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Karen had no problem standing up to people She d say no before the question was even asked When I sawCenter IceI was actually pretty excited to read it But then I actually read it Now I m actually wondering why I even wanted to read it in the beginning So Center Ice is about Karen Webber and Tyler MacDonald Karen s mom just died so she has to move in with her dad and his new family Tyler is the star player on his hockey team but he s on the receiving end of getting an unnecessary amount of pressure from his dad and his agent.Now at the beginning, I definitely felt bad for Karen and for anyone else that has been in this type of situation because moving in with your supposed dad that you know nothing about and his new family is pretty scary But then you realize the whole situation, and even Karen, is a bit annoying actually Like, I honestly stopped caring once I was done with that page I moved on Karen should ve too.Then there s Tyler, who is equally if not annoying than Karen I haven t made up my mind just yet on who wins the award for being the most annoying I get that teenagers think they are always right, which 10 10 times they aren t, but UGHHH reading about them made me cringe in ways I didn t think were possible I just really did not like them at alllllllllllll I didn t care about their family situations any I didn t care that hockey was basically life in this town, except for when Karen deemed it unworthy I didn t even care if Tyler and Karen got together or stayed together I just wanted to finish this book as quickly as I could I will definitely walk away from this book with the regret of ever opening it. I really like the Corrigan falls Raiders series I ve read them out of order but they are standalone stories anyway Center Ice is Tyler and Karen s story.Tyler dreams of being a professional hockey player but the goal isn t just his He has so much pressure on him it s hard to breathe Everyone wants the best for him but their views can be overbearing Karen is new in town and he sees an opportunity to escape from hockey Karen has her own problems to deal with Her mum has just passed away and she s moved in with her dad He already has a family and Karen is the other child Her father had an affair and she was the result Not all of her new family are glad she s moved in Karen is looking for an escape just like Tyler What starts as a silly joke turns into a friendship they both need It s complicated but true love finds a way Even if it s not what you are looking for I really enjoyed this book The characters were interesting and the story was unique other than one clique event Tyler s a player who is trying to reform and Karen is adjusting to a small town They both need someone and find an unlikely bond Karen isn t an Ice Hockey follower giving Tyler a chance to be.4.5 stars out of 5 I m glad I went back to the beginning of this series to read this story. FREE ☺ Center Ice (Corrigan Falls Raiders, #1) ☪ The Hometown Hockey Hero Won T Know What Hit HimKaren Webber Is In Small Town Hell After Her Mother S Death, She Moved To Corrigan Falls To Live With Strangers Her Dad And His Perfect, Shiny New Family And There Doesn T Seem To Be Room For A City Girl With A Chip On Her Shoulder The Only Person Who Makes Her Feel Like A Real Human Being Is Tyler MacDonaldBut Karen Isn T Interested In Starting Something With A Player And That S All She Keeps Hearing About TylerCorrigan Falls Is A Hockey Town, And Tyler S The Star Player But The Viselike Pressure From His Father And His Agent Are Sending Him Dangerously Close To The Edge All People See Is Hockey Except Karen Now They Ve Managed To Find Something In Each Other That They Both Desperately Need And For The First Time, Tyler Is Playing For Keeps This Entangled Teen Crush Book Contains Adult Language, Underage Drinking, Sexual Situations, And Crazy Squirrels It May Cause You To Become A Fan Of Hockey Or At Least Hot Hockey Players The hometown hockey hero won t know what hit himWhat an emotionally heavy novel After her mom s death,Karen has to live with her father s family and boy,does that not make everything complicated for her Why Well, her father cheated on his wife with her mother You can imagine the heart warming welcomes she gets from his family Yeah,that doesn t happen However, I must say that I really liked the progression of her bond with his family his wife and their kids Their problems are normal, their fights are real, their struggle is so well written that you can easily visualize it in your head Wait,who s this Tyler guy,you ask Tyler is the star hockey player with issues of his own Pressure is everywhere around him and he somehow finds his happiness with Karen, his complex but lovable Karen The chemistry they have is amazing,I really loved reading about them and their swimming session hehe winkwink You know why they re good for each other Karen inspires him to be a better person and to be who he really is and Tyler is one of those rare people who understands Karen s difficult situation and gives her space when she needs it There was just enough of drama,romance,heart breaking and sweet moments.Oh,and I love Natalie so much.Oh,and Cate,I need Chris Winslow s story asap ASAP.You can read this review on BookishFever. 3.5 starsEntangled Teen has a new imprint, Entangled Crush, and just in time for summer, too The books published under this imprint are exactly what the name suggests short, deeply romantic reads perfect for upcoming summer days spent on the beach.Center Ice fits that description perfectly With little less than 200 pages, it falls somewhere between a novella and a full length novel, which makes it a pretty easy read Thematically, however, it pushes the boundaries and attempts to do Following behind Katie McGarry, Jennifer Armentrout as J Lynn and other similar authors, Cate Cameron bravely tries to write something serious and far memorable than your average summer read Sixteen year old Karen s mother recently died, which forced her to go live with the father she s never even met, the wife he cheats on constantly and their three children Practically overnight, Karen went from being the only child of a single mom to being the middle kid in a large, dysfunctional family Needless to say, her life is in shambles In her new life, Tyler MacDonald seems to be the only thing that makes any sense He is much experienced and a hockey star, but Karen couldn t care less about his fame or his status He makes her feel like a normal person and that s pretty much all that counts.There are things Cameron did exceptionally well Her teens were among the most realistic I ve ever stumbled upon and their behavior seemed completely true to life She didn t hesitate to portray them exactly as they are, without unrealistic hesitations and modesty Karen in particular was a fabulously developed character, but Tyler wasn t far behind at all.The story of these two was very warm and honest Center Ice would have been a much better book if Cameron left it at that But she attempted to do too much, to give too many character too much depth in a fairly short story, and what we got in the end is sometimes successful, but sometimes a complete failure.Karen s father and his marriage were by far the most disturbing part of this book A serial cheater before and after Karen was made, he claimed to love his family and yet he kept disrespecting them in front of the whole town For me, this person can t possibly have any redeeming qualities and I m not convinced that someone like him could ever change But Cameron decides not only to give him a second chance, but to make him a different man overnight Tyler s father is another big issue of mine Obsessed with Tyler s carrier, too focused on his son to do anything else, even hold a job, he seemed cartoonish than anything else and his interactions with Tyler struck me as exaggerated Both fathers were antagonists of sorts, and neither character was very successful.But Center Ice still deserves two or three hours of your time Cameron has a lot to offer and I have a good feeling about this series I just hope she ll give thought to her secondary characters motivations in the future. 2.5 Meh stars.Interesting family dynamics here but not enough connection between the two MC s. As a major hockey fan, this book sparked my interest right away Since hockey is not as popular in US as for example football is, I find YA characters that play hockey to be a rarity that I am always willing to give a chance for Unfortunately, Cate Cameron s Center Ice wasn t quite what I wished it would be After the death of her mother, Karen is forced to move to a small town called Corrigan Falls to live with her father, a man she has never really know, and his new family consisting of a wife and three children Right away, Karen feels like she does not fit in her father s new family seems too perfect, too put together and definitely not very interested about Karen and the problems her presence cause During her morning jog, Karen meets Tyler and for the first time feels a resemblence of joy in her new hometown.Tyler is on his way to NHL, at least according to his teammates He is the captain of the team with talent and skill and the NHL only feels like the logical succession for him But then he meets Karen and starts to question his future Having bit a a player status, Tyler is put in a position in which he needs to prove himself to Karen, to show her that he can be serious too, that he is willing to commit Can Karen trust Tyler Can Tyler focus on both hockey and Karen Throughout, I felt like Center Ice was a bit too predictable Tyler is the problematic star type, controlled not only by his talent but also those around him that wish to use his talent to their own gain Karen is the sad, hurt girl who meets a guy that can make her forget her problems for a while From the moment they connect onwards you kind of know what is going to happen they fall in love, they face a problem and misunderstandings and then they fall in love again Center Ice attempts to tackle some issues related to families of both Karen and Tyler, but unfortunately is fails to go deep enough In my opinion, Karen s grief over losing her mother is not discussed in enough detail, and though the author probably does not intend it, at points it feels like Karen is not of those girls that can forget all of her problems when a cute guy shows up I found Tyler s family problems a bit engaging, mostly because at those points the whole world of hockey reared up its head I loved the locker room talk and the pressure Tyler has to go through to succeed, but unfortunately much of it is buried by the focus on the romance The narration of the book switches between Karen and Tyler, thus allowing the reader to get to know the characters better This type of narration certainly opens up the hockey aspect a bit , but I feel like often the thoughts and the feelings of the characters are a bit superficial I also found it extremely difficult to relate to Karen in any way and I never quite managed to fall in love with Tyler In addition, the relationship between Karen and Tyler lacks chemistry and tends to move forward quite fast.Unfortunately, Center Ice wasn t a win for me While it did not entertain me as much as I wished it would, I never felt like I wanted to give up on it and I did want to see what happens in the end, even though the ending was very predictable I believe this novel is a start for a new YA series centering around the hockey team Tyler plays for and if I do get a chance, I might give the upcoming second book a go P.S I felt like this book gave a very negative picture of hockey, like its this world of blackmail and such when in reality hockey RULES In addition to books, it is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review I felt sorry for Karen at the start of this Having to move into your fathers house when you ve never known him would be hard I did find her annoying after a bit though This started out okay, but it quickly went downhill The arguing between Karen and Miranda got annoying very quickly, and it seemed to be the main focus for a huge chunk of the book.Overall, Not an awful read, but it dragged. I can t even write a review about this book, I didn t absorb anything and there was nothing of substance to write about I basically don t remember a single thing despite just finishing, except I think giving it one star is too high for it I m a bit sad this was my 100th book for this year, but not every book you read is a hit Tyler and Karen were both annoying characters as well who just believed they were never wrong a lot of the time and acted in an immature way 9 times out of 10 It should also be recognised I skimmed the last 50% super hard after Karen started talking about being Tyler s girlfriend after knowing him for a day. I just want to pick up this book and rain kisses all over it and then hug it to death Hug it till Tyler comes out, maybe Getting tired of the YA cliches This isn t your usual bad boy liked good girl love story NOPE Ready your hearts, ready your feels, because Tyler and Karen is about to blow your hearts into swoonfest Let s get over to the characters, which is one of the brilliance in this story From the first chapter, it already got me emotional I don t know if maybe because I can relate so much with what Karen is going through but I swear, the way Cate Cameron wrote Karens POV gutted me And I m not the emotional type, so that s really saying something Cameron s writing is vivid, she will not simply tell you what her characters are feeling, she wants you to feel it inside of you probably for a long time Karen isn t the shy type or the perky type, she isn t suicidal either She s angry She s not acting out by sleeping with different boys or drinking herself to oblivion nope She turns her anger and sadness to silence And that my friends, is the most painful thing you can do Shut down yourself I can t even imagine That s why Karen is such an admirable character for me because, sure, she was bitter and angry at first, but the character development was superb Well done and just plain brilliant Now, Tyler a.k.a the guy who stole my heart from the first chapter He is so REFRESHING to read So tired of the dark and broody guys Well, here is Tyler I DO NOT SHARE, but if we re friends, I MIGHT CONSIDER Cate wrote his love interest in the best adorable way He is so clueless about some things cough relationship I just want to pinch his cheeks This is the first time a hot love interest makes me want to pinch his cheeks I m telling you guys, Tyler has a different power over the readers BEWARE This guy is so far from perfect, okay Cut him some slack He s perfectly flawed and for that, I LURVE HIM He underwent to a major character development as well.The way Cameron constructed this love story was incredible There s no insta love Not even insta lust Yes, you better believe it They went to a fun and simple friendship to a to die for connection So yes, I can assure you that the romance of Center Ice is something to swoon over or be jealous about, BUT this story, IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT Center Ice also deals with relationship within the family Do you really have to be related in blood to be a part of a family If from my review you didn t get that YES I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH reaction, then I m a failure Because that s what this review is all about Just me gushing and convincing you guys to gush with me I WANT MORE and I think I m gonna get it because there will be a second book Now, if somebody s looking for me, I ll wait right here and calm my heart.