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~EPUB ♆ Dont Look Back (Women of Justice, #2) ♪ Twelve Years Ago, Forensic Anthropologist Jamie Cash Survived A Brutal Kidnapping, Torture, And Rape After Years Of Therapy, She Has Made A Life For Herself Though One That Is Haunted By Memories Of Her Terrifying Past She Finally Lets Herself Get Close To A Man, FBI Agent Dakota Richards, When Signs Start Appearing That Point To One Frightening Fact Her Attacker Is Back And Ready To Finish The Job He Started All Those Year Ago Can She Escape His Grasp A Second Time And Will She Ever Be Able To Let Down Her Guard Enough To Find True Love Filled With Heart Stopping Suspense, Gritty Realism, And A Touch Of Romance, Don T Look Back Is The Second Book In The WOMEN OF JUSTICE Series Readers Will Be Hooked From The Beginning, Finding That Once You Are In Lynette Eason S World, You Re Trapped Until You Turn The Very Last Page With a suspect so twisted you feel like you are in an episode of Criminal Minds, and then with a forensic anthropologist as the main female character, you feel like you are in an episode of Bones Both of these series are 2 of my favourites, so I definitely enjoyed the book.Suspense wise I felt book 1 in the series kept meon my seat and guessing till the end Book 2, the suspense is great and what is happening to Jaime is scary and twisted makes me look twice now , but I did guess the suspect correct very early in the book which took some of the suspense away for me, however, there was a twist at the end I totally did not see coming.Jaime s faith and trust in God through everything was so inspiring I really loved her character and Dakota s behaviour and feelings towards her, especially a scene in the hospital at the end.Will definitely recommend this to everyone who likes a great suspense. Such a thrillingly creepy bad guy this has Definitely reminiscent of a Criminal Minds villain A couple of things took one star off my rating a number of run on sentences comma splices fragmented sentences especially in conversation, where it would sound really awkward if someone spoke so , and my guessing who the villain was early on And a few things remained unexplained, like how the guy ended up with an X ray machine, or how they knew the victim numbers at the time they did Otherwise, an excellent thriller This one will make your blood run cold in some spotsI loved Jamie and getting to hearabout Samantha and meeting Kit heroine of book 3 I m looking forward to the next installment A thrilling read I was glued to the pages and read it in one sitting For once in Eason s books I correctly suspected who the villian was fairly early on, but I still had my doubts all the way to the end The villain was terrifying all of Eason s book villains are but this one especially.I loved the main characters Jamie and Dakota Jamie was a pretty amazing main character, showing courage and trust in God when her abductor from her past comes back 12 years later And Dakota I loved his patient pursuit of Jamie and his relentless fight to protect her On to book 3 Twelve years ago, forensic anthropologist Jamie Cash survived a brutal kidnapping, torture, and rape After years of therapy, she has made a life for herself though one that is haunted by memories of her terrifying past She finally lets herself get close to a man, FBI agent Dakota Richards, when signs start appearing that point to one frightening fact her attacker is back and ready to finish the job he started all those year ago.This was a good book but difficult to read at times due to the violence committed by the villain It was almost a little to creepy for me Once again, Eason packs her plot from start to finish with action and suspense I love the group of characters that star in the Women of Justice series They not only work together but are very supportive of one another Although I knew about halfway through the book who the bad guy probably was, there were still enough twists, turns, and surprises that it made the book interesting The slow developing relationship between Jamie and Dakota was very well written, and I loved the way Jamie s deep faith helped renew Dakota s relationship with God Although, due to the violence incorporated in this book, I liked Too Close to Home better, this was still a good read because I enjoyed the relationships between all of the characters so much. I like Lynette Eason s books and storylines, and this book is no exception But for me, her writing it just too graphic I tended to skip around on this book because some of the descriptions were just too graphic If those kinds of things don t bother you, then you will probably truly like this book But if you prefer not to read those kinds of descriptions, I would be careful reading this book. This book may be triggering to those who have experienced sexual abuse.That being said, it represented the aftermath of abuse very, very well I was skeptical of how this subject would be handled, but the author did a fabulous job As one who has experienced sexual abuse, I appreciated the accuracy of the portrayal The same goes for how the mental abuse and mind games were represented Jamie s anxiety, panic attacks, constant self doubt, and trust issues hit very close to home with me I myself was not triggered by reading this, but I do feel that it s important to have a warning at the beginning of books like this to inform those who aresensitive to this subject I appreciate the author addressing this issue and writing about such a tough subject She handled it very well. I figured out who the killer was within 15 percent of the book Probably in part because this author used the same pattern as in the first book of this series Given that technique, it was easy to pinpoint who the bad guy was Pretty predictable in general.It s not a bad book Clean and easy to read But it probably wouldn t stay with you or thoroughly enthrall most readers, IMO. 4.5 Edgy Stars Really enjoyed this one The suspense was really edgy and had me on my toes throughout I love how Lynette Eason includes faith into her novels Definitely recommend if you like suspense with a faith angle Will be reading book 3 in the near future. It looks like from the reviews that I am one of the few readers who did not like this book too much I do think her writing got a bit better but the villain was too easy The strength, to me, is in the characters not in the mystery.