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|Read Epub Ö Chimps Don't Wear Glasses ä The Team That Created Dogs Don T Wear Sneakers Returns With Animals In Preposterous Predicaments Laura Numeroff S Silly Selection Of Animal Antics And Joe Mathieu S Zany Zoo Art Will Have You In Stitches Giraffes That Drive Reindeer At A Square Dance What Amazing Animal Antics Can You Think Up Do chimps wear glasses Just close your eyes and open your mind You might be surprised at what you will find Numeroff Chimps Don t Wear Sunglasses by Laura Joffe Numeroff is a funny tale about the silly things animals cannot do Numeroff starts out her book with ridiculous couplets about animals performing what human activities The author engages the reader by asking the reader to open their mind to image all these hilarious images The book comes to a close when Numeroff reveals who she is speaking to a little girl and tells her that whatever she imagines that its her dream, not anyone else s This book will take children back to their wildest imaginations and encourage kids to be creative Numeroff s illustrator, Joe Mathieu, draws the title page like a bizarre scene of animals driving on a freeway Both Numeroff and Mathieu want to create a wild and funny mood to the story When I flipped through the book, each page portrays parodies of animals doing human things, like hang gliding horses or square dancing reindeer Mathieu is famous for making ridiculous pictures in normal situations For example, Mathieu illustrates a lion begging and bowing down to this tiny tyrant chipmunk king Not only is that funny, but kids know that would never happen and that s what makes it so foolish Mathieu did a phenomenal job perfectly portraying bight and crazy colors to the illustrations The attention to detail helps kids to picture what a hang gliding horse or a square dancing reindeer would look like Numeroff keeps the text to a minimal one sentence per illustration Numeroff also creates rhyming couplets to make a sing song pattern The picture mostly sums up the story The whole book is just one huge list of what animals cannot do just for the fun and the humor Some of the pages look like they go back in time There s one picture of a seal flying a kite in colonial times, like what Benjamin Franklin did when he discovered electricity Another picture portrays a family of otters in the most ridiculous eighties wigs and parachute pants Also, the date on the pictures say 86, 87, 89, and 91 I love how this book has such a good message for the reader at the end of the novel When Numeroff reveals a little girl in the story, her target audience, Numeroff tells her that whatever her imagination takes her, that its her dream and no one else s Numeroff supports creativity and bringing out your wildest imagination This book will cheer up anybody s day with humor, color, and creation It sure cheered up mine What really caught my eye about this book was the picture of the chipmunk king, haughtily sitting on his thrown and apparently shouting Off with his head at the supplicant lion in front of him It made me giggle and giggle every time I looked at it Cute book Fantabulous illustrations. 12 1FictionPreK 1stThis super simple but cute book has few words but lots of crazy art It may only be funny to a 6 year old but its still humorous to all ages I enjoyed reading through this book again This book is all about the wonders of seeing crazy things by using your imagination Kids will love the funny animal illustrations and the wacky things that the animals do K 4th