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!FREE E-PUB ♲ Citrus, Vol. 4 ♠ True ConfessionsEver Since Their First Kiss, Yuzu Can T Stop Thinking About Mei, Her Stern Sexy Step Sister Now Mei Seems To Have Done A Total One Eighty, Ignoring Yuzu At Every Turn And Giving Her The Cold ShoulderYuzu Can T Understand Why Mei Is Acting So Distant But She Decides To Try And Patch Things Up With Her Step Sis While On A School Trip To Kyoto However, She S Not The Only One Who Has Her Eye On Mei Sara, A Vivacious Girl With Boundless Energy, Happens To Bump Into Mei And Falls In Love With Her At First Sight To Make Matters Worse, Sara S Twin Sister, Nina, Is Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Ensure That Sara Gets What She Wants Can Yuzu Fix Things Between Herself And Mei, Or Will The Twins Break Up Their Bond For Good super angst and drama filled but i can t stop reading it.do i agree with the relationship no.do i understand it no because besides the fact that these girls are step sisters it was also completely insta love with NO background or basis for the feels i think i m so fascinated because i want to figure mei out even though i m afraid of what lies beneath her cool exterior.also, the tension is at times too much and in the words of cogsworth from beauty and the beast, if we re going to do this, then let s do it lmao Citrus remains my guilty pleasure and a fun way to close out my 2018 So what s it about Well, we know already Two sisters now living together and falling for each other Don t worry though, they are Step sisters If we can accept it in game of thrones and real brother and sister, this should be easier to digest This volume mostly revolves around Yuzu finally getting brave enough to tell Mei how she feels This time though she might have to break her friends heart, who she finds out, is also in love with mei A three way triangle WHAT WILL HAPPEN Good Listen, half the readers reading this want to see the two hot girls kiss, so you do get some of that The comedy hits actually often than not I mean it s cheesy and silly but it a cute way I also thought the time when they finally decide to go out was like a fucking finally moment Bad The art is great except for the character designs I can t tell who is who half the times, and it makes it hard to keep up with who is who and their situation I also think the whole volume could have been done in two issues instead of 4Overall, cute and fun as always The sexual scenes are the big driving factor but the character development starting to grow and the humor are actually fun Well, on to the next A 3 out of 5. I feel like we are getting to know the side characters better than the main characters I d like a little in depth of Mei and Yuzu I feel like I don t know them any better than I did in say, the 2nd book Stillit s enjoyable. Volume Four of this great manga finally, FINALLY ended up with a big step forward It happened with a unique conclusion though We see that the major resolution Yuzu made in an effort to help Mei was not wrong so much as taken too far We also meet new characters whose main use is to screw up Mei and Yuzu s relationship SighOkay, the art was beautiful as always Yes, I know I critiqued it early on But that is because I was so awed by the sort of brush stroke beauty , if you will, of some other manga that I discounted this one The art here really is exquisite, and show great details, both for the characters to show them beautiful, dignified, so forth, and also for comedic moments.I am so excited at the developments coming on, but hope Sabuto after this point spends some time on something other than new characters solely for the point of coming between the two girls After two volumes of this, it gets annoying.Can t wait for the future volume in a few months.Rating 4.5 Stars. 3.75 5 La puntuaci n por series es directamente proporcional a los n meros de entregas que mantienen a los espectadores d ndoles lo mismo de siempre Esa ser a la regla general en mi mente.Este tomo es todo sobre la excursi n e introduce dos nuevos personajes, pero tiene algo de novedoso Para nada Y lo que sucede compensa lo poco novedoso Para nada La trama decae cada vez m s y m s a medida que avanza, sin aportar novedades y siempre con los mismos conflictos Ah, s , sigue con hermosos dibujos pero nada m s. After thinking the series was getting better, this volume came along and reduced quite a bit of character and plot development into a ridiculously short set of ever unlikely events, introducing two new characters who were fun in themselves, but whose importance to the story was disproportionate to who they were and how they were introduced I ll keep with the story of course but I m caring less and less about our main characters, who weren t all that interesting to begin with. I am quickly losing interest in this series The main conflict revolves around 2 silly points first, all of the characters act like they have split personalities They chase after something until they get it, then they act like they don t want it any, which makes them lose it and thus chase after it again Second, nearly every other woman is a lesbian who is madly in love with one of the main characters and tries their hardest to pull them away from the other main character. As much as Nina s interference bothered me, I do understand where she s coming from Her desire to help her sister s love life comes through as she confronts her sister s decision, but I do understand her As someone who would do anything for her sister, that was the most relatable thing in this entire series Sara was adorable and very mature for her age, but I appreciated her straightforward, generous personality I m glad Yuzu finally figured out how to reach Mei by actually paying attention to Mei s feelings, so that was good The tug of war between Mei and Yuzu in regards to expressing their love has been kind of exhausting but at least there has been some payoff Onto the next volume