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This is a great modern take on the epistolary novel, composed entirely of email messages It uses the backdrop of 9 11 to show a day in the life of Martin It condemns modern society as it draws in the modern reader and makes you think. Readability Pretty much the most readable thing ever it s not a big book anyway, and it s made up entirely of e mails which breaks it up into tiny little sections of text, so it s literally the easiest thing to read ever I read it in one day I started it on the short train ride to work, read for about half an hour on my lunch break, and was finished before I was even halfway into the train journey home I think it s also incredibly readable if you have ever worked in an office, specifically in an office doing a job that you don t necessarily detest but find to be pretty pointless, and Llewellyn captures that feeling absolutely in Martin s e mails Impact The trouble with such a brief, skimmable style, and with the e mails stretching out over one single albeit very important day, is that the actual story has to pack some kind of major emotional wallop to not quite compensate, but to offset in some way the sparseness of language and form I m not convinced that Eleven does this Martin, the protagonist, suffers from no lack of acquaintances to e mail in his boredom, and no lack of relationship issues of varying degrees with all of them almost too many, to the point of ridiculousness, although Llewellyn does manage to convey his feelings quite effectively using a fairly limited form When the inevitable event that marked the date of all those e mails does occur, though, the whole thing starts to fall apart a little which is possibly Llewellyn s intention my attention becomes torn between my memories of that day and the footage of it that is burned on my brain, and the way it affects Martin and the issues he is facing The climax of Martin s day seems strangely flat yet at the same time perversely melodramatic against that backdrop, and ultimately it left me rather cold It is interesting, and some of the reactions in other e mails are accurately callous and detached, but, whether due to the brevity of information we get about these characters and especially Martin, I m not sure what to make of his final decision The novel works best as a very realistic insight into the boredom and frustration of people in jobs they don t feel rewarded by, but it is less successful in dissecting the effect of large events on peoplefocused on small ones. Free Pdf ♑ Eleven ☦ Told Entirely In E Mails Sent And Received By Martin Davies, Would Be Author And Frustrated Corporate Accountant, This Debut Novel Is Set On September , , In Cardiff, Wales In Denial About His Breakup With His Girlfriend And Baffled By The Triviality Of His Life, Martin Gossips Online At His Desk And Makes Plans For The Weekend Until Just After His Crowd Of Young Professionals Returns From Lunch People Start Flying Airliners Into Office Buildings In New York City Very Funny And Then Brutally Sad, Martin S Messages By The Time The Day Is Over Have Run The Gamut From Nonsense Straight Out Of The Office To Something Closer To A Play By Samuel Beckett Is the following a compliment I started this book at 1am last night, after coming home from a night out, quite drunk, and waiting for a scouse interloped to go to sleep on the couch I finished it when I woke up at ten o clock this morning, hungover, and finished it So the book is both a short and b quite suited to a strange world lag of drunkenness and hangover.Eleven is set in a Cardiff financial office, told in a series of emails between Martin Davies and various others, including a colleague, a crush, an ex, an old school friend with history, twattish co workers, and snide management All of those sound a bit archetypal, but in print they come off as hideously prosaic and recognisable The twist is, today is September the 11th and for Martin, who s already started the day writing ranting, fraying at the seams email drafts to no one, is about to come apart even further when the planes go into the twin towers.There s a few novels written in emails in recent years I ve read one and couldn t get past the gimmick, mainly because it read like chunks of novel seperated out by email headers It works in Eleven because this reads like an actual transcript in fact, the liminal effect of the email headers that you frequently skip right over underlines the point of a good wedge of the novel the pointlessness of a good wedge of the office talk Especially when it s thrown into sharp relief by the planes hitting the towers, a high drama nicely skewered by interspersed emails from middle management, who are apparently completely oblivious.The back of the book describes it as The Office meets Beckett, and that s a pretty good analogy Less The Office in the end,of the bleak Beckett really, redeemed only by his final stand in the last pages Most of the characters have a underlying plot that is revealed in fragments mostly the subtext is text by the end, which I think is probably one of the weaker elements It becomes clear that he has had a physical relationship with an old male schoolfriend, for example, which is brilliant whilst we re just figuring it out from snippets, but a bit emotionally hollow once the friend openly declares his love All of this sounds a bit bleak and empty though, and it s not it s funny, and it rings true of far too many people you know, and it s one of the subtler treatments of the September 11th bombings I ve read in fiction Recommended.Review originally posted at From the Guardian A compulsive read, written entirely in the form of emails sent by the characters over the course of one day Martin and his friends work in the offices and call centres of Cardiff and in its hilarious depiction of the grim hypocrisy of modern working life, Eleven is on a par with The Office But Martin also writes a series of soul searching emails to himself, which he then saves in Drafts, which form a moving contrast to the razor sharp comedy Though it takes place on 9 11, most of the characters are too drunk or stoned to grasp what s happening. This felt incredibly thin, as if I was supposed to be impressed by the giddy creativity of combining emails and 9 11 NOT emails from the Twin Towers on or before 9 11, mind you just random, silly emails, of the kind we ve all sent or received, between co workers in an unidentified office in the UK grumbling about annoying co workers, moaning about hangovers, plotting escape to other, better jobs I believe the author thinks this most ephemeral of ephemera achieves a Deep Poignancy when, one by one, the emailers realize what s happening to Young People Just Like Them in an office tower on the other side of the Atlantic, and start to wonder What s Iit All For.I decided that what s it s all for was a wasted couple of hours of my time, and a contribution to the local charity shop. Although it has excellent reviews and is probably written before them , I can t help but compare the novel to Matt Beaumont s E and, to a lesser extent, Joshua Ferris Then We Came to the End , as they all have some or all of the novel written via e mail If I d read this first, I probably would ve given it 3 stars, but the others are better especially Ferris novel. Breve romanzo interamente composto da messaggi e mail.11 settembre 2001 una giornata come tante in un ufficio come tanti Tra amicizie, gelosie e resoconti delle avventure della sera prima, l angoscia esistenziale del protagonista si riversa in una serie di e mail mai inviate, mentre sullo sfondo si dipanano avvenimenti epocali ancora troppo sconcertanti per sembrare reali. An interesting concept that didn t reach to its full potential The narrator and a few of the other characters had great voice and personality to them they felt very real and authentic However, the plot just didn t reach up to the quality of these characters.I like that it just felt like a general day at work and the nonchalance of office work but when you have a setting like 9 11, there is so muchthat could have been done.I think the biggest issue was that it felt like it cut short too early It had a beginning and middle but didn t really have an ending It just felt like I finished a book 3 4 of the way into it. Interesting format, funny, sad, of our times Short book, simple read, huge ideas.