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More interesting then the other two journals, but if you are reading all the books according to the timeline, again there will not be a lot of new information.
But for some reason it's just more fun to read about the sith then the jedi... This book explains the time before, inbetween, and ending of Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Even if you didn't like the movie, the Expanded Universe material on him is very interesting, since he died at the end of the movie... supposedly.

It explains his training, his relationship with his master, his plans to end the Jedi, his birth planet and how Lord Sidious snatched him (but not the complete picture... see the novel called Darth Plagueis,) how he got his doublebladed lightsaber, his dealings with the Neimoidians, their resourcefulness in tracking down the Queen and her Jedi, h the brawls involved in getting close enough to attempt to assassinate the Jedi and the Queen, how he didn't defeat Qui Gonn Jinn from the first encounter on Tatooine,the explanation of the final battle between the two Jedi and himself told through his Master's vision, and his Master's plot to ascend to the Chancellorship of the Galactic Republic.

Lord Sidious ends the journal entry by finding the journal, reading it, and completing it with a summary of the basic plots of the movie, what he wrote in his journal, and his untimely death. I read this one when I was little, so I don't really remember much about it. But the idea of him keeping a journal was kind of funny! I’m a huge Star Wars fan and have been since I was a kid and so I recently decided to read (and reread in some cases) the Star Wars legends and canon books in chronological order.
I’m not keen on episodes 1,2 and 3 of the movies but I still like to give the books a shot as I have ocd and need to read them all.
By reading the books you understand the characters and their motivations much better and it actually makes for a good read, and this book was no different.
In this book you are able to get a more in depth look at the character and motivations of Darth Maul, and you learn just how good he is. You get some inner thoughts from him and get to see just how he thinks and even what he thinks of his master.
I would definitely recommend this book as it’s written great and you like the character better than when you had previously seen him in the movies. Well worth it and will get you even more hooked on the Star Wars books. ( DOWNLOAD ) ♿ Darth Maul (Star Wars: Journal, #3) ♻ Dark Maul WikipdiaMaul Wookieepedia FandomDarth Maul StarWarsDarth Maul Star Wars Battlefront Wiki FandomLEGO Star Wars Darth MaulJeu De ConstructionYes, Finally Lego Have Given Me A Darth Maul To Go With The Rest Of My Collection I M Not Going To Make Any Movie Spoilers As To Why I M Not Going To Make Any Movie Spoilers As To Why If You Re Unfamiliar With The Constraction Range They Are Fully Poseable And Articulated Figures From The Various Star Wars Eras That Generally Stand Around Cminches In Height Again this journal details what happens in the "Phantom Menace" from this character's point of view. This book is perhaps more interesting than the others, as Darth Maul does not play a bit part in the main story, but is more of a shock weapon.

Having said that, he also dies in the story (not great spoiler) so the story is finished by Darth Sidious. Interesting premise, of getting The Phantom Menace from Maul's perspective, especially since he barely gets to speak in the movie. I think this one probably gave the most new stuff out of the three Journals (Amidala, Anakin and Maul), for that reason. Published by the Scholastic Book Club it was obviously meant for a young audience. If I were an adolescent I would probably rate it a 4. The writing is so basic I want to cringe, but I like Maul as a character so I'll give it a 3 rather than a 2 rating. Reread. I bought this back in 2000 when it came out. Rereading it in prep for the 3D release of Episode I in theaters. This is silly but also entertaining. Another in my long line of "reading all the Star Wars books I can find," Darth Maul's Journal is one I remember reading as a child just after Episode I came out. And for a kid, it's great! The prose is simple without being simplistic, and Maul tells a pretty entertaining story that actually goes outside the realm of the film and gives us some cool scenes of him fighting pirates and his growth as a Sith apprentice. It also underscores just how much of a dick Palpatine is, but we all knew that. Anyway, this probably won't be very interesting to an adult, but a kid just discovering Star Wars? Absolutely. Particularly if this kid is into the Sith Lords more than the Jedi.