a degree from the LSE, and was planning to enter the Civil Services when he lost his heart to racing Brains, sheer guts, imperviousness to threats, violence and severe injury, softened by a quick intelligence, a kind heart and impeccable taste produce a true Francis protagonist But unlike all the previous books, which I truly enjoyed, this one is unusually slow to develop In fact, the action begins only after a hundred pages or so While the pace picks up and is maintained, the reader is in for another disappointment at the end The solution to the mystery is difficult to swallow, and leaves one wishing for another twist in the tale in true Dick Francis style. One of the things that sure to get me to the edge of my seat in a good mystery is the false accusation when the hero is framed for a crime It s just such a situation that forms the heart of Enquiry and like any good hero, jockey Kelley Hughes is not going to stand by and allow his reputation to be ruined What I liked most about this mystery is the way in which Hughes goes about trying to solve the mystery He starts with direct confrontations of the men who lied about him and forged up fake evidence This, quite naturally, doesn t help him any So he has to get increasingly sophisticated in his efforts to figure out who is behind the injustice and all the while the unknown villain is taking steps to permanently stop Hughes from proving his innocence This is a good quick read that left me totally satisfied.If you liked this review, you can find at www.gilbertstack.com reviews. ENQUIRY ExFrancis, Dick 8th bookKelly Hughes is a jockey, labelled a cheat by a Steward s enquiry To clear his name he investigates all those who gave evidence, including the Chief Steward who was being blackmailed Kelly, helped by Roberta, his employer s daughter, finds out who the real villain is and saves the stables.Loved this one Francis has a way of making you feel the emotions of the characters I also learned about carbon monoxide poisoning from this book. and losing , she said That s what it s all about Racing LifeSomeone has it in for Cranfield, too Both of us, it was The Steward s couldn t possibly have warned off one of us without the other We were knitted together so neatly It makes me livid, Tony said violently It s wicked I nodded There was something else, too, about that Enquiry Some undercurrent, running strong At least, it was strong at the beginning Something between Lord Gowery and Lord Ferth And then Andy Tring, he was sitting there looking like a wilted lettuce I shook my head and puzzlement It was like a couple of heavy animals lurking in the undergrowth, shaping up to fight each other You couldn t see them, but there was a sort of quiver in the air At least, that s how it seemed at one point Stewards are men, Tony said with bubble bursting matter of factness Show me any organization which doesn t have some sort of power struggle going on under it s gentelmanaly surface All you caught was a whiff of the old brimstone State of nature Nothing to do with whether you and Cranfield were guilty or not He had convinced me He polished off the rest of the whiskey and told me not to forget to get some.Money That was another thing As of yesterday, I had no income The Welfare State didn t pay unemployment benefits to the self employed, as all jockeys remembered every snow bound winter I m going to find out, I said abruptly Find out what Who framed usAudiobook Review Enquiry by Dick Francis bolts out of the gate at a high rate of speed and never slowes down Overall, narrator Ralph Cosham s performance was a solid four stars I did have to slow the speed down on the settings which is something I ve never had to do before as the speed of his narration was a bit too fast 4 s Dick Francis is my one of my favorite authors as his novels were the start of my love of reading His stories are always unique and fast paced, loaded with suspence that will have you on the edge of your seat He creates well fleshed out characters, some you love and some you hate which is exactly what he intends them to be Classic good guy vs bad guys You can t go wrong with a Dick Francis mystery It s nice to be among a cool bunch of people that all like Dick Francis and now Felix as much as I do I ve been a fan now for about 35 40 years, and when I want a fairly quick pick me up, this is a really good place to go My library had two of his books when I went last, and I lapped them up like a dog Nice to get a Francis fix when I want one.When Kelly Hughes rides the favourite into second place, he gets penalized for his trouble Not only has he lost the race, but also his licence, as the Jockey Club suspends him believing he threw the race Only he knows that the problem lay with the horse s performance, not his own Suspecting he was framed, Kelly sets about finding out how it was done, and then who might have done it But the closer he gets to the perpetrators, the danger he finds himself in Now there s than his reputation and career at stake There s also his life.there are many twists and turns throughout the book, and some of the characters who are good and bad The resolution of the story is good This isn t his best nor his worst But a book you can read in an afternoon Enjoy.