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[[ Read Epub ]] ⛄ Dogs on Duty Ì When The News Of The Raid On Osama Bin Laden S Compound Broke, The SEAL Team Member That Stole The Show Was A Highly Trained Canine Companion Throughout History, Dogs Have Been Key Contributors To Military Units Dorothy Hinshaw Patent Follows Man S Best Friend Onto The Battlefield, Showing Readers Why Dogs Are Uniquely Qualified For The Job At Hand, How They Are Trained, How They Contribute To Missions, And What Happens When They Retire With Full Color Photographs Throughout And Sidebars Featuring Heroic Canines Throughout History, Dogs On Duty Provides A Fascinating Look At These Exceptional Soldiers And Companions Lexile Level NC1190LLength 48 pgsSummary Dogs in the military have been consideredlike equipment than fellow soldiers since they started utilizing their services many years ago This book briefly discuses the history and current uses of dogs It also touches on why are they are so important to the troops and what happens after service Recommendations or Comments This book was nominated for the Caudill Bluestem Awards The lexile level for this book makes you think its an older youth book, but I think it s appropriate for 3rd grade and up Like other books I have been reviewing lately, adult discussion to dig deeper is recommended Stars 3 of 5Reviewed By Emily K.Getting Kids to Read Non Fiction Entry Grade Level 3 Pages 48Summary A brief history of Military Working Dogs MWDs , especially those from the United States from World War I to the present It details their use in finding explosives and detecting intruders, explains the rigorous training of both dogs and handlers, and provides capsule profiles of hero hounds Recommendations Comments This may interest both dog lovers and those fascinated by the military and law enforcement It s a quick, interesting read that is entirely positive in its depiction of using animals in warfare This summer s iRead theme, Paws to Read, will include materials and illustrations about military working dogs, partly because iRead is the summer reading program for the armed forces.Stars 4 out of 5Reviewed by Tom Excellent nonfiction book, easy reading, very interesting, about dogs as part of our military I certainly didn t know that dogs can be trained to parachute jump, that they stand guard when a soldier is sleeping, that they carry real time cameras to transmit information, that they can detect underground tunnels in addition to detecting land mines and drugs and carrying out the search and rescue functions we ve all heard about We also learn about the history of dogs in military situations I especially like the picture of Stubby, a dog veteran of WWI, wearing his army coat pinned with dozens of medals.The text explains how dogs are selected as puppies, how they re trained and very important socialized, the bonds between dogs and their handlers, and what happens if the dogs get injured or too old to work they re given to their handlers or to families, sometimes the families that fostered them as puppies There are lots of pictures to illustrate the text and a glossary at the back to explain the military acronyms in case the reader forgets. says this book is for grades 3 6 but I think it s appropriate for almost any age With an adult to explain them, the pictures are appropriate for younger children just because the subject is fascinating, the text will be interesting to older readers as well.The only objection I have, and it s not a very strong objection, is that the text is printed on red, blue, and yellow pages I found the blue pages not to have as much contrast as I would have liked and I had to make sure I had a good reading light Most readers won t notice. If you re a dog lover, you already know what amazing companions dogs can be But did you know that they can be a vital part of wartime and security Dogs have been a part of military operations since ancient times, butrecently they have been specially trained to make full use of their special abilities Today there are dogs working in many areas of the US military from sniffing out drugs and explosives to patrolling for safety to capturing fleeing suspects Military Working Dogs MWDs can go places where humans cannot, identify a huge array of smells, see well in near darkness, and navigate rough terrain MWDs can even be trained to parachute out of planes Learn about the training of these special dogs and their handlers, the important work that they do, and the stories of some of the most heroic among them.I have a HUGE soft spot for dogs, so of course I enjoyed this book It was really interesting to learn about the training these dogs receive and how important they can be in the military It s estimated that during their time in a war zone, a typical Specialized Search Dog who performs tasks like searching out IEDs will save the lives of 150 servicemen and women There are also some poignant, sad moments in the book, like the story of a fallen Marine whose MWD crawled on top of him to protect him after he was fatally shot This book just reaffirmed my belief that dogs are extraordinary animals and that humans and dogs were made to be partners.I would recommend this book for grades 3 5, especially those who are interested in dogs and or the military I think this could be a good choice for reluctant readers as well Readalikes might include Nubs The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine a Miracle by Brian Dennis and Tuesday Tucks Me In The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog by Luis Carlos Montalvan. This short 48 page book is as complete a coverage of Military Working Dogs MWDs as I have seen It goes back as far as WWI in its history of military dogs, talking about how families donated their dogs during WWII and does address how dogs during Vietnam were considered equipment and were left behind or euthanized Noteworthy dogs from many eras are highlighted, and the book is well illustrated with photographs throughout For the modern era, the training that dogs receive from puppyhood onward is described in great detail, as is the training of their handlers Specialized Search Dog training is addressed for dogs who can locate bombs , and the equipment that dogs wear is described Further resources, a glossary, and index are included This is an excellent resource, as well as an interesting book that many readers interested in either the military or in dogs will find very informative.