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FREE DOWNLOAD ⚢ Predator's Gold â Welcome To The Astounding World Of Predator Cities Emerging From Its Hiding Place In The Hills, The Great Traction City Is Chasing A Terrified Little Town Across The Wastelands Soon London Will Feed In The Attack, Tom Natsworthy Is Flung From The Speeding City With A Murderous Scar Faced Girl They Must Run For Their Lives Through The Wreckage And Face A Terrifying New Weapon That Threatens The Future Of The World Will continue to read, so far so good. I thought I liked the first book of this series, but I enjoyed this one evenI think now that I amused to this post apocalyptic, steampunk world of predator cities and crazy flying machines, it is easier to just sit back, soak into the story, and enjoy the ride.I won t say too much specifically about the story as it could end up spoiling the first book as well I will say, though, that I figured it would just beof the same as the first book However, the author managed to take this specific steampunk universe he created and find new, unique ways to entertain the reader I was very satisfied and it makes meexcited to get to book 3 than I originally was to get to book 2.I am very sorry that the first movie didn t fare too well because I feel like this book could have served as the basis for one heck of an awesome sequel This was evenobvious to me in that I couldn t help but try and picture what it would be like on the big screen But, sigh , I will likely have to just settle for the movies in my head.Steampunk fantasy fans read this series Let s start with the good, because there s still a lot of good in there Namely, the world building The idea of transforming cities into animals, preying on each other in a broken ecosystem that slowly moves on towards its doom is great, and quite elaborate Predators, prey, scavengers and parasites compete together in a world that is marching towards its end, as Municipal Darwinism encourages a large scale destruction of all available resources and brings back slavery and inhuman treatments of prisoners It s a particularly elegant way to answer the question are humans just like animals after all , showing what would become of the world if humans decided that it s okay to behave as if they still lived in a jungle answer a massive mess There are hundreds of possibilities withing the world alone.Now, the reason why I still gave the book two stars.Let s start with something simple Can we please pretty please get a ten year moratory on stories where female charactrs are solely motivated by their ovaries emotional state Like, could we try to have plots that are influenced by the action of female characters, but NOT by the stupid things women do when they re in love attached to someone bereaved and all And yeees, I know emotion can be a powerful motive and women can and do feel emotion and some women would really behave like that, and I d like to get that argument out the the discussion already because there are ALSO women who act out of rational motives, who have political views, who can put their ideals and their personal feelings in the balance, and strangely enough, they sovery rarely make their way into a book I don t care if some women would really act like that Not all women would, and I m stating to feel that nothing less than a ten year moratory can reestablish the balance.That s not the only problem I m sorry to say the characters are, on the whole, either clich or completely underdeveloped There s constant talk that the hero, Tom, is such a nice altruistic person, but we never see him do something nice and altruistic in the whole novel, so he just comes out as flat Hester is mostly a conventional girl hero with low self esteem who will do all sorts of stupid things because she s in love with her man wising up in the end, but still All right, so she s disfigured and therefore she has to be interesting somehow, because it s so audacious of the author to have an ugly female hero I ll grant it s an unconventional choice, but I d like to point out that 1 since we never hear the end of how ugly she is, in the end, that s pretty much her only salient trait, and 2 so now it s enough to create an ugly female character to make her interesting Nice way to reduce women to their looks, folks Saying that only beauty makes value or that being ugly is a sufficient condition to make a female protagonist interesting is about the same in my book.In the end, I finished the book because the world still fascinated me, but even that fascination is not enough to counter the profound boredom the characters and the flimsy, fee fee driven plot have instillated in me I won t be reading on. Who doesn t love dystopic visions of the future Not I Especially not one that involves giant cities on wheels that EAT each other The concept of Municipal Darwinism never gets old, baby It s taken me forever to get around to the Hungry City Chronicles, of which this is the second Tom and Hester, our heroes from the first book read the only characters left alive after the first book sheesh, Mortal Enginges has a bigger body count than Hamlet are in trouble again This time they ve landed on the peaceful ice city of Anchorage, which has been ravaged by plague Oh, and it s being chased by the evil city of Arkangel Add to this picture a dimwitted professor, a thief with a heart of gold, a group of terrorist environmentalists, and an evil cyborg or two oh, and Le Love Triangle and you ve got the same buckle on the swash fun that made the first book so enjoyable Up next Infernal Devices aka Book Three.