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KINDLE ⚠ Breakdown (Alex Delaware, #31) ⚠ In New York Times Bestselling Author Jonathan Kellerman S Thrilling New Blockbuster Alex Delaware And Milo Sturgis Investigate The Murder Of A Hollywood Actress Pushed To The Limits Of SanityPsychologist Sleuth Alex Delaware Is Surprised To Get The Call When Well Known TV Actress Zelda Chase Turns Up Half Naked, Half Mad In The LA S Rural Westside He Has Little Connection To The Starlet, Save A Psychiatric Evaluation He Performed On Her Adopted Son Several Years Ago, A Child Who Has Since Vanished Without A Trace And Whom Zelda Refuses To Talk About When The Actress Turns Up Dead A Few Weeks Later Without A Scratch On Her, Delaware Calls In Police Lieutenant Milo Sturgis To Help Him Crack The Case Or At Least The Wall Of Silence Surrounding It When The Body Of A Second Actress Turns Up With The Same Mysterious Cause Of Death, Delaware And Sturgis Start To Wonder Is This A Copycat Case Or A Coincidence When They Uncover The Death Of Another Actress, A Star From Another Era Who Vanished Decades Ago, Never To Be Found, They Realize They Re Facing One Of Their Most Baffling, Mind Bending Cases Yet Good main story line Dr Alex Delaware is the only connection to a crazy woman found on the grounds of a Bel Air mansion, because many years prior he had evaluated her son to see whether his then eccentric TV actress mother was taking proper care of him After a short period of evaluation, Alex gets her put back into a halfway house, and she dies from poison, in the same neighborhood Alex is worried about what happened to her child, Ovid Milo Sturgis and Alex investigate and find a series of missing housekeepers as well While I found this latter plot to be a diversion, it was great to see Milo back in a visible role Alex is relentless, and eventually uses extraordinary resources to find skullduggery. For me, the story was good I gave this 5 stars only for its realistic portrayal of mental illness It does in a way that is educational without sugar coating and without false hope Not saying that hope is bad Hope is good as long as you have a realistic view of things That is never easy.Another good thing about how mental illness is portrayed is thinking It makes a person think outside of the box Lastly, the mental illness is done so well for it reminds people not to take granted the simple things, how life can be worst and being judgmental For me, some characters were hard to keep track Again, it the way that the mental illness is told that truly takes the ball out of the park. 2.5 stars In this long running series, Dr Alex Delaware is a child psychologist who spends a lot ot time assisting his friend LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis solve crimes As this 31st book in the series opens, Alex gets a call from his colleague, Dr Lou Sherman Sherman is treating a beautiful actress named Zelda Chase, whose bizarre actions have temporarily landed her in a mental health facility Alex is asked to evaluate Zelda s 5 year old son, Ovid, to see whether mother and son should be reunited Ovid turns out to be a smart, sensible little boy who likes to build things with his toys After Alex assesses Ovid and meets Zelda he determines that Ovid can live with his mom.Skip ahead five years and Zelda who s become an unemployed, homeless, broken shell of her former self is found dead on the estate of a wealthy heiress Zelda has a history of wandering around Los Angeles and digging up the yards of random mansions actions thought to be related to her mental illness At first it looks like Zelda died from natural causes However an autopsy and blood tests prove that Zelda was murdered and Milo gets the case Alex assists because he s concerned about Ovid, whose whereabouts are unknown.Before long two other incidents occur in the neighborhood where Zelda died a cleaning lady is murdered and a housemaid disappears Milo and Alex suspect that all these occurrences are related and question residents of the area as well as friends and relatives of the victims The investigators learn that Zelda frequently muttered the word mother..which turns out to be an important clue To obtain information that will help their investigations Alex and Milo proceed to do a spate of data mining they read police reports look at birth certificates and obituaries study real estate purchases look up wills and trusts use Google and Google Earth find people on Facebook..and generally access a slew of public records This section of the book is long, boring, adds little to the story, and feels like a lot of padding.Alex and Milo use the data they collect plus a helicopter to identify suspects, get search warrants, and make arrests I don t want to say than that because of spoilers.Some regular characters in the series make a brief appearance, including Alex s girlfriend Robin and the couple s French bulldog Blanche As always in these stories, Milo is careless about his appearance and eats too much In one scene, Milo raids Alex s fridge and makes himself an omelette with five eggs, a leftover steak, cooked chicken, and a load of veggies LOL This isn t one of Jonathan Kellerman s best books The plot feels like a hodgepodge of random elements forced together and there are too many unmemorable minor characters whose main function seems to be meeting Alex in coffee shops or restaurants I did get a kick out of one secondary character a slick lawyer who tries to convince Milo and Alex that up is down figuratively It was fun to see him try to weasel his way around the investigators.Another quibble Though Alex is supposedly very worried about Ovid, the psychologist seems to quit looking for the boy halfway through the book.and Ovid isn t mentioned again until the very end This feels like careless plotting Unless you re determined to read Jonathan Kellerman s entire ouvre, you can probably skip this book without missing much You can follow my reviews at Breakdown , the 31st book in Jonathan Kellerman s Alex Delaware Series, featuring psychologist Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis solving crimes together in LA is not a bad addition to this series which I have read most if not all of the books.but then it s not exactly one of those wow ones either I suppose it s pretty hard for a writer to keep things fresh after writing about the same characters and settings for such a long time and over so many books And this is one of the things I have found in the last few books in this series I have come to know the characters so well that I know exactly what they will do they will react to a much character development can be done after 30 books I miss the interaction between Delaware and Sturgis that existed in the beginning The plot is good and well written even when I thought the whole family secrets mystery a bit bizarre.If you are a fan of this series, then you will enjoy this one.